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WANKA @ 14:46 on May 23, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:04 on May 23, 2016  

They both look the same ,both have a big smile ,both have big teeth ..so whats the difference ..your not supposed to notice ..MAY 1961 May 2016 maybe if we just switch the numbers 61 to 16 nobody will notice any differences..We can fool them all. one is the Son of a capitalist the other Son of a Bitch literally…If you look close one is white ,one is black ..your not supposed to notice its Politically incorrect .One puts a man on the moon ,the other puts a man in the Little Girls bathroom ..your not supposed to notice !,one likes women ,the other likes men..your not supposed to notice.one creates investment Tax credit ,the other raises taxes ! One gets shot,the other gets 4 more years …
One gets a NOBEL Prize ,the other gets a lead bullet.One prints Treasury notes interest free ,the other prints Federal reserve notes at 6 % cost.your not supposed to notice .One brings class to the White House ,the other brings Al Sharpton trash.BUT they are both Democrats your not supposed to notice, one fought communists ,the other is a Communist.Somehow the Democrats dont think you will not notice how they have changed as a Party !Somehow they think you will not notice how they used to be inclusive ,but now Debbie Wasserman Schultz DISINVITES a female from Hawaii from becoming a candidate just because she is a MAJOR in the Military .One made sacrifices in the Military,the other wants to sacrifice the Military .Maybe you wont notice how the selection is rigged with “Super” Delegates for only one of the Candidates. The Party of Andrew Jackson has become the Party of Michael Jackson …Maybe you wont notice !

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.