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Posted by goldielocks @ 12:49 on January 12, 2015  

This is some info passing on because IMO it’s important because there is a high likelihood in a mans life time suffering some form of prostrate problems and some can turn chronic.
I’m sending a link but due to the reading I’m highlighting the key reason it can become chronic so read up. It can become systemic and can affect your health make you sterile, affect your mind like memory and cause other life threatening problems like sepsis. Here and in other countries many reviews even going to specialist around the world have found no relief to many. Here is the key reason pointed out by Dr Lu in China who is curing them. It’s a result of blockage where the culprit bug gets trapped and continue to grow after treatment. Key also is not some protocol antibiotic but the right kind be fungal or bug treated immediately and follow up. Calcium can also form and build up causing blockage and needs to be cleared with right herbs slash medicine.

Dr Lu

In uncommon cases, the patient sometimes will only feel pain when a digital rectal examination is being performed. In some cases patients have no discomfort at all, and the presence of more white blood cells and less lecithin during the analysis of prostate fluid is the only way of detecting the condition.
It is worth emphasizing that more than half of sterility is caused by chronic prostatitis. On analysis of the seminal fluid, we can find most of the sperm dead, presence of white blood cells and delaying of liquefaction.
For a long time, the medical world has not reached a conclusive understanding of the disease. Many theories exist, and yet none is considered as a common acceptable cause for the disease. New methods for the treatment of the disease have come up frequently yet none have been effective.

Pathological studies show that a prostatic acinus which is blocked by inflammatory obstruction prevents the prostatic fluid from flowing out of the lumen, causing fluid pressure to rise and gradually changing the shape of the acinus. This is what causes the sufferer to feel bloating in the perigenital area or somewhere else. Of course, when the toxins osmose into blood circulation and are carried to all parts of the body, the patient will often experience impaired memory, find it hard to concentrate, catch colds and become weary or dizzy.
The bacteria other kind of microorganism in the enlarged acinus live within a warm and uncirculated environment and cannot flow out with prostatic fluid. In this environment, they get nutrition for rapid reproduction from the fluid that was produced for feeding spermatozoon. Therefore, an enlarged acinus creates a perfect environment for bacteria.
Simply taking medicine, getting physical therapy or even injecting antibiotics into the prostate will not unblock the inflammatory obstruction and will not produce satisfactory results. Digital rectal massage can drain a little bit of the prostatic fluid, temporarily releasing fluid pressure and relieving the symptoms. But the continuous secretion of the prostatic fluid will fill up the acini and make the symptoms appear again. The only way to solve the problem is by opening the acinus and draining out the prostatic fluid that contains a lot of bacteria, eliminating the bacteria from the acinus, repairing of the inflammatory prostate and improving the immunity of the organ. This is the basic theory behind Dr. Lu’s “Unblocking Treatment.”
Based upon a Chinese traditional medicine tenet-” Obstructing causes pain, unblocking makes pain disappear,” his theory was first introduced at the 4th National Urology Council Meeting in Xi’an China in 1992. It received wide recognition and was highly praised.
To date, Dr. Lu has successfully cured more than 2,000 patients using this method. The combining of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine with modern technology, resulted in this innovative cure for the illness. The main procedure of the treatment is to approach the prostate from the anus carefully using a specially designed precise instrument and applying medicine right on the prostate.
External medicine is applied in certain areas. The treatment will not damage any body tissue. There are no side effects either. All the patients who have received the treatment have experienced dramatic relief of the symptoms after ten minutes of the treatment.

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