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For Deadeye and the poster from Scandinavia, sorry lost the handle…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:40 on October 6, 2014  

ment-I was not serious about a “bounce” to $2200–just exhibiting bravado…..

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:38 on October 6, 2014  

TRader Dan say that there is no western demand for gold–Rob Kirby say different

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:27 on October 6, 2014  

On gold and silver prices, Kirby knows the prices are heading up despite the recent knock down in prices for both metals. Why is he so bullish? Kirby says, “The reason I say this is because I know people that are in the business of procuring (physical gold and silver) massive amounts with mega money behind them in the physical market, and I know these people are still accumulating everything they can lay their hands on. They can’t lay their hands on enough (metal) to satiate the resources they have to work in that area. Their ability to acquire physical metal is becoming harder and harder and harder as time goes on. This is in spite of paper prices being knocked down. It is in spite of business networks in the mainstream media . . . erroneously report that people want less physical bullion, and that’s why the price is going down. That is a lie. The reality is people who are in the market for physical metal can’t get enough. It is being misreported, and we are being sold a bill of goods by our mainstream media. The mainstream media is in bed with the ruling elites. At the end of the day, physical metal will trump the paper.”

My best shot: Obama’s Waterloo

Posted by Deadeye @ 22:42 on October 6, 2014  

Yo Deadeye…CIA

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:12 on October 6, 2014  

See Isis America

I hope the dude in charge of the gas attack didn’t get promoted….

When Ya’ll gunna learn down there?

Need help naming ISIS Campaign

Posted by Deadeye @ 21:57 on October 6, 2014  

CAMPAIGN WITH NO NAME: Pentagon weighs moniker for ISIS fight.

Surely we can come up with the right name?

Half Ass Attack

Peaceful Persuasion

Red Line Screw Up

Too Little , Too Late

Head in hand Campaign

Reluctant Storm

Do I have to?

I Dontwanta

Persuading my Islamic friends 

Reluctant organizer operation

During afternoon snacks, I thought I had contracted Ebola…turns out it was my wife’s salsa that had me bleeding out my A$$

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:16 on October 6, 2014  

Speaking of which, is TED dead yet? TED talks or not?

Segue into a little “Is the head dead yet”. Check out the dedication…


Well oasis – you too eeos

Posted by Buygold @ 21:13 on October 6, 2014  

Regardless of the weak share performance, gold and silver ended up and closing volumes in GDX and GDXJ were huge on neutral ticks. Probably not good, anything heavy in Gold stocks are usually not good but we got a dead cat bounce and an especially nice reversal in platinum and smash of the USD. Be shocking if we had follow thru, but ya never know.

As for you eeos, you make the greatest of jackass comments at times. Perhaps when you reach dinosaur age they’ll offer old crusters a blue pill or a red pill so there’ll be plenty of jobs for your generation, of course as long as your hard working generation can move out of their parent’s houses, get their heads out of their I-phones and quit playing call of duty video games. Talk-o-tects. Laughable dude. Did it ever occur to you that they might have the connections after years of doing business that brings your firm work? You have a lot to learn.

Good fer you Maya, not only do I get the caboose in the morning, I get the headlights on eve

Posted by macroman3 @ 21:08 on October 6, 2014  


Posted by Moggy @ 21:01 on October 6, 2014  

@ Maya….that young lady is just beautiful, no problem, I enjoy looking at beautiful people.  Got any muscle shots, lol?


@ newtogold, who said: Do you think it makes a difference using pharmaceutical grade ingredients for these or not? I know it is much more expensive .

Oh, yes, it makes a huge difference.  When I first started using essential oils in the mid-80s I at first thought what I had read about their healing properties was hogwash because they didn’t seem to be doing any healing.  Then I learned that most of the EOs on the market have been diluted so that only 2% of them contain essential oils…thus, no healing was possible.  When your life is on the line, you want only the very best.  I recommended the Liberty Natural site because they are the suppliers for Young Living EOs and doTERRA EOs.   These are the only two brands I would trust with my life, if I were buying professionally made EOs.  However, I’ve been experimenting for so many years that I find I prefer mixing up my own.  And the oils are Liberty Natural are very reasonably priced…you just have to know what you are doing, lol.

After I read this it seemed more reasonable.

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:45 on October 6, 2014  

Experts: Thinning Forests Could Help Increase Ground Water Supply


Moggy re: Thieves Oil

Posted by newtogold @ 19:45 on October 6, 2014  

Do you think it makes a difference using pharmaceutical grade ingredients for these or not? I know it is much more expensive .

Dangerous Vaccine Paralyzes 40 Children…Bill Gates Foundation Being Sued!

Posted by silverngold @ 19:45 on October 6, 2014  

WANKA @ 10:41

Posted by Maya @ 19:27 on October 6, 2014  
“…we need to have a glimpse of the top too ya know!”

Ment17 @ 14:44 and Wanka

Posted by Moggy @ 19:19 on October 6, 2014  

Don’t forget the initial formula…the Raven blend is in addition to it:

For those wishing to make a Protective Blend: Clove bud…200 drops – Lemon…175 drops – Cinnamon bark…100 drops – Eucalyptus…75 drops – Rosemary…50 drops. Done another way: ½ oz Clove = 1 Tablespoon…1/2 oz Lemon = 1 Tablespoon…1/4 Cinnamon Bark = 1 ½ teaspoon…1/4 oz Eucalyptus = 1 ½ teaspoon…1/8 oz Rosemary = ½ teaspoon + ¼ teaspoon

If you don’t care to make it yourselves you can buy the professional blend, it is called Thieves Essential Oil.  In addition to diffusing it, should any type flu germs appear anywhere in your environment, massage a few drops onto the bottoms of your feet…this will get into your bloodstream within 20 minutes…then put on socks.  It is remarkable stuff.

Something To Think About

Posted by silverngold @ 19:03 on October 6, 2014  

Something to Think About..

Posted by Auandag @ 18:07 on October 6, 2014  

Obama Needs to be Impeached – He Has Lost His Mind If There Ever Was One

obama yelling

Obama seriously needs to be impeached. Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get worse – it just did! He has attempted to block Russia from the world economy as a whole removing them from the SWIFT system entirely! He is totally insane and this would warrant World War III and quite frankly one could not blame Russia. Someone has to do something about Obama. He has gone too far and his conspirator Christine LaGarde has been threatening all tax havens that they will be removed from the SWIFT system if they do not give up all foreign accounts.

The international payments financial organization SWIFT has refused to cut off Russia from all international financial flows. The organization announced that they have received appropriate policy prompts. However, it would not be forced to violate laws by Obama. The incident shows that Obama is operating behind the curtain far beyond his constitutional power and Congress needs to immediately call hearings and distance itself from Obama.

I am by no means being political here. This is a serious violation of international law and it should NOT be tolerated in the least. I cheer the SWIFT organization – enough is enough and expose Obama to the world.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:06 on October 6, 2014  

All good advice Moggy gave especially upping the immune system even if you need supplements but are far as aerosols  you in particular have to be careful of triggers. If you try some try it in another room you don’t frequent first and see how it goes. If all goes well fine if it doesn’t you can leave the room to another.

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:14 on October 6, 2014  

Freeport-McMoRan Announces Agreement to Sell Its Interests in Candelaria/Ojos for $1.8 Billion in Cash Plus up to $0.2 Billion in Contingent Consideration

Franco-Nevada to Acquire a Gold & Silver Stream on Candelaria from Lundin Mining for US$648 million

Moggy @ 14:44

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:08 on October 6, 2014  

Thanks Moggy I’ll look into that. 🙂

Richard640 @ 15:59 on October 6, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 16:08 on October 6, 2014  

bounce to 2200? Richard you be smoking essential oils..LOL \\

do you really think this is the start of 2200 gold? …. or just a brief short covering trade,, that will see gold up and down over the next couple months before the spike in gold

hope your right

Nice day for a change–but it was capped-I expect this oversold bounce to just carry to about $2200

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:59 on October 6, 2014  

Then we’ll re-evaluated…watch the sky!

WANKA @ 15:40 on October 6, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 15:48 on October 6, 2014  

thanks will visit the amazon site… and then look to the other for the best price .

a double lol


Paulson- I don’t recall many of the details regarding AIG bailout in court today

Posted by eeos @ 15:27 on October 6, 2014  

if I ever go to court, I just can’t recall your honor. It’s like a get out of jail free card, too bad it doesn’t work this way in all other courts of law. Read it here

Moggy @ 14:44 on October 6, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 15:22 on October 6, 2014  

yes thank you for the essential oil information in thumbnail form

will be in the hunt for both the oil and the vaporizer… fill the room with the oil in mist form ..keep the cooties out ..lol

or if not found,,, those sites will be a quick way to get the goods

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