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That maybe a lot of screaming but The Hip are the Canuck/Irish equivalent of U2

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:59 on October 5, 2014  

The Hip don’t get BB, so this goes out to the Doc

worried about ebola? …or any other virus, bacteria…

Posted by treefrog @ 23:45 on October 5, 2014  

Well seeing as I let it slip they shot a movie in my hometown…a Canuck indulgience

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:36 on October 5, 2014  

That and blowing high dough is a precious metal prerEquiestum

Ah pgr, Billy Connolly did a movie in my hometown and I arranged a wake for a drinking buddy from Glasgow this spring…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:20 on October 5, 2014  

He was tight with Gerry too…

An ode to the next financial system…

Environment, String From Dec 2003 Continued

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 23:05 on October 5, 2014  

a word of thanks
(Steppenwolf) Dec 08, 16:37
I’ve had the urge to express my gratitude to many of you here for some time, and now seems like as good a time as any. At times I feel as though I’m secretly listening in on the dialogue and commentary of a wise and discerning society. In most our formal education classes we are taught how to function within a fiat currency system, and no mention is made of any alternative: “Just take what we give you, learn how to deal with it, and leave the rest to us.” Many here have a strong sense of what’s true and what’s not, and I think that’s part of what makes this forum so valuable. I’ll never look at dollars the same, nor any commodity, nor anything pertaining to matters of economy, now or in the future. There’s much more going on here than honest stores of value and just weights and measures; your experience, wisdom, insight, wit, and frequent humor foster a good learning environment and reciprocated exchange. Thank you forum moderator and forum posters.

@(bike_on_the_dike) Dec 08, 14:34 Buffet’s radical solution for the trade deficit:
(Mr.Copper) Dec 08, 16:41
Part: “wanting to get goods into the U.S. To import $1 million of goods, for example, an importer would need ICs that were the byproduct of $1 million of exports. The inevitable result: trade balance.”
@ Mr. Buffit, are you lurking? I think your plan stinks. It’s too late for that.
I and the US do not want a trade balance. We now want and deserve, a 20 year trade surplus.
Now get back to your drawing board, and don’t come back until you have the right solution, or you will be down sized.
In fact, I think it’s time for your drug test. ūüôā

(ment17, MrCopper, Wanka) Thanks for your keen knowledge on
(Deadeye) Dec 08, 19:28
Gold, economics, and especially debunked G. Warming.
Geologist have a special appreciation for Gold and world geologic history which proves man has nothing to do with Global warming or cooling. All man is able to do is manipulate and suppress the price of gold on a temporary basis.
Cheers, Deadeye ūüėČ (geologist that lived with dinosaurs)

@ Mr. Copper – 16:03
(HappyCanuk) Dec 08, 19:36
I have to agree with you on the global warming thing. I’m not sure I fall for it either.
My son and I started getting into geology and the study of rocks as a hobby. I read an excellent book “Ontario Rocks”, can’t remember the name of the author.
He lays out a graph of the past several million years and the temperatures that they have deduced based on drill cores. It seems that the Earth has a natural cycle of heating and cooling. Each recent cycle lasted approximately 40,000 years. As per the graph we are in the midst of the warming phase of the cycle.
An excellent read and would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about the geology of the Canadian Shield and surrounding area.

deadeye 19:28—-you are most welcome
(WANKA) Dec 08, 20:02
We as a species in the geologic view are like a mosquito floating on his back down the Mississippi on a Popsicle stick with a h— on hollering ‘open the draw bridge’
What arrogance!
Go gold and up the cabal–gtv500 d

Environment, String From Dec 2003

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 23:03 on October 5, 2014  

Mr.Copper: future generations.
(bike_on_the_dike) Dec 08, 14:58
I find it amazing that we are (probably) very near the end of the Oil age (as we know it), now that the greenhouse effect is, according to many scientists, becoming a real and immediate threat. We need that oil crisis (if they are right, and I think they are right)! Because greenhouse gasses will never be voluntarily cut (confer the kyoto fiasco)
Especially in Europe because if the climate keeps warming up, the gulfstream will stop flowing (as it has done in the past) and we’ll get Alaska’s climate. The salinity of the water around Greenland is already dropping (because of melting ice & more rainfall on the continent).
If that continues, the (salty & therefore heavy) water there will stop dropping to the bottom and the ‘pump’ that attracts warm water (&therefore weather) from the south (Mexico) will come to a halt.

Bike re 14:58 Oil age
(Mr.Copper) Dec 08, 16:03
Now you’re really going to think I’m nuts, but I don’t buy the global warming thing.
I think we’re flattering ourselves thinking we can destroy the planet. Mother nature is in charge of that. This planet is huge. Ever take a 5 hour flight? Remember the ice age? One huge volcanic eruption, or large meteor and we’re toast.
I like nuclear energy too. I think we should power cars with it. ūüôā
Sometimes I think of these scientists like a bunch Ted Kaczynski’s‚Äô who simply reject progress, and use a bicycle, and expect everyone else to do the same. Or they are socialist financial planners, who want to redistribute wealth. Note the Kyoto thing? I saw it as making us produce less, so third world countries, exempt, could produce more.
If they really wanted to curb air pollution, they should have curbed globalization, which is bringing progress/cars etc to many places where it never was.
If the info we have received, about the environment, came from the cabal media, or a cabal educated/paid scientist, we have to be suspicious, think out of the box and read between the lines.
Please don’t be mad at me. Just saying what I think. ūüôā

(Maddog) Dec 08, 16:07
When the enviro’s can control the Sun, they may control the environement, until then…..

Mr cooper.. dead on about warming/
(ment17) Dec 08, 16:13
It the globe is warming it is not because of mans puny efforts’
We would not be able to stop it.
If it is getting cooler it is not because of man
We would not be able to stop it.
Please it is as phony as the Keynesian dollar and comes out of that same intellectual pile of manure, which of course keeps the barn warm, but then grows the flowers that keep us so cool.
mr.copper 16:03—can’t agree more imho

(WANKA) Dec 08, 16:23
The “global warming” routine has been effectively ‘de-bunked’ but the eco feeders at the public trough [having a large financial personal interest= special interest= more grant money etc etc etc] need to keep the routine alive at all costs. a rip-off world it is in many ways…
part of our ‘pork’ waste problem. And I of course find nothing wrong with responsible environmentalism.
Just a taste of the de-bunking
What tends to be accomplished by this eco pork is further debasing of the dollar and further upward rise in gold prices, not only for speculation but also for protection…
gtv500 mr c

Deadeye 22:15

Posted by aufever @ 22:54 on October 5, 2014  

Your post makes no sense as a response to my post. I am anti-government, unlike you.

Deadeye @ 12:50 their view is limited to small problems and not the real problems

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:48 on October 5, 2014  

Deadeye, I’m with you 100%. The environment scare tactics are all propaganda. I remember very well when the communist global powers started that baloney way back at the start of globalization. De-industrialization. There was no other way to get sympathy and support, to move big industries to Japan, Korea, China et al.

All the common folks out there are constantly repeating what was told to them by their media. I remember, late ’70s I think…..”We don’t want the smoke stack” We don’t want the rust belt” bla bla bla bla.

I told my wife 40 years ago….”See what they are up to??” They are going to give manufacturing away and lower our living standards”. (if you are not employed by gov’t or gov’t vendors) My old gunsmith friend was saying the same thing back then. They’re going to lower our living standards with this pollution crap.

Now we have 90% of the population thinking like Ted Kaczynski. He thought high living standards were bad, and wanted everybody to think the same way if he had his way. China today has about 500 million new middle class, with high living standards because they got all the wealth creating industries. Everything they say is exaggerated.

Re your….”Big Government allied with world companies for control of everything associated with money, liberty and freedom.‚ÄĚ

Agreed. I knew that decades ago, and concluded, the ONLY way to short circuit them is to simply boycott anything imported. I tried spreading the word starting in the ’70s hoping the info would spread, but it was like talking to a tree.

My friends started buying VW beetles, and Fiats etc, and Toyotas. It was sickening to me to see them gleefully buying. Only caring about themselves, and not their country and fellow neighbors.

Thank you Aufever.

Posted by Deadeye @ 22:15 on October 5, 2014  

I didn’t realize that I said all those terrible things that I support and you listed.. I will immediately surrender my Liberty and Freedom to our massive growing out of control government and agencies. I will trust that they correct all the problems and progress America has made for mankind since the Industrial revolution. I and my family will get on the dole and stop trying to be a “Patriot” or responsible businessman as that surely creates too many jobs and interfears with the big picture government plan. Thanks again, Deadeye

PS. I am quite sure the bottom is almost in as the anger always spews forth even from gentle souls when the hurt signals a market bottom. Yes I have some evil oil profits from some new wells that needs investing in some solid beaten down Gold/silver stocks  that are going to survive and make some huge profits in due time wherein I can pay much of it to our government in taxes to support the nair do wells and the self serving fat hog politicians. What a country!



Posted by aufever @ 20:47 on October 5, 2014  

“…the real problems that threaten America which is foremost Big Government allied with world companies for control of everything associated with money, liberty and freedom.”

Agreed. Evil, poison and death-dealing companies that use governments (and their violence) to feed their greed and need for power. But the pollution they unnecessarily cause is harmless? Insanely dangerous and biologically destructive nuclear power and waste are harmless? All the poisons they dump in water and on land are harmless? All the poisons they spew into the air are harmless? And the vast majority of all this is not necessary for us to maintain our lifestyle.

Did BP et al not PROVE that it is insane to drill anywhere 5000 feet below the ocean? That we are nowhere ready? Oh, we will learn from mistakes. People like that are a threat to mankind.  For someone to even consider drilling at those depths is obviously insane. (people who are a threat to mankind are typically classified as insane.)

Is clearcutting the entire planet to build roads and subdivisions harmless?  Is draining aquifers which have existed for eons in a few years harmless?

These are problems without solutions. Trees put oxygen into the air, which we cannot live without.  We cannot live without fresh water.  There is no solution, and no foreseeable solution, for nuclear waste. Unbelievably selfish people have already saddled an unknown number of generations (their descendents) with this problem and this cost.

You need life before you can have liberty and freedom.¬† These things are a direct assault on my life, and most life on Earth.¬† Perhaps somehow you are immune from pollution, and don’t need oxygen or water.


Rob Kirby says the physical metals sales are relentless and default is coming soon!

Posted by Auandag @ 19:15 on October 5, 2014  

If true, I believe they will drive the paper price as low as they can so they can settle the default with low prices and walk away with their pockets full.




Mother and Daughter Fighting Against ISIL @Kobane (E Syria)

Posted by commish @ 17:00 on October 5, 2014  

BzMt9fJCQAAK62rThis is what you call freedom fighters. Defending their home.  God Bless em.

Moggy @ 15:58 on October 5, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 16:58 on October 5, 2014  

thanks for the update .. computer back very good

sounds like the mountains are good for the soul.. and more

me just slogging along ..the gold and silver market has sure changed in the past three years .. the fed has controlled the message, controlled the paper.. the comex is not a market any more .. it Is a TA goddess for the trading folks .. just charting the paper that really has very little to do with the actual gold as you are most aware ..

the dollar seems to be going up .. but on a relative value the rest of the world goes down.. and in a race to see who can devalue first .. the fed will soon turn the dollar down.. maybe at 92 or 94 I reckon ,,

take care nice chatting moggy


Richard640. 10:00

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 16:51 on October 5, 2014  

Those are the same people that proved the earth is flat and the sun rotates around earth. I live in the heart of oil and gas fracking and have yet to see anything nearly as bad as the social pollution coming from moron central in dc.


Deadeye-U may be right but the eco-freaks say the same thing about bought and paid for junk science by the

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:29 on October 5, 2014  

oil industry–big pharma–nuke industry–etc ¬†so fukishima was a no-sweat episode?–and the bp gulf spill?–and the deaths every yr from pharmaceuticals?….O, but I see, the gains to humanity outweight these accidents….I am not qualified to referee this contest…I done lived my life–F-em all’s what I say….

Ment17 @ 21:34 on Oct. 4th

Posted by Moggy @ 15:58 on October 5, 2014  

gold was supposed to go to 3000 but the boyz want war ..

moggy I did not listen .. any other gold highlights .. of probably moves .. when is that petro dollar trade supposed to happen ..

how you be moggy


Willie didn’t say much about gold beyond what I mentioned…no forecasts as to what or when on either gold, silver or the petro dollar.¬† He spoke about many things, one being that ISIS is a CIA baby, how sensitive he is to the little mid-eastern country with whom the USA is best friends because it was a few of them who had threatened his life…a very interesting interview.

I be getting over the crazies for not having a computer for two weeks while my machine was in the hospital, in the IC unit, where it finally succumbed.¬† Then it took another week for me to get another one and get set up.¬† I don’t watch tv and have no radio reception here in the mountains, so was left to my own devices.¬† It’s a good thing that I have many interests with which I amused myself short of leaving this Paradise.¬† The past year and a half has been a challenge, to say the least, but I’m still in there slugging away.¬† How be you?


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:09 on October 5, 2014  

Always is a pretty broad word. I won’t answer your question because it wasn’t a question it was a comment not a question and no offence not going to worry about what you think because..for one . I think it was a good answer to a big problem were having that instead of just complaining about it to actually do something about it.

richard640 10:00 Professional Development for Geoscience Faculty

Posted by Deadeye @ 12:50 on October 5, 2014  

Richard640,I’m certain that you are smart enough to recognize that this so called professional group is a BIAS group with a sinister agenda that is taking over the common sense thought pattern of America. When one deliberately points out that exhaust fumes from a diesel engine is a threat to America then their view is limited to small problems and not the real¬†problems that threaten America¬†which is foremost Big Government allied with world companies for control of everything associated with money, liberty¬† and freedom. The distractions are the small stuff while our Constitution, Liberty and Freedom are being blatantly and openly destroyed by self serving and mis-guided politicians¬†and their money hungry lackeys.

Bottomline, this report is garbage¬†crafted into a slick EPA propaganda article for the gullible. Global warming or cooling whichever is the convenient topic is not caused by mankind and can not be altered by mankind. These tiny cycles within small cycles and imposed within large¬†cycles, then huge cycles of millions of years are not comprehensible to untrained minds and requires an understanding of universe time scales. It is perfect fodder for fogging most brains and makes great propaganda twisted to serve one’s own objectives.

Few people understand what is going on in their daily lives much less have even a clue of any big picture of anything Рexcept propaganda  they are spoon fed by the big money that owns the media. End of Rant.  Deadeye

who doesn’t need a larf-and-a-harf

Posted by pgr2.45 @ 12:07 on October 5, 2014  

definitely not p.c.

Posted by treefrog @ 12:01 on October 5, 2014  

“Someone on Zerohedge just called ¬†the president

“Our little Caniggula”

‚ÄčOMG – my brain just melted.”

For what it’s worth=If we look back at 2002, every time the U.S. dollar went above its Bollinger Band, and I believe that happened five times since then, it has quickly reversed itself and gone back to normal.

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:30 on October 5, 2014  

“At the same time, the U.S. Dollar Index is trading well above 86 and that has been the major reason for the weakness in gold and the disappointment in gold mining shares.

However, when you look at the strength in the U.S. dollar in technical terms, it is not only overbought, but technicians might note that it is way overextended as far as its relative strength and way above the Bollinger Band. If we look back at 2002, every time the U.S. dollar went above its Bollinger Band, and I believe that happened five times since then, it has quickly reversed itself and gone back to normal.

So I think the U.S. dollar is on its last legs in terms of this rally. You also have to pay attention to the current currency war that has been started with the euro, yen, Brazilian real, all pointing southward. This indicates a new currency war has begun and the U.S. dollar has been the primary beneficiary of that. But that past has shown that the U.S. dollar has only acted as a temporary refuge. And because the United States desperately needs to maintain its exports, the Fed will look to halt that dollar rally at some point.


This is from the peer review journal=

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:00 on October 5, 2014  

On the Cutting Edge – Professional Development for Geoscience Faculty

Geology and Human Health    Topical Resources

Potential Health and Environmental Effects of Hydrofracking in the Williston Basin, MontanaSource of Fracking Contamination

Due to the multitude of potential health and environmental impacts of hydrofracking source contamination can be complicated. The well location where drilling takes place is only one piece of the frack puzzle. Since each well can require up to 8 million gallons of water, and up to 40,000 gallons of chemicals, a well site may need up to 2000 tanker truck trips, per frack. A well can be fracked up to 20 times.

Storage for the waste water can take place either on site, in an injection well, or in open air ponds in the surrounding areas. Transport of the waste poses a contamination risk outside the actual well location. Air pollution also extends beyond the immediate drilling site and transportation route, since a by-product of natural gas drilling is methane gas, one of the worst greenhouse gas pollutants contributing to climate change.

Impacts of Fracking

Air Pollution

Methane is a main component of natural gas and is 25 times more potent in trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. A recent study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) monitoring gas wells in Weld County, Colorado, estimated that 4 percent of the methane produced by these wells is escaping into the atmosphere. NOAA scientists found the Weld County gas wells to be equal to the carbon emissions of 1-3 million cars.

A number of other air contaminants are released through the various drilling procedures, including construction and operation of the well site, transport of the materials and equipment, and disposal of the waste. Some of the pollutants released by drilling include: benzene, toluene, xylene and ethyl benzene (BTEX), particulate matter and dust, ground level ozone, or smog, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and metals contained in diesel fuel combustion‚ÄĒwith exposure to these pollutants known to cause short-term illness, cancer, organ damage, nervous system disorders and birth defects or even death .

The Associated press recently reported that Wyoming’s air quality near rural drilling sites is worse than Los Angeles’‚Äďwith Wyoming ozone levels recorded at 124 parts per billion compared to the worst air day of the year for Los Angeles, at 114 parts per billion. The Environmental Protection Agency’s maximum healthy limit is 75 parts per billion.

A 2007 report prepared for the Western Governor’s Association, that inventoried present and future nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emissions from oil and gas drilling in the west, projects Montana to experience a 310% increase in nitrogen oxide pollution (smog).

Crystalline silica, in the form of sand, can cause silicosis (an incurable but preventable lung disease) when inhaled by workers. Sand is a main ingredient used in the fracking process. The National Institute for Occupational Safety (NIOSH) collected air samples from 11 fracking sites around the country. All 11 sites exceeded relevant occupational health criteria for exposure to respirable crystalline silica. In 31% of the samples, silica concentrations exceeded the NIOSH exposure limit by a factor of 10, which means that even if workers were wearing proper respiratory equipment, they would not be adequately protected.

Water Pollution:

Chemical additives are used in the drilling mud, slurries and fluids required for the fracking process. Each well produces millions of gallons of toxic fluid containing not only the added chemicals, but other naturally occurring radioactive material, liquid hydrocarbons, brine water and heavy metals. Fissures created by the fracking process can also create underground pathways for gases, chemicals and radioactive material.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and United States Geological Survey (USGS) have recently confirmed what residents of Pavillion, Wyoming had been claiming‚Äďthat hydrofracking had contaminated their groundwater.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initially under an emergency administrative order forced three oil production companies operating on the Fort Peck Reservation, to reimburse the city of Poplar, MT for water infrastructure expenditures incurred as a result of drilling contamination. The oil companies appealed the EPA order, but were forced to rectify their violations by a federal judge.

Another scenario for contamination to occur is by faulty design or construction of the cement well casings‚Äďsomething that happened in the BP Gulf blowout disaster. Storage of the waste water is currently under the regulatory jurisdiction of states, many of whom have weak to nonexistent policies protecting the environment.
Soil and Oil Spill Contamination:

According to journalists at Pro Publica, oil companies reported over 1,000 oil spills in North Dakota, 2011, with many more going unreported, state officials admit. The Associated Press also recently reported that the amount of chemically tainted soil from drilling waste increased nearly 5,100 percent over the past decade, to more than 512,000 tons last year. Steve Tillotson, assistant director of the North Dakota Health Department’s waste management division, told reporters that trucks are hauling oilfield waste to facilities “24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

An ExxonMobil pipeline rupture spilled 42,000 gallons of oil into the Yellowstone River, near Billings, MT. In the aftermath of the spill, ExxonMobil has disclosed that the pipeline has been transporting tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, which is a low grade, more toxic and corrosive type of oil. Regulators had not been informed that the pipeline was carrying tar sands oil and the disclosure was a result of the spill. Tar sands oil was not in the pipeline at the time of the spill, though regulators are investigating whether or not it played a role in causing the pipeline to corrode.


Earthquakes constitute another problem associated with deep-well oil and gas drilling. Scientists refer to the earthquakes caused by the injection of fracking wastewater underground as “induced seismic events.” Although most of the earthquakes are small in magnitude (the strongest measured 5.2), their relationship with the storage of millions of gallons of toxic wastewater does little to ease the fears over fossil energy’s long list of externalities.

Health Effects of Fracking:

Show caption
A 2011 article in the journal, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, examined the potential health impacts of oil and gas drilling in relation to the chemicals used during drilling, fracking, processing,and delivery of natural gas. The paper compiled a list of 632 chemicals (an incomplete list due to trade secrecy exemptions) identified from drilling operations throughout the U.S. Their research found that 75% of the chemicals could affect the skin, eyes,and other sensory organs, and the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. Approximately 40‚Äď50% could affect the brain/nervous system, immune and cardiovascular systems, and the kidneys; 37% could affect the endocrine system; and 25% could cause cancer and mutations.

Health impacts from fracking are only now being examined by health experts, since such large-scale drilling is a recent phenomenon. Exposure to toxic chemicals even at low levels can cause tremendous harm to humans; the endocrine system is sensitive to chemical exposures measuring in parts-per-billions, or less. Nevertheless, many of the health risks from the toxins used during the fracking process do not express themselves immediately, and require studies looking into long-term health effects.


July 2008 vs Oct 2014

Posted by eeos @ 9:01 on October 5, 2014  

Unemployment 5.9% vs 5.9%

Fed Funds Rate: 2% vs 0%

American’s not in the Workforce: 76M vs 92.6M

We are SCREWED people. People in my generation want to work, it’s time we force people that are older out of the workforce soon. Even in my own profession, I have dinosaur architects all around me. None of them have a clue how to even get work done anymore. I call them talk-i-tects. Good at talking about work, but really have no clue what they’re doing. Here quick, sketch an idea. Sorry but someone needs to make it real, and when you can’t, well please step aside

Deadeye–I read what u wrote…so fracking has no ill effects and global warming is not influenced by industrial pollution…

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:24 on October 5, 2014  

So there are 2 giant conspiracies….promoting the 2 issues….I remember when doctors used to endorse cigarettes in advertising….I guess I’ll have to do more research….on my quest for the truth….more anon, mon vieux….


Posted by eeos @ 8:19 on October 5, 2014  

you always find a reason to interject Armstrong’s name. Is there anything you think he’s not an expert about? I find it ridiculous after a while you know

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