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goldielocks @ 22:37

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 23:35 on October 24, 2014  

Don’t worry about a thing. I’ve never been so optimistic for the future of the USA, even though many of us might not be here. Imo the past is in trouble, and everything is in reverse back towards the 1950s. ūüôā

silverngold @ 20:24 Colloidal Silver does NOT work on Viruses

Posted by Maya @ 23:30 on October 24, 2014  

CS works on BACTERIA, which are living cells.¬† The mechanism by which it works is to ‘suffocate’ the cells via their respiration mechanism in the cellular walls.¬† Virus particles are not ‘living cells’ by themselves.¬† They are more like seeds waiting to infect a living cell to reproduce themselves.¬† Virus particles have a hard protein shell that is immune to CS.

The best that CS can do for an infected Ebola patient is to prevent secondary infections at hemorragic sites…¬† but it does not cure the ebola infection.¬† Reports like this are anecdotal and also disinformation driven.¬† CS will not work for any viral infection.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:37 on October 24, 2014  

So they decide to announce that now when theirs a ¬†outbreak going on. Why would they need to vaccinate people in countries that don’t have it?

Mr Copper I remember when people didn’t have ¬†to work 40 hours if young and live conservatively. Theirs no end to their greed. Only thing that may help it to find away to stop their expansion. Obummer caused a lot of expansion and at what point will it all blow up? That’s probably what will happen they’ll go hide and blow us up rather than downsize.

Better (not) get in line!!

Posted by silverngold @ 22:07 on October 24, 2014  

Johnson & Johnson to have 1 Million Experimental Ebola Vaccines Ready in 2015

October 24th, 2014
Updated 10/24/2014 at 11:34 am

ebola experimental 263x164 Johnson & Johnson to have 1 Million Experimental Ebola Vaccines Ready in 2015By May of 2015, Johnson & Johnson (J&J), one of the largest pharmaceutical companies on the planet, plans to have 250,000 experimental Ebola vaccine doses at the ready. The mega corp also plans to have 1,000,000 doses in total ready for delivery next year. J&J is racing to develop a mass-population vaccine along with GlaxoSmithKline and NewLink Genetics.

Make up your own mind about what this means, but the World Health Organization (WHO) is hoping that tens of thousands of people in West African countries affected by Ebola will take the new experimental drugs. The trend may follow in America.

Just a few years ago, J&J paid a $1 billion dollar settlement in a class action suit involving their anti-psychotic drug, Respirdal, and a criminal investigation is still underway. The company also coughed up $2.2 billion dollars in a drug-marketing scandal involving the same product. GlaxoSmithKline has equal detractors, with a former employee stating that the company was handing out adulterated batches of drugs like Halloween candy.

NewLink Genetics¬†has already started human testing¬†on their experimental Ebola vaccine, VSV-EBOV, with results expected as soon as December.¬†NewLink Genetics is¬†funded in large part by¬†the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation¬†‚Äď known supporters of¬†controlling the world‚Äôs population¬†(not a big secret).

Will Gates’ foundation do the same thing they did in India to test their experimental vaccines? He currently faces a trial by the Indian Supreme Court for illegally testing HPV vaccines on tribal girls.

The United Nations and WHO want large-scale trials of the Ebola vaccines to be disseminated in Africa as soon as January.

While J&J said it would test its vaccine for safety and immune response in healthy volunteers in Europe, the United States, and Africa starting in January, adding that it will commit up to $200 million to accelerate the program, experimental vaccines from known criminals of the pharmaceutical monopolies is hardly a welcome relief.

Interestingly, J&J’s particular vaccine was developed in collaboration with the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and includes technology from Denmark-based Bavarian Nordic, which will now receive a cash injection from the U.S. healthcare group.

Incidentally the NIH has undergone budget cuts in the last several years, and likely hopes to re-invigorate itself with the Ebola pandemic scare tactics being pushed on the public by the CDC and other government agencies. The NIH even says it couldn’t explore cures to Ebola sufficiently due to these budgetary restrictions.

Bavarian will receive an upfront payment of $25 million and up to $20 million in milestone payments based on future success of the product. J&J will also invest 251 million Danish crowns ($43 million) in Bavarian Nordic shares.

The safety and effectiveness of such experimental vaccines has yet to be proven, and I for one don‚Äôt plan on taking an experimental Ebola vaccine any time soon. ‚ÄėExperimental‚Äô already means that the makers of these vaccines won‚Äôt be held accountable for terrible adverse reactions. It‚Äôs a built-in disclaimer that says, ‚ÄėTake at Your Own Risk.‚Äô

There is even a rumor that RIFD chips will be in the mass-produced vaccines, though this rumor has proven to be false. But anything is possible; they already admitted to a false advertising campaign to steal our DNA back in 2011.

Read more: http://naturalsociety.com/johnson-johnson-1-million-experimental-ebola-vaccine-doses-ready-public/#ixzz3H7ORlszz
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Abby Martin….How Words Absolve Mass Murder

Posted by silverngold @ 21:45 on October 24, 2014  

Auandag @ 21:39

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:44 on October 24, 2014  

Yes more kids. What I meant was IN the 1960s at our peak we were instructed to have less kids, for the future of globalization. I was one of 5 my mother was one of 8. Grandfather, unskilled labor had 8 kids wife not working, no medical insurance needed.

No Place to Hide

Posted by Auandag @ 21:43 on October 24, 2014  

Mr.Copper @ 21:03- In fact I did grow up in the fifties and yes it was a great time to grow up in.

Posted by Auandag @ 21:39 on October 24, 2014  

I don’t know where you get the idea that people had less children in the fifties. Unlike now where most western families have 2 or less children, in the fifties most families had more than 2 children. I remember when the pill first came out the experts all said that it would mean happier marriages, less divorce, less abortions, wanted children etc. The pope at that time Paul said to the contrary¬† it would increase, not lessen divorce, abortions etc. Of course he was ridiculed by the media and even from some of his own bishops at the time. But time has proven the pope to be right.So I agree with you society has retrograded.






Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:17 on October 24, 2014  

“Pyramids” are STILL being built, believe it or not. With modern technology of today, nobody should be working more than 20 hours a week. Or 2 10 hour days.

At the peak of prosperity in the USA only 40 hours per household was needed. We’re up to 80-100 hours now, because of TPTB “Pharaohs” and their big Spruce Goose ideas.

One big pyramid was the moon landing. The other one was the Space Shuttle Program. We can probably make a very long list of wasted human time materials and money working for the “Pharaohs”.

Look at that idiotic WW II, Korea, Vietnam, useless nuclear submarines and nuclear aircraft carriers. The people of the world would have a lot of time off without wasting time and being excessively taxed, requiring more man hours to live.

We now have the Environmental Protection Agency, zillions of unneeded employee tax expenses hounding us with “check engine soon lite too.

goldielocks @ 17:37 Auandag @ 18:18

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:03 on October 24, 2014  

Goldilocks, I was kidding about using the military. But kids are a big expense, and if the parents can’t afford to HAVE kids, they should do the un-created kids a favor and use birth control.

If the parents have a farm and are self sufficient, they would NEED kids to help run the farm, rather than hiring outsiders. And the kids could gradually take over the business, and support the parents as Auandag suggested.

In China they were restricted to one child. These days with them being the manufacturing vendor of the world, some couples with money are probably allowed to have more than one clone.

Auandag, I assume you are very young and don’t remember how great the 1950s and 1960s were. Even half way into the ’70s things were still ok, but you could see the cracks popping up.

We did NOT have massive numbers of desperate refugees hungry for work. Willing to compete against each other, work harder and cheaper. Cutthroat type situation.

The western nations had their act together. (less kids) That’s why we had prosperity. Unfortunately because of satellite TV, the rest of the third world watching “Archie Bunker” saw how well off Americans were and wanted the same thing.

Bottom line? Third world poor nations were merged with wealthy western nations. Like if you mix clear water with muddy water what do you get? Water that’s less muddy.

The cat that swallowed the canary is big multi national business. They helped killing small business and self employed. In the USA we had millions of self employed.

I remember people that deliverd eggs, diapers, ice, bread, cakes, the milk man etc etc. Cabinate makers, small farmers etc. All had high living standards when we were insulated from the rest of the world.

If third world nations want high living standards, they should have less kids, avoid imports, and not let foreign global businesses take away their natural recourses for peanuts. With independence for each and every country, all would be better off.

The opposite of consolidation. You want duplication of production. NOT global efficiency, which is, one country making all THESE widgets, and the other country making all THOSE widgets, makes sense only if competing against another planet.

FWIW…..Colloidal Silver works on Ebola

Posted by silverngold @ 20:24 on October 24, 2014  

I’d not stop there however. I’d also be working on improving my immune system by taking vitamin D3 and liposomal vitamin C. Both are inexpensive and easily available almost anywhere. ¬† ¬† Silverngold

Joe Friday

Posted by commish @ 18:47 on October 24, 2014  

all you ever do is bring me down

Posted by pgr2.45 @ 18:37 on October 24, 2014  

Never heard of these guys until about a year ago;

now they’re one of my favourites.

the piano player’s dance routine at 4:00 is worth the price of admission!

Mr.Copper @ 17:18- Mexican Families

Posted by Auandag @ 18:18 on October 24, 2014  

Every country in the western world has a declining birth rate. At the rate Japan is going, there will be nobody left in 50 years. People in poor countries have no pensions, welfare, or good jobs, so they have large families. They have a high infant mortality rate, so want to ensure they have children alive to look after them when they get old. When countries start to prosper, they naturally have smaller families. Look at Europe, their population is declining, so they brought in immigrant Moslems to fill jobs that went begging and now have big problems with militant Islam.. When I travel to the USA I see a lot of Mexicans doing the hard jobs that Americans don,t seem too want to do. They are hard working and I have never had a problem dealing with them. Maybe if western corporations and bankers didn’t exploit the third world and waste trillions on war these people would prosper and have their own economy. But then who would we get to fill the low paying jobs?

Me Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:45 on October 24, 2014  

Between things like Obummer opening borders and Ebola they won’t have to imitate martial law ¬†to come get your guns and maybe put people in camps. They’ll just let people think it’s their idea. Maybe they are doing this on purpose.

Me Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:37 on October 24, 2014  

Use Military to stop having babies? What for you suggest shooting them? It’s the Religion and Priests not that I’m against priests but their oversight of the hardships they put on women or family’s in general. America politicians and business exploiting them for low wages is another problem. The leaders there want to blame America for the drug problem when the fact is if there was a better economy there and people had decent wages and more jobs many wouldn’t need to resort to crime. Now were having a problem here too because of the economy. Ironically with problems comes drugs and more people that ever are taking them going for som anxiety pill at the doctors or to the streets. Gov out for themselves just breat more problems and just use it to justify expansion be police or military causing even more drain on the economy financially. It’s a vicious cycle.

Ororeef @ 16:34 re We should be doing more for Mexico

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:18 on October 24, 2014  

They need to CONVINCE or use the Military to stop Mexicans from having so many babies. They love kids and pump them out like stampings in a tool and die shop in China.

We in the USA were taught decades ago to have less kids for prosperity. Now a days I see the REAL reason. So we have room for more immigrants.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:59 on October 24, 2014  

Being Christians is part of the South American problem. Most are Catholics including my daughter in law who’s half Mexican and have a harder time with planned parenthood because of that. She was at a park once keeps my grandson quite active and was speaking Spanish too him although she’s not fluent and because he’s white with blond hair some guy though she was his babysitter or something and said what are you teaching that kid Spanish for?she snapped at him said because he’s my son and half Spanish which shut him up. She also said I’m glad my son looks white so he doesn’t get stopped from police for proof of citizenship. But unlike the older generation they want planned parent hood she told my son one of him is enough to handle she don’t want no more lol although her family goes back before American immigrants came as well as American Indian. When we went to Disney she got tan and said I probably look like I just crossed the border. She’s a character. She’s a fighter though cuz when my grandson was being abuses by a teacher she was all over them proved her point and now the psycho teacher a man has chaperones in his class but she wants him fired and I don’t blame her under the circumstances. Its not that illegals are our natural enemy but they are a economic enemy and as far as Obummers thinking I can only see him trying to wipe out the white middle class race and seems to be what he’s working on in more than one way. This doesn’t look good for the democrats. The weasels.

it’s Friday night .. my PMs are safe for 60 hours anyway

Posted by pgr2.45 @ 16:53 on October 24, 2014  

A service which iDon’t pay $250 for, issued advice this week

“don’t buy any metals now until further notice”.

That’s fine with me .. and tankee vellymuch:)

keep calm

We should

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:34 on October 24, 2014  

be doing more for Mexico,by that I mean making them stronger and self sufficient.Every Mexican worker that I’ve observed does a good job ..

is a hard worker and takes care of his family.But we should demand more FROM the Mexican Government.! They need to use the Military to stop the DRUG cartels and should ask for US assistance in that area,Its mutually beneficial.I suspect the US is involved in the Mexican drug trade along with both Governments.I’ve heard of Drug pushers being turned loose after they Fine them so they can catch then again and again ..its a TAX raising system for corrupt Government on both sides.That needs to stop….Drug pushers are NOT TAX Collectors ,neither should Police departments be allowed to keep and use drug money for internal purposes ..that simply breeds corruption.!

Another reason to help Mexicans is they are Christians and that eliminates a whole host of Loyalty problems ,better for then to enter America

than another culture with Loyalty to foreign aspects we dont understand or desire .

Rig re-writeing the TA rules

Posted by Maddog @ 16:15 on October 24, 2014  

Hui closed down for the 8 th week, that is statistically extra ordinary, rarely will one see a mkt go in one direction that long.

To see that happening at the lows of a move is really bizarre….but we live in rigged times, when nothing is as it was, only that ‘some” are allowed to pillage endlessly.


Ps …once again I have to write to the SEC…..about the scandalous fact that the Stock mkts did not close on their Hi’s…..

I love that Go Pro and Red Bull dumb sponsorships were no where to be found- smashed them

Posted by eeos @ 16:14 on October 24, 2014  

Parachutist’s Record-Breaking Fall: 26 Miles, 15 Minutes


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:53 on October 24, 2014  

Never said to go adopt a African child but those who choose to adopt now that you mention it good for them. If so I just hope these children who are being adopted don’t wind up in sex or slave trafficking rings and their checked out with diligence as well as followed up with social workers with comon sense. I know people here who adopt and ironically we already have a problem with a lot of Mexican special needs children. Here anyways if they adopt they must first foster and social workers visit and if all is okay they then adopt. They’re not just sold not knowing who takes them, I do private duty for a Mexican child special needs who was adopted it was to be for awhile but got attached as well as he. The mom said she thinks he would die if I wasn’t around for him. Even other Mexican decent people who tried to get involved know better than try to take him away from his nurse or he’ll let them know about it.


Posted by Ororeef @ 15:44 on October 24, 2014  

should give the Kurds all the Weapons they need or want !

They are willing to fight ISIS…go for it !

If the Turks don’t like it..tell them to do the fighting !

They are TWO faced when they need to put up or shut up !

Just because ISIS are of the same Sunni Party…so what ?

ISIS will turn on Turkey when it suits them !

ISLAM is not a Religion its a GOVERNMENT masquerading as a Religion.

When ISIS turns on Turkey they will find out how much of a Religion it really is and how much a Government it really is …when its too late !


Ororeef @ 14:39

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:41 on October 24, 2014  

Roger that Ororeef. Don’t forget gov’t and gov’t vendor employment. That’s all welfare too. They don’t pay any taxes. They are tax absorbers. I would lay off put all the unneeded employees on welfare and food stamps. They’ll get paid a LOT less. We’ll save money.

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