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When will the Rig end

Posted by Maddog @ 8:28 on October 30, 2014  

The Cartel seem all powerful from inside the country, but to maintain the Rig an awful lot of people have to be involved/bought off. But a far,far larger number have to be pissed off, tks to the lousy real economy.

A while back we bugs were almost alone is believing in the Rig, now it is going mainstream almost, with the likes of Roberts and Stockman, people who were once quintessential insiders, but who now openly accuse CB’s of rigging all mkts, governments of lieing on all official figures etc etc. Hell ZeroHedge are running stories 24/7 about it all. My guess is that more and more will open up as to what is going on, which will compound the disgust people have with existing political parties, all of whom not only accept, but aid and abet Bankster criminality  and vote in new ones, such as the Tea Party in the US, UKIP in the UK, AFD in Germany, Grillo in Italy and Le Front National in  France etc

Stories like this


Then we have this delightful tale of how the the Kings of Fall st really behave….yes it really is about hookers, 3somes and Bolivian marching powder.


Not only are these pigs pissing off the rest of their countries peoples, they are pissing off the rest of the World, especially anyone who produces Commodities. Yes today they have an awful lot of power, but there are very few of them and unless  they cancel the vote, they can be kicked out easily and the rise of all these new parties says,  that it will happen before too long.




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