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Aaahhh, ancient Chinese proverb; Swiss banking like Swiss cheese.

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:28 on November 30, 2014  

Chow, Confucius

8 million Swiss said no, 1.3 billion Chinese said thank you. Chuck in another billion Indians and several hunnert million SEAsia…

Gold gapped down

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 23:14 on November 30, 2014  

and traded through the $1160. support. Trend is still down and charts are inconclusive. I’m still buying phiz.


Ebola news

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:39 on November 30, 2014  

Breaking News! The Virus Lasts A Long Time In Semen!
We were shocked to learn that an Indian man who recovered from Ebola back in September, then flew from Liberia back to Delhi, India, got himself slapped into quarantine.
Why? we asked. He was recovered, wasn’t he? There weren’t any more Ebola viruses sculling around in his blood, were there? What’s the big deal here, other than just plain old discrimination?
Well, it seems that there are some Ebola viruses sculling around, but they’re not in his blood stream. They’re in his semen!
We are even more shocked to learn that “Ebola lingers in semen for months after a person has recovered,” and this is because “antibodies produced in the bloodstream don’t reach the testicles.”
Therefore, male survivors are told to wear condoms for three months following their recovery, provided they have enough energy to have sex. We can’t help but wonder if the poor people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are able to follow this advice, considering that they don’t have money for food, let alone condoms. But not to worry . . . if they don’t have food, they won’t have any energy for sex.
In the meantime, the man in India is being kept in quarantine until his semen tests negative, according to the Indian Ministry of Health.
But we can’t help but wonder why nobody has been making a big deal out of this one before. And we definitely wonder if women harbor the virus anyplace in their bodies . . . of if people have any other reservoirs anywhere in their bodies in general where the virus can live a lot longer?
(http://www.ktrh.com/, Wednesday, November 19, 2014.)

Richard640 @ 21:45 I think Kirby adressed that-because you can not get any gold in quantity from thecomox

Posted by Auandag @ 22:13 on November 30, 2014  

You are bullied to accept cash settlement etc.

Many miners who sell to the banks have to, to satisfy financial agreements. Who knows maybe some of them are finally waking up and selling to eastern interests!


Posted by commish @ 22:03 on November 30, 2014  

clip_image002_thumb1Paying off their Mastercard bill with a Visa card. You think this is going to work Janet?

Rob Kirby-If western gold miners are selling their production at comex prices why would anyone pay spot +50% in Asia?

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:45 on November 30, 2014  

They would just buy it here and ship it home…the comex and lbma are paper mkts but one can stand for delivery-there may be some hassles but one will eventually get their gold….won’t they?

Auandag @ 20:03 Great interview with Kirby

Posted by goldcountry @ 21:19 on November 30, 2014  



Posted by ipso facto @ 20:49 on November 30, 2014  

I like your charts. Yep they don’t always pan out. That’s life in the investing world.

There’s a lot of frustration out there.

Hopefully the failed Swiss Referendum will be a sell the news type event and most of the damage was done last week. I guess we find out.

Equisetum @ 20:12

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:45 on November 30, 2014  

Wow! Hat’s off to Alex Van Bibber. What a life!

Winedoc would relate to this, a descendent from the days of the Klondike gold rush.

Posted by Equisetum @ 20:12 on November 30, 2014  

They build  them tough in the Yukon.


North, Aufever, Winedoc

Posted by Buygold @ 20:10 on November 30, 2014  

North – the only hoax on this site or posters paradise were your pathetic charts. What was it? 880 HUI, 1200 HUI? You’re in the wrong place. Go back with your boys at chart tent and post your pathetic charts.

Aufever – you forgot the USS Liberty, can’t say anything bad about Israel in this country anymore.

Winedoc – not to worry, these pukes think that oil down is a good thing. The SM and big money will say different. Guaranteed.

S&P -6.50  /  -0.31%
Level 2,059.75
Fair Value 2,066.33
Difference -6.58
Data as of 7:42pm ET
Nasdaq -10.25  /  -0.24%
Level 4,328.00
Fair Value 4,338.30
Difference -10.30
Data as of 7:42pm ET
Dow -49.00  /  -0.28%
Level 17,763.00

Turns out Willie was too bearish at $500 premium-TRY at Least $800

Posted by Auandag @ 20:03 on November 30, 2014  

Kirby (who should know as his company expedites gold sales to rich clients) claims that bullion in quantity is going for at least $2000 if you can find it! Gotta luv this guy’s passion!



Notes from the rabbit hole—this guy is very good-an original thinker

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:55 on November 30, 2014  

But that is not why gold is important in the modern macro markets. It is important as a monetary way station, where patient investors can park their value during a phase when all manner of speculations are being successfully encouraged by global policy making. This too, shall pass.

Swiss Gold Referendum

Here is where the negative hype may get loud. First, in the run up to the vote Citi’s Willem Buiter basically lost his mind in a crazy screed against gold. This is good. What would be even better is a strong negative reaction in the gold market off of this news because it too, like the India news to the positive side, has little to do with the real fundamentals for the gold sector. It could usher in an opportunity by clearing out the speculators and hangers on, and that is why it is good.

It does not pay to get bullish on the gold sector when it is in favor (ref. the summer hype phase centered on Russia and Ukraine, the damage from which was illustrated in an eLetter dated September 5). The time to be bullish is when it is well hated. Mr. Buiter with a quick follow up no vote in Switzerland should about do the trick coming as it comes against already pervasively bearish sentiment.

Macro Fundamentals

Tell me, how rational is a market that rewards a sector for having its fundamentals improve by selling off? When gold exploded higher vs. crude oil and yet the miners got hammered, that is exactly what happened. It is yet another sign of developing opportunity.


To be clear, there are several more macro fundamental indicators that NFTRH routinely tracks, which have not yet come in line. But I thought this was a nice, contrarian signal. Now let’s see some more of them, perhaps beginning with Swiss referendum fallout hype!

Bottom Line

We’ll clip it here but I want to summarize by saying that hype is everywhere and nowhere has it been more damaging than in the gold market. But today’s damage will be tomorrow’s opportunity. Please consider checking assumptions at the door and pay attention to the macro details.

This should be good for another 50-100 bucks to the downside….

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:45 on November 30, 2014  

Zero Hedge: Biggest monthly withdrawal of custodial gold from NY Fed since 2001

Submitted by cpowell on 04:47AM ET Sunday, November 30, 2014. Section: Daily Dispatches
12:45p GMT Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Zero Hedge says the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s custodial gold report for October shows a reduction of 42 tonnes, the biggest monthly withdrawal in 13 years, apparently representing some of the gold repatriation recently announced by the Netherlands central bank. If the Netherlands can repatriate so much gold at once, Zero Hedge notes, the German Bundesbank’s gold repatriation operation can be so clunky only because the Bundesbank doesn’t really want its gold back that much, or else faces more political trouble in repatriating it. Zero Hedge’s report is posted here:




Posted by aufever @ 19:41 on November 30, 2014  

But these were hoaxes or “false flags” or were alllowed or encouraged by the federal government:
The sinking of the Maine
The sinking of the Lusitania
Pearl Harbor
The ‘collapse’ of the WTC towers
Boston Marathon ‘bombing’
Sandy Hook Elementary ‘shooting’

Gold=Feb’15 1159.4-open 1159.5-hi 1141.7-lo 1151.1-last 19:21 Nov 30 – -$24.4

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:38 on November 30, 2014  

What GOFO?  What insatiable buying by governments=India-China-Russiaetc etc?  What problem with German gold repatriation? What Shanghai gold exchange?

What standing for delivery in the Dec Comex gold futures? What Looney Tunes Peter Schiff & Jim Sinclair?….and so on and so forth…


Someone is messing with the numbers on the chart for gold at JSMineset

Posted by newtogold @ 19:03 on November 30, 2014  

Shows down 37 bucks but we are at 1152 which is about 15 bucks down.  Don’t want to mention silver but it is sitting at around 14.73 down IDKW. But we are bouncing back.

Sunday Night Happy Hour

Posted by winedoc @ 18:35 on November 30, 2014  

excellent open

making pheasant fricot

no further  comment.


excellent video

Posted by longtimer @ 17:11 on November 30, 2014  

view from Russian side:

Floridagold 13:44

Posted by North @ 17:05 on November 30, 2014  

Are you absolutely sure about that, floridagold? 🙂 I’m beginning to think all my birdies of last summer were one gigantic, cruel hoax.

The Cabal wins again. It was a set up.

Posted by commish @ 13:25 on November 30, 2014  

3ea4488f83 Only 22% of the Swiss populous understand what is going on. I doubt it.

FWIW……I have not followed the Ferguson incident closely due to time constraints……

Posted by silverngold @ 13:06 on November 30, 2014  

So I will withhold my opinion……However, this video is pretty convincing evidence that it is, AGAIN, a HOAX perpetrated by Obama and the US to create a Martial Law situation..

All the Best..    Silverngold

They Did it Again! The Ferguson Shooting is a Psy-Op: No One Died

The Fake Shooting Of Michael Brown in Ferguson Exposed. It’s A HOAX


Auandag @ 12:51

Posted by Samb @ 13:00 on November 30, 2014  

If Gold was selling for a premium of $500 over spot there would be a very long line at the Comex taking delivery. Imagine that…making an instant $500 PER OUNCE!

Buygold – 22% actually is quite good-You’d be hard pressed to find 2% of people in our countries who understand PM,s

Posted by Auandag @ 12:51 on November 30, 2014  

On another subject, If  gold bullion in quantity is selling for a $500 premium as Jim Willie claims. Why doesn’t someone like Eric Sprott sell some of his gold for the premium, turn around and buy contracts and take delivery for a nice profit?

Stratospheric Aerosol Injection……just the facts!!

Posted by silverngold @ 11:37 on November 30, 2014  

Well worth watching to get a full understanding of how serious this is!! …….Silverngold


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