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backatchya commish + Maya, the Canuck version…

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:57 on October 18, 2014  


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:08 on October 18, 2014  

If the military gets sick I hope they don’t get stuck at a veterans hospital for treatment with Obozos record who treats aliens better than the vets and citizens. If they do hope they can visit Washington and throw up all over them or fly back on a plane full of democraps.

Aloha Maya

Posted by commish @ 16:58 on October 18, 2014  

Another “missing” Nuke?

Posted by Maya @ 16:45 on October 18, 2014  





Posted by Ororeef @ 15:24 on October 18, 2014  

seems to think its ok to risk Military ..they knew the risk when they signed up !  As he was quoted to say some time ago  under different risk factors . If they help he could take credit,If they got Ebola he figured they didn’t vote for me anyway !



Posted by Ororeef @ 15:17 on October 18, 2014  

It wasn’t like I hadn’t thought the Market was overbought..I had reduced my Margin from 50% to 40 % (60% equity)..I had rode out the “82” correction without any trouble like that  ..It was the suddenness of it when I dropped to what was below the minimum that was required at the time an area between 50 and 37% Margin I was required to bring it all back to minimum 50%prior to that all you needed to do was stay above 37% and you could ride out ! The minute it dropped below 37% all of it came due at once!.   Up to that time My Margin expense was 50,000 per year ,but I thought it didn’t matter since I was making gains of 75 to 100,000 with the money !

It was free money and to boot I could deduct Margin Interest off of Earned income ,so Uncle Sam was subsidising my portfolio   …You can’t do that any more ! Instead of paying taxes the Gubberment was subsidising my portfolio …I had it all figured !   It worked until it didn’t  !

Ebola panic

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:03 on October 18, 2014  

Someone one from Texas said okay to post just no names.
Yeah, CDC actually okayed her because she had the good sense to ask. So it’s not her fault, it’s more crap on the CDC!

The cruise ship deal is the next one, and one school district in TX shut down 3 elementary schools because a staffer traveled on the plane with her.

And here in Port Arthur yesterday, some bozo got tired of waiting and said he might have Ebola in order to get some treatment in the Emergency room. Well, when he saw the hazmats mobilizing in his direction, he wised up and confessed. Today, he is quoted as saying he never did any such thing, it was the nurses who assumed he might have Ebola. Always the nurses’ fault!

Oh Boy !

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:59 on October 18, 2014  

Did I ever learn the value of “ready Cash ” that day….As Ben Franklin would say “theres no friend like ready cash”.

$10,000 saved me from Bankruptsy ./the House ,the business IRA,was all saved by it ! and to boot I had 4 kids in College at the time !

Maya @ 1:24 ..Pres Obola word Processor ..Notice the Word Processing “Out of an Abundance of Caution” “bull “

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:05 on October 18, 2014  

More Bull and “S–t “for brains from the Media Propaganda Team.Hitler would be proud…The Media learned the Lesson of Hitler  well ..what they forget is the “ENDING”.

During the response, the individual allegedly indicated that she had recently visited western Africa. Out of an abundance of caution, all pedestrian and vehicular traffic was suspended around the South Parking lot, while Arlington County responded to the scene,” Arlington officials said.

Did you have to remind me of “87”

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:32 on October 18, 2014  

I had re entered the Market in 1974 and ran the Portfolio up 8000 % between “74 and 87” and dropped it all in one day! The trigger was The Treasury Secretary  threatened the Germans they would let the Dollar float ! Granted I used Margin to run it up and it was Margin that made it all collapse in one DAY! My first margin call was for $250,000 and then later another for $175,000 ,.I only escaped because I had $10,000 in cash that I could send ,and with all the panic it was used to buy me some time .!

I got a bounce back ,I don’t know if cats had anything to do about that ,but It allowed me to start selling at better prices to lower my margin until it was stable.Buy 1988 I was totally in cash .My profits were so high I still would owe taxes even at after crash prices.I had to be careful not to sell to0 fast.I went short against the BOX to get me into the next year 1988 so as to delay so I could plan better .In the end I survived because of the 10,000 cash on hand  ,but my dear friend and broker had died of internal bleeding because of it.Maybe I’ll write a book one day !

macroman3 @ 4:30 on October 18

Posted by Auandag @ 10:46 on October 18, 2014  

What I found interesting, is that he was like a lot of people, who refuse to look at or accept any evidence about 911 possibly being an inside job. They immediately resort to ridicule or immediately become hostile. When he finally had his eyes opened and came around to what happened on 911, his wife and friends now treated him the same way as he used to treat others, who said 911 was not kosher. Since he couldn’t win them over with words,  he made a documentary for them to view.  Apparently, it was quite successful and the film has now gone public. Apparently the film treats the 911 subject differently than most films and is very convincing. I have yet to see the film, but hope watch it. I know some people who absolutely refuse to even contemplate that there is something funny about 911.

Next week?

Posted by Buygold @ 9:52 on October 18, 2014  

Happy 27th Anniversary Black Monday

Tyler Durden's picture

“It could never happen again… right?”




Auandag, 00;47, was looking for the Cliff Notes on that…was WTC7 his only hook?

Posted by macroman3 @ 4:30 on October 18, 2014  

What was so huge he uncovered?

I did have a small epiphany on his realizing an inside job on 911 on Nov 22…

World events turned on Franz Ferdinand, Pearl Harbor, JFK and 911…

Now we have the epicenter of US ebola in Dallas again…hmmm ISIT the Birchers?

Speaking of Birch, time to throw another log on the fire…burn baby burn


Posted by goldielocks @ 2:32 on October 18, 2014  

I was talking about another one. So they may have reached the Pentagon good for them. Maybe the White House next. Maybe that will wake them up cuz they can’t sit by and be immune to this one.


Posted by goldielocks @ 1:44 on October 18, 2014  

A responder said right away by looking at the body in airliner it wasn’t Ebola. Now what they have a quick test kit? Actually that would be a good idea. I’m not promoting panic like the Louisiana  dump site who refused Dumcan who died of Ebolas ashes of things that were burned panic but I wouldn’t trust that and fear that in a effort to stop panic and further protests about obummers homelamd being open to pass Ebola like the borders may be a lie. I hope all who was close to that passenger takes precautions with family members and self monitors themselves.

Officials Responding To “Possible Ebola Situation” Near Pentagon

Posted by Maya @ 1:24 on October 18, 2014  





Posted by goldielocks @ 1:12 on October 18, 2014  

You know I lost your email address about your trip but will probably find it when have the time and energy.

Remember one of the first things Obummer did was refuse to give tax breaks to local businesses and add those taxes to state taxes and states driving business out then Obummer care that international business could opt out if but they could not. Any start up costs have also gone up as well  as regulations. So while international companies were thriving American small business were losing profits not making it worth while. Add all that to internationals that could afford to lower prices out competing with locals and wages either frozen or not making what they did before tightening their belts  has caused them to fail. The only recovery it to the stock market and for most part international business who pay no or little taxes in comparison.

very good listen

Posted by Auandag @ 0:47 on October 18, 2014  

Moggy @ 23:40

Posted by silverngold @ 0:00 on October 18, 2014  

because the wealth of the country has been stolen by previous presidents and their fellow criminals”

I was more referring to this above part of your statement. My meaning was that he has basically stolen the country itself by destroying its constitution and the freedoms the citizens have enjoyed for many years. I think this picture accurately portrays what he has done, and how he has been allowed to do it I will never understand.  God help us all!!

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