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Mail Train – for Farmboy & Deadeye

Posted by Maya @ 23:51 on October 13, 2014  



and outside, snagging a mail bag on the fly:



Farmboy, want to ask a favor and give you a good reason for a road trip. Seeing as you were a fine Southern Gentleman during the snowstorms, pulling all them folk outta the ditch….

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:44 on October 13, 2014  

Couldya take a long day, pack a picnic lunch, drive to the Guidestones and report back if a stone was taken out that pointed to west Africa?

I realize that is a bit of a jaunt, (two seconds hitch hiking on a broom) and would contribute a silver Maple to the cause, for posterity sake….

I’ll even supply the tunes, for those so blind they cannot see…

Rick Ackerman=the stock market, far from being prescient, couldn’t detect a lamb chop tethered to its neck if it were a dog

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:20 on October 13, 2014  

August 13, 2014, 7:59 p.m. EDT

It has been said that the stock market sees six months ahead, predicting big swings in the economy with the kind of prescience that no single investor could possess. So what does it see now? Clearly, it’s spooked by something. Could it be the precipitous collapse of Pax Americana around the world? The spectre of geopolitical chaos in the Middle East? The dramatic economic slowdown in Europe, China and Japan? An American president’s downward spiral, personally and politically? There’s even Ebola, which, unbelievably, may now have found its way to… Kansas City. My own experience as a trader for nearly 40 years has taught me that the stock market, far from being prescient, couldn’t detect a lamb chop tethered to its neck if it were a dog.

So if the Dow Industrials happen to be trading 5000 points lower by spring, let’s not be too quick to credit Wall Street with oracular powers. More believable is that stocks will have fallen simply because, in the cosmic scheme of things, it was time for them to fall. If they do, it will darken our perception of many grave problems and issues that have seemed for years beyond managing. Markets are the tail that wags the economic dog, not the other way around

Mr Copper–they were saying on the TV box airlines sold off cause people won’t travel as much causa ebola

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:56 on October 13, 2014  

Ballinger from Murph tonite–might be time to stick save the stock mkt

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:55 on October 13, 2014  

The VIX is now moving up into overbought territory so if you bought the VIX last week when I issued the “Shorts for the Month” email, the VIX November $15 calls bought in the $2.65 -$3.00 range are now $4.80 so I am taking 50% off the table such that the remaining 50% is on the books at “under a buck”. My reasoning is simple: if they crash the market, I make out like a bandit on the remaining 50%; if the “invisible hand” comes riding in on a white stallion and stick-saves Wall Street, I walk away with a decent score. And you just can’t rule out interventions with the U.S. midterms a few weeks (and margin calls) away.

The talking heads on CNBC are firing up their “tranquility faces” with soothers like “healthy correction” and “buying opportunity” and “cash on the sidelines” which makes me want to gag because they were all over the gold market when IT got down to oversold status on October 10th; they were trashing it like a common farm animal at EXACTLY the point where their beloved sheep (“viewers”) should have been BUYING it. However, we in the GATA camp are used to that sort of Malthusian behaviour, but unlike Malthus, who opined that human population was growing exponentially while food production was growing arithmetically, Wall Street analysts look at the incredible physical offtake in the gold market and dismiss it because “there is no inflation” not recognizing that if gold demand is growing exponentially and supply is growing arithmetically, the price mechanism should be responding BULLISHLY, unless off course some Ponzi-fication was being carried out on some exchange (like the COMEX) where synthetic gold could appear out of nowhere to meet that non-synthetic demand.

Pushing the Agenda

Posted by silverngold @ 20:34 on October 13, 2014  

Obama Signs Executive Order 13295 – Detention of Americans with “Respiratory Illnesses”


(Maya & Farmboy) 19:38 Train Mailcar

Posted by Deadeye @ 20:30 on October 13, 2014  

I used to spend time as a youth at the train depot. Ride my bike there and talked to station master. He would teach me Morse code on his spare telegraph Key. I would watch him hang up the daily mail bag on the “Hook Ring” for the train which didn’t stop unless it had a passenger to drop off or pick up. The train threw the incoming mailbag onto the platform as they passed. Those were good days and a simple life as I made my rounds to the jail, blacksmith shop, the shoe shop to talk to the grown-ups who always had time to talk and mentor me. Now days my youngest grandson is mentored by some unknown on an I-pad from God knows where spouting pure crap about global warming etc. Deadeye

I’d love to high side the shorts like this crane

Posted by eeos @ 19:58 on October 13, 2014  

and show them the power of the gold train darn it. Holy mother of moo



Maya, Its Ok…

Posted by Farmboy @ 19:38 on October 13, 2014  

The cupboard was bare of coffee this morning too. 🙂


Friend of mine went to DC over the weekend and toured the Postal Museum. ( Never knew there was one ) Sent me a picture of a postal car back when trains carried the mail. Not a very good pic, and very dark or would have posted it.


Glad you are back in the swing of things under the flaps. Now don’t touch those dials.


Best, Farmboy

Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 19:29 on October 13, 2014  

OK… I missed the train this morning.   It’s Monday…   🙁




This Is Recovery ?

Posted by Farmboy @ 19:17 on October 13, 2014  

Not so says the Baltic Dry Index. Last Oct was around 2100, this Oct is below 1000 and dropping.  The Index is down a whopping 58% year over year ! I anticipate a terrible Christmas Season for the merchants.



A Goldbug at a job interview.

Posted by commish @ 18:54 on October 13, 2014  


After the close the dollar is falling out of bed

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:09 on October 13, 2014  


silverngold @ 16:49 on October 13, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 17:01 on October 13, 2014  

OKAY saved the chart .. 2015 2016 time lines .. .. two years for a fiver…. in the hui index

yes it is clear thanks again thank you

ment17 @ 16:02

Posted by silverngold @ 16:49 on October 13, 2014  

The chart gives all the info you asked for. The top, which is hard to decipher, is 1000. Click on the chart to enlarge it and open it in a new tab. We have been in an inverse cycle since 2012. IMO we should now reverse  and fulfill my PO’s.  Silverngold

Richard640 @ 16:00

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:31 on October 13, 2014  

Copy that Richey. Re falling airlines? You would think, with falling fuel costs, they would be rising instead of falling. But then again, if stocks are waning, in general, then most everything goes down, or up depending on the “mood”.

The baby with the bathwater syndrome. I see pipelines dropping too. They were supposedly immune to falling Oil.


Eight airlines falling:


HUI up 1.93%

Posted by commish @ 16:20 on October 13, 2014  

A least it’s green.


Posted by Maddog @ 16:09 on October 13, 2014  

PM stox hit as soon as SM hit…the Algo’s no nothing other than what has worked before etc.


Once they saw the PM stox crumble they piled in again shorting them…..


I have this vision of the PPT/ Cartel tradeing away in some Ebola proof bunker…pushing the SM  to record Hi’s and the PM stox down by 2/3 % day, while out in the real world there is hardly anyone left alive !!!!!!

from Jesse today

Posted by eeos @ 16:06 on October 13, 2014  

The problem is that we all know the Fed can’t do anything. There’s nothing they can credibly do. Market is not used to that.

silverngold @ 15:54 on October 13

Posted by ment17 @ 16:02 on October 13, 2014  

nice hui chart .. that does look swell…and in your model can the chart predict the turn date for hui.. or has it already been triggered .. and time line to hit this hui 1200 something .

today was not a stellar day for the hui , as it dove with the general markets ,, and still has the big boot.. any gain is quickly sold off .

cheers and thanks

Mr Copper-that makes sense-what an odd day for PMs-the HUI is 6 pts off its high even though at the close

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:00 on October 13, 2014  

the $ index is still off 300bps and stocks are crashing–both deemed gold bullish by Steve Seville–JNUG way off its high…O, well, manana is otro day….

No flight to the $ today…nor will there be…that game is over…..airlines plunged late in the day…heavy vol day for stocks-I say YeeeeeeHaaaaaaW-!!

ment17 @ 15:34 This chart might contain a clue

Posted by silverngold @ 15:54 on October 13, 2014  

sg 11, HUI

The Truth About Cancer. The Quest For Cures Continues…

Posted by silverngold @ 15:46 on October 13, 2014  

Here’s an email I just received with the invitation to watch this series on Cancer. I watched the first series and was so impressed I bought the series DVD’s. This is a continuation of that series and I would strongly recommend you all sign up for it. It is free for the next series if you are registered to receive it. No gimmicks, no hidden charges, no costs involved, but you must resister as indicated in the email below.  I hope you will, and also spread the word to others.  Silverngold

Dear Silverngold,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the project
and what you can expect for the next 11 days.

First, we’ve been working day and night to edit down
over 45 hours of amazing interviews into the 11 one-
hour episodes.

Each episode will be hosted and aired on our website at
a private link that you will receive each day for each episode. 

So please keep an eye out for our emails over the next week
and a half. 

This is currently an invitation only event and if you’re
reading this email, then there’s NOTHING you need to do,
you’re already invited and will receive the private links.

Since we’re going to be sharing a lot of new and exciting
information that “big pharma” doesn’t want you to see, we
have to keep this a private event for the time being.

If you have friends and family that want to attend, please be 
sure to send them to www.thetruthaboutcancer.com and 
have them register to receive exclusive access as well.

Starting tonight and continuing through the 24th we’ll air a new
episode every night at 9pm Eastern US time and then we’ll leave 
the episode up to replay for the next 23 hours (until 8pm the following

So, be sure to mark your calendar and set some time aside each day
as we’re sharing the most cutting edge information about cancer
prevention and treatments.

Okay, keep an eye out for an email in the next few hours with your 
link to watch the first episode tonight.

Ty Bollinger



Posted by ment17 @ 15:34 on October 13, 2014  

Switzerland vote for gold backing is the latest just wait for this to happen lol

20 of nov ..

its a vote .. the counters control …the whole euro zone will lambast ..and the money will flow to the anti side ..do not crucify the currency on a cross of gold

watch it to not pass..

..does any one in the universe of gold chart people .. is there one with even an inkling ..just get out the charts .. eye ball .. and tell us when the gold will do more than chop …..maybe Armstrong is the machine to go to..

musings over a pile of wet leaves

Richard640 @ 12:47 re Falling Oil

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:20 on October 13, 2014  

I think global trade is in reverse, therefore, less oil is being wasted by delivering a “Chinese screwdriver” across the pacific ocean and across North America to a home Depot in NY.

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