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Floridagold @ 20:16 Climate change a lie

Posted by silverngold @ 23:54 on October 22, 2014  

Then someone needs to tell them to stop the chemtrails which are supposed to be to offset global warming…..but in actual fact they are for the purpose of weather warfare and the depopulation agenda.

How are we going to stop these criminals who are destroying this once beautiful and now pitifully polluted planet?? I think Wanka has some pretty good ideas on the subject!!  Silverngold

Trader Dan notes the undervaluation in PM stocks-as I did today with JNUG-which came close to the 12 mo. low of 8.43 when gold was 1180

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:25 on October 22, 2014  

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
HUI to Gold Ratio Collapsing

There is only one comment that I can make based off of what I see from this chart; either the gold mining stocks are tremendously UNDERVALUED compared to the price of the metal or the gold price is way too high.


This ratio just touched a level last seen in DECEMBER 2000! That is FOURTEEN YEARS AGO!

Perhaps some more of these gold miners need to head to bankruptcy but with the ratio at current levels, and with the HUI itself trading at a SIX YEAR LOW this month ( refer to that chart I posted previously today) I am leaning to the view that the gold price is too high.

Talk about a disaster….

Is it just Co-Incidence

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:19 on October 22, 2014  

that the Citys with approved Airports for arrivals from West Africa all have large black populations  ?   I wonder what the voters in those citys think of that gift ……will it effect the votes there ?   Lucky them…..Obola Towns ..a gift from your commander in Chief……What was he thinking ? less resistance for West Africa arrivals …he might just get “blowback”….or was it just co-incidence ?

Just co-incidence

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:08 on October 22, 2014  

that oil prices going down just before the Election ,and No inflation in sight just before the Soc SECurity rate is adjusted to 1.7 % …just co-incidence..

Cant have Gold go up just before an election that would give inconvienient signals ‘

After the Election they start the Inflation and oil can rise  again and energy can rise again including Gas.Stock Market gets Propped up just before the Election ..cant have a crash just before an Election or even a declline can we.After the Election Inflation can start both in energy and Gold and Stocks.  That saves Billions in Soc Sec payments for a whole year and helps to balance budgets ..at least for another year ..and if Party opposite gets in office you can always blame it on them..


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 21:22 on October 22, 2014  

Is against resistance and moving averages. A close much above 86.00 would indicate another leg up.


Good Old Cost of Living

Posted by commish @ 18:32 on October 22, 2014  

scsnerlmSocial Security announced that there will be a 1.7% increase for 2015.

UPS announced today that shipping rates are going up 4.9% in 2015.



commish, the Maple Laughs…segue to Parliament Hill

Posted by macroman3 @ 18:11 on October 22, 2014  

mm3 – They should postpone the Maple Leafs

Posted by commish @ 17:58 on October 22, 2014  

Playing a little lethargic.

Well it is serious, they cancelled the Ottawa hockey game

Posted by macroman3 @ 17:39 on October 22, 2014  

Here I thot Obama would be up for a pair of 9mm (mens medium) before Harper.

Fed having a nervous breakdown

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:12 on October 22, 2014  

buy..sell..buy..sell..buy..sell…buy..sell…OH Shit !

eeos @ 16:04 on October 22, 2014

Posted by ment17 @ 16:09 on October 22, 2014  

yep those plunge protection guys .. take their job with some intent .. of course when the check is coming from the fed unlimited juice .. .. perhaps tomorrow the DJIA will continue to the sky.. with nothing behind it but a ramp buy the unlimited fiat guys


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:08 on October 22, 2014  

I dunno …

ment- Federal Reserve to the rescue

Posted by eeos @ 16:04 on October 22, 2014  

There is a PPT- It’s called the FOMC

Here’s the bottom line: Someone tried to rescue the market last Wednesday. And it’s becoming a regular occurrence. 



Posted by ment17 @ 15:49 on October 22, 2014  

for the DJIA to be blasted up from its 16,467 handle.. just buy the futures need little effort .. just the fed shoving funds into the index

well a new one index closed 16,461 no ramp this time

ipso the names of those guys

Posted by eeos @ 15:47 on October 22, 2014  

are a bit unusual, are those their pen names?

Four Blackwater guards found GUILTY in 2007 shootings that left 14 Iraqis dead and 17 wounded

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:45 on October 22, 2014  

A federal jury found Blackwater guard Nicholas Slatten guilty of first-degree murder
Guards Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard were found guilty of at least three counts of voluntary manslaughter
The four men were charged with a combined 33 counts in the shootings
Jurors reached verdicts on only part of the charges after weeks of deliberations
The shootings caused an international uproar over the role of defense contractors in urban warfare
The trial focused on the killings of 14 Iraqis and the wounding of 17 others

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2803516/Jury-reaches-verdict-Blackwater-guards-trial.html#ixzz3Gu9zEv5s

Oil down. Taking market with it.

Posted by commish @ 15:40 on October 22, 2014  

Last glance 80.40.

CDE 4.36 -.70 [13.62%]–glad I don’t own it….ouch!

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:28 on October 22, 2014  

Ment-Yeah, nothing seems to move gold…which probably goes for my little divergence I’ve just noted…

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:25 on October 22, 2014  

check out this divergence== JUNG’s 52 wk low–when gold hit 1180 was 8.43—–gold is 1244 and jnug is 9.10—I say PM stocks are possibly a buy somewhere around here-

gold down .7% as I write–jnug down 11.7%

hard to know but….China Gold Association: 2013 Gold Demand 2199t

Posted by eeos @ 15:05 on October 22, 2014  

We now have official confirmation from the China Gold Association (CGA) that Chinese wholesale gold demand in 2013 reached 2,200 tonnes, in contrast to what all Western consultancy firms and news outlets have been reporting. On September 11 the China Gold Yearbook 2014 (that covers the financial year 2013) was released by the CGA on the China Gold Congress in Beijing.

As you can read below in the translation from a Chinese press release about the China Gold Yearbook 2014, the CGA states Chinese wholesale gold demand in 2013 was 2,199 tonnes; bullion import 1507 tonnes, doré import from overseas mines 17 tonnes and domestically mined gold accounted for 428 tonnes. (scrap supply must have been 247 tonnes)

Why the Western media don’t report on these numbers is “a mystery”. Remember the 1,500 tonnes net imported in 2013 by China exclude PBOC purchases! read more


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:47 on October 22, 2014  

Country risk can give you nightmares. There’s lots of places I don’t invest. Mining is speculative enough without catching the olde maid and some ruling party turning your project into dross.

re: ipso facto @ 14:00 and 18:36

Posted by eeos @ 14:40 on October 22, 2014  

Ipso. Speaking of making money, that post of yours this morning about Kinross selling their Equador project.

Now this is a heist- Lundin family buys gold mine for $240M, when Kinross had originally bought it for $1.2B. Another example of a miner that has destroyed itself and value for shareholders. It sounds convenient for the Lunkinheads.

It makes me want someone like Todd Hoffman getting it done on reality TV down there instead of  KGC. But when governments change the rules, like it sounds like down there. You get played I guess.

buzz words on king world news

Posted by ment17 @ 14:36 on October 22, 2014  

about the gold and silver complex

terrifying shocked horrific explosive… to describe the underperforming gold sector

effect on gold zero ..

PS re Their NWO “global economy”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:32 on October 22, 2014  

What childish or stupid little “event” will knock the global economy over? Any ideas out there? 🙂

Man Dies In Haunted House, Mistaken For Prop For Almost 2 Weeks

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:21 on October 22, 2014  

“According to police, a 71-year-old man, whose identity has not been released pending notification to the family, had leaned up against a corner of the building after climbing the stairs to the second floor, and had apparently passed away.”

“That same evening, 31-year-old Susan Johnston, screamed in terror as her children, who she was accompanying through the haunt, accidentally bumped into what they thought was a prop dummy, and discovered it to be an actual dead body.”

“I told them to be careful as we went through, but my little Grace, I think she touched him and it knocked him over, and his arm literally ripped right off his body! Blood and other bodily fluids got all over Grace’s jacket and in her hair, and my son Ricky got some sort of slime all over his hand. They were both terrified. It smelled so bad when we first walked in, but we thought it was all just part of the attraction. Both of my children vomited right there on the floor.”


That story is a good analogy for what is happening to their proud creation of “global commune-ity Economy”. It died in the summer 2008, and they stood it up against a wall with Q-E baloney that is wearing thin these days.

Prior to 2008? Their “global economy” was first severely wounded by the dot-com tech stock market crash in March 2000. THEN in 9/11/01 their baby, the “Global Economy” took a real bad hit.

It FORCED the global master planners after ’01 to drop rates hard and fast and create a real estate retail store bubble that lasted to 2008 to delay the crashing results of 9/11.

What alternatives or options to artificially stimulate the global commune do they have left now?? I can’t wait to see their next hopeless temporary idea.

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