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Nazis Vs Comms How to Fix it ..a good place to start !

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:21 on February 24, 2015  

Oblabla refuses to see the Perpetual War Monger from Israel  so he can pursue his own Perpetual war against America  ..NICE !   So this is what its come to  …

Maybe if we could concentrate them all in one place they might just kill each other and leave the rest of us alone !

Problem is these days its hard to tell the difference between the Fascists and the Communists Both are enemies of America as the Founders designed it ..

Both believe in Central Gubberment concentrated Power at the Top ..but..but suddenly there’s another kid on the Block that thinks combining Religion and Gubberment is even more Powerful ….so we have another potential threat to America ..Three enemies  at the Gate ..all jealous of prosperity among the citizenry and all aim to destroy that like the Fatted Calf  ready for the barbecue  ..It is coming time for a Fortress America  with a Buffer Zone beyond Canada in the North ,Caribbean in the South ,midway between Atlantic & Pacific Oceans ..Reinforce those Borders ,Halt  immigration of anybody or group that derides America’s freedoms, in any way criticizes its freedoms or demands it do more to aid the rest of the World that refuses to de Centralize Power in their original homelands.

Requests for help should be met by supplying arms to those that are willing to go back to these places and fix the problems they immigrate from….

Give them a COPY of the Constitution and a biography of each of the Founders and tell them call us when they have implemented  the aforementioned.

Refuse admission to all that want to remake America in the image of where they ran away from .Carefully consider those willing to abandon all ties and Passports from countries of origin, abolish DUEL Passports completely .Impose an official English language requirement to be met and taught in our schools. Admit to our colleges foreigners that have a economic sponsor  and a commitment of a job upon graduation followed by all the above requirements for citizenry  including an allegiance pledge in writing or a return ticket .

All should sign a document acknowledging separation of church and state and sign a pledge of allegiance  to America  under penalty of deportation .

Install Term limits ,abolish corporate Lobbying ,Corporations are NOT citizens ..they have no votes,no constitutional rights,they are creatures created by the several States and are subject to individual State Law which is above Federal Law since States created them they can  never be above their creator.

It can be fixed ! The Constitution is not a living document ,its a written document ,changed only by constitution rules .

They did it right the First TIME ,it don’t need fixen …99.99% of us are not smart enough to change it for the better …WE cant even implement it correctly..

The Founders did NOT give us a Democracy ,a form of MOB rule ,but a Constitutional Republic ,with a BILL of Rights .   READ IT !    Your going to be tested    sooner than you think..

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