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Gold $250/oz In 2001 and Today Its $2,126

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:59 on March 4, 2024  

If you bought 1000 ozs at $250/oz or $250,000 total, today you would have $2,125,000.

On February 14, Gold Bottomed at $2000 intra day.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:53 on March 4, 2024  

We’ll probably never see it below $2000 ever again. Unless the idiots raise rates to 10% plus.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:01 on February 15, 2024   -edit-

@Buygold re your 20:45 It could be a bottom but where will it go?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:42 on January 24, 2024   -edit-

I don’t think Silver is the key anymore. Its been lagging gold a long time. If anything, I think gold going higher will drag silver up.

Re your “we’ve been on lockdown for the last 13 years” that trend bottomed in early 2016, and I called it back then at $1160.  The next bottom $1622 I called it was around Oct 2022. The most recent low was around $1845 in September October. and I called that bottom too.

And that break out to $2150, convinced me Gold will continue higher above $2100 and we’ll probably never see it below $2000 ever again. Unless the idiots raise rates to 10% plus.


Ipso 14:29

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:17 on March 4, 2024  

Yep on keeping him away from climate change lol

This new phone can be a challenge trying to post things on here even more so. Sometimes more options is too much or how they go about it.

Yeah I thought about the jab too. They didn’t look homeless but if they were it’s unlikely they took the jab or that one anyways. With that Fentanyl is a fast acting jab. Have you ever seen so many deaths from any form of drugs out there in your life? There’s a time if people were selling lethal doses or laced with something that wasn’t supposed to be there in pill or powder they

” the street” would go after and even kill these people selling it and or making it. Also where is public notice, commercials etc all warning young people of the tainted drugs circulating on the streets. I also fear that people within the government are in on this killing field.

Arming your mind and heart in times of darkness helps

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:58 on March 4, 2024  

Never before has there been such a manifestation of darkness on Earth. And it will get even darker for a short time yet. The darkness will try to extinguish your light through despair. Don’t give in to it.

There is a purpose for the darkness that is being allowed: it makes people cry out for the light. They start looking for truth again. They begin to realize they are lost without the light.

That is why it is necessary for darkness to flood the world for a time. Otherwise, humanity would never come to change, as no one would realize the value of the light. Then everyone would think they can live without truth, without consequences.

This period of darkness will result in a final reversal on Earth. A reversal that will change everything. The forces of evil think they are going to win. They do not realize they have already lost.

Keep your heart and soul focused on truth. Do not be distracted. Have great hope and expectation.

Even if you don’t see it yet. Even if everything seems to be only evil. Don’t be oppressed by this, for humanity is waking up through the pressure. It will take some time yet. Nothing goes as fast as we would like. It will still be fierce. Evil will still try to win the battle. And a desperate enemy is the most dangerous. But hold on to courage.

Keep your eyes on the future. The light has already won. The serpent has already been defeated. You will see it eventually.

This is a time of great pressure. And the pressure will become even more intense. But you will come out of it a much better person. You will see. The superficiality you once concerned yourself with has fallen away. Now you realize the value of things in your life. You will invest more into that, which is really important. This will bring much more happiness.

Behold the future. Realize that humanity is on the doorstep of the greatest upheaval of all time. It will not go the way you think. It will be more difficult than you would like. But it is only temporary. The sun will break through and a new day will dawn. Keep that in mind. Encourage each other with that.

We must unmask all that is evil. Bring everything to light. Rip the veil away from people. Open their eyes with every resource we have. Shout it from the rooftops. Refuse to be silenced.

Everything must be exposed. Everything must come to light. Everything must come out. Nothing must remain hidden.

But be careful that it does not destroy you. Revealing evil can have a negative effect on us. So do it with the understanding that you are like a surgeon saving a dying patient. You cut open the body and the terrible cancerous tumors become visible. That is a horrible sight. So is exposing evil. It is horrible.

But know that in this way you are joining with all the surgeons all over the earth, who are all revealing truth, to remove cancerous tumors from humanity.

So don’t be discouraged. Enjoy all that is beautiful. Enjoy your loved ones. Enjoy nature. Enjoy the life you have been given. Enjoy everything that makes you happy. Enjoy each day to the fullest. Bike, walk, get out and about – without getting annoyed by what is still so wrong right now. Like the unnatural clouds in the sky. Enjoy nature anyway. Ignore the evil.

This is how we can endure. We can unmask evil, yet not let it depress us. So keep your head up, for the future is so bright. You have no idea.

It is hard for people to find hope for the future right now. Everything is so unreal. It’s all but impossible to see a world without this heavy pressure of darkness. You can’t imagine it. Yet it will come.

We must discipline ourselves into dreaming of a better world. We must train ourselves to be positive and hopeful. It’s a discipline. Something we have to teach ourselves. But it is so worth the effort.

The future is beautiful. Hold onto that.
By David Sorensen


Posted by old-timer @ 14:55 on March 4, 2024  

All the talk and action around bitcoin.

Well, I do not have the smarts to figure out how/where to buy, and the wallet thing, so I bought some FBTC.

It’s in my IRA, so it’s money I’ve already written off.

When I took my RMD, I made the bitcoin eft purchase.

Hope I’m not treated as a heretic, but my miners and Sprout funds…well you all know those stories.

We shall see what happens to bitcoin now!

Wanna bet it drops. bigtime? LOL

goldielocks @ 13:25

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:29 on March 4, 2024  

Kennedy would be a great choice for the Health field … just keep him away from supposed global warming … LOL

That sucks about the taxi passenger! I don’t imagine taking the jab helped addicts much either …

Old-timer, silverngold

Posted by Buygold @ 14:05 on March 4, 2024  

old-timer – I promise you he has not forgotten us. I can’t say that this country won’t experience some serious wrath though, because I do think we will. Especially if we withdraw our support from Israel.

silverngold – yep, what happens to the Bitcoin wallets when they pull the plug? I still don’t understand or trust it, just seems like one of those things that you don’t want to be the last man out of. I know the younger generation loves it and being a crypto trader is all the new rave. You and I can keep our heavy old silver coins brother. I hope it is finally our time.

Buygold @ 9:01 You asked is it possible we’ll get follow thru in the PM’s?

Posted by silverngold @ 13:55 on March 4, 2024  

My answer is, only if they put so much lipstick on the Bitcoin pig nobody will bother to look and the beautiful silver and gold Snow White and Cinderella… and that is what they are doing! All I can say is I bet I can find my silver and gold coins when the lights go out a lot faster and easier than people can find their Bitcoin wallets. LOL!!  All The Best From Silverngold my friend and Brother.

Ipso 12:52

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:25 on March 4, 2024  

Trump really needs to put Kennedy in a position concerning health. We need someone watching that section like him.

Yesterday three medical issues came to me, two by text almost the same time. One was someone who earns part time money doing Lyft. She knows the area like the back of her hand better than directions concerning traffic and shortcuts, so easy for her. She told me yesterday that  something odd just happened. I asked what thinking about her safety. She was driving 2 young people who looked like they were in there 20s and seemed nice enough but under the influence of something. All of a sudden the guy started going unresponsive and breathing changed and she heard what she described as death rattles. She pulled over and call for a ambulance. The girl with him apparently didn’t know CPR so by the time the paramedics got there pulled him out of the car and tried to revive him it was too late. Chalk another one up for the drug cartels. It’s also a shame it was witnessed but no one knew what to do. At the same time if fentanyl or something in powder form it could possibly kill someone doing CPR without a breathing mask if one policeman went down just being close to a person who overdosed.

My question is are they over dosing on one dose of something or being murdered.


Wow … nicely over $2100 now

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:55 on March 4, 2024  


It’s a captured system

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:52 on March 4, 2024  


Posted by old-timer @ 12:01 on March 4, 2024  

James Kunstler has a pretty good wrap-up of where we are,

he thinks secession is the only way out.

Train pic there to start!

The Five FUBARs

@ Buygold…

Posted by old-timer @ 12:00 on March 4, 2024  

Yes, I did watch that Kahn video. It’s all very disturbing.

Still, I trust that Jesus has not forgotten us.

A million miles to go

Posted by Buygold @ 11:32 on March 4, 2024  

But at least we have some hope with the new highs in gold. Silver getting pulled up nicely. HUI right along with it.

Can only hope this is just the beginning.

edit: NVDA is certainly not ready to rollover, but when it finally does, I expect these markets to get really ugly. Hopefully then, gold and silver will really shine.

Would be nice to see some 5-6% up days that went on for weeks like Bitcoin.

I bask in the green glow … Graddhy

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:41 on March 4, 2024  

Supreme Court rules Trump should be on the ballot in Colorado

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:05 on March 4, 2024  

per bubblevision

amals @ 20:18 re: Moriarty scammed

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:15 on March 4, 2024  

I agree. It’s a real minefield out there! Even with the majors nothing is certain or risk free. Look at what happened to SSRM recently.

Will risk be rewarded? Stay tuned …

News is somewhat less complete today

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:11 on March 4, 2024  

Thesis Gold Inc. Completes Vertical Short-Form Amalgamation with Wholly-Owned Subsidiary


Harmony Gold Mining First Half 2024 Earnings: EPS: R9.56 (vs R2.98 in 1H 2023


Dennis Bristow Bought 1.6% More Shares In Barrick Gold


Pan American Silver Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid


Rupert Resources Reports New Results From Winter Drilling Campaign Including 16G/T Over 25M at Heinä South and Extension to Mineralisation at Ikkari




Galantas Gold Announces Sampling Program for Gairloch Gold-Bearing VMS Project in Scotland, in Collaboration With University of Edinburgh


New Found Receives Initial 3-D Seismic Interpretation, Initiates Deep Drilling at Queensway


Probe Gold Announces Acquisition of the Beaufor and McKenzie Break Properties in Val-d’Or, Quebec


Eloro Resources Amends Payment Schedule for Iska Iska Silver-Tin Polymetallic Project, Potosi Department, Bolivia


West Red Lake Gold Intersects 25.12 g/t Au over 5.5m, 39.46 g/t Au over 2m and 18.60 g/t Au over 4m at South Austin Zone – Madsen Mine


Puma Announces a Creative Deal to Unlock Value of its Assets in New Brunswick


Goliath’s Updated Model Confirms Six New Gold Veins for a Total of 10 Demonstrates Increased Tonnage Potential at Surebet Discovery on Golddigger Property, Golden Triangle, British Columbia




Labrador Gold Intersects 10.63g/t Au Over 5.9 Metres at Big Vein, Includes 46.72g/t Au Over 1 Meter


Lion One Provides Update on Tuvatu Operations in Fiji


Turmalina Arranges $1.5 Million Financing


Mundoro Marks a Transformative 2023 and Outlook for 2024


Newmont Announces Offering of Notes to Repay Outstanding Borrowings Under Revolving Credit Facility


Ashley Gold signs LOI to Acquire Advanced Utah Uranium – Vanadium Asset


ArcWest Provides Exploration Update on 2023 Todd Creek Program, Funded by Freeport-McMoRan Mineral Properties Canada Inc.


Tower Resources Renews 5-Year Permit and Unveils Future Drill Plan at Rabbit North


Founders Metals Attends PDAC Core Shack and Intercepts Gold Vein at Froyo


Strategic Metals Options 11 Tombstone Gold Belt Projects, Yukon


Dixie Gold Inc. Initiates Lawsuit Against Omnia Metals Group Ltd., Provides Related Notice to Market Regarding Takeover Transaction


Elemental Altus Royalties Announces Record 2023 and Q4 Revenue, Beating Top End of Guidance


Austin Gold Provides Update on Initial Drilling Program at Stockade Mountain Project


EGR Exploration Announces TSXV Approval of Option to Sell Urban Barry Property to Harvest Gold


GoldHaven Enters Exclusive Due Diligence Agreement


Outcrop Silver Announces $3 Million Public Offering of Units


Benjamin Hill Mining Corp. Announces Private Placement of Units


Osisko Development Secures US$50 Million Funding to Commence Underground Development at Cariboo Gold Project


Volcanic Gold update on drilling at Mila Gold Discovery, Guatemala


Luca Mining Reports Record Production at Tahuehueto, Consistent Positive Operating Cash Flow Achieved at Campo Morado, Management Updates and Retention of Market Maker


Talisker Intersects 129.99 g/t Au over 2.00 Metres from the Bralorne Gold Project Resource Conversion Program


Magna Mining Announces the Filing of the Amended Crean Hill Closure Plan


Monarch Sells Mining Assets to Probe Gold and Bullrun


Meridian Drills High-Grade Zone Grading 11.3m @ 3.7g/t AuEq at Santa Helena.


Jaguar Mining Provides Positive Results from Its 2023 Exploration Program


Is it possible we’ll get follow thru?

Posted by Buygold @ 9:01 on March 4, 2024  

Starting to strengthen a little even as the dollar is flat.

NVDA is making new all-time highs in the premarket, last closing high was around $823, but the QQQ’s are shaky and the DOW is struggling. Dare I say it, if NVDA finally reverses, the whole SM is in trouble IMHO.

What will pm’s and their shares do if the SM slips? Something to watch, because it could be the beginning of the great unraveling. Who knows?

Morning old-timer

Posted by Buygold @ 8:07 on March 4, 2024  

You said: “But, I listen to it because I really do believe that it will take Divine Intervention to clear the mess we are living in.”

I couldn’t agree more, and it is coming. I’m not sure whether pm’s will even matter all that much when it comes. We are approaching a time that the Bible talks about more than any other topic in both the Old and New Testaments. Folks can scoff if they want, I get it.

The information/message is there for anyone that has eyes to see. I have spent the last six months studying with the aid of biblical scholars – Missler, Heiser, Lennox and it is nothing short of astonishing the level of prophecy that has and is taking place.

People throughout history thought that the end was nigh, certainly those who lived through WWI & WWII must have thought so. I might have too if I’d been there, but these times could not take place until Israel became a nation again. They really are the key, and yet, most of them don’t even know it.

I would challenge anyone to watch the video from Jonathan Cahn that silverngold posted a week ago. If you think God isn’t around and paying attention, watch what happens to the statue and let me know what you think the odds are that it could happen at that time, in that way, with the rods surrounding it. The first event he shows about the guy in the Turkish parliament is better known, the second of the statue – not so much. I find it sad that less than a million people have seen this, here it is again.

If you’re a science guy, look up the asteroid “Apophis” NASA has discussed it. If their calculations are off just a small amount…. The wisdom of men, such foolishness.


Posted by Maddog @ 5:13 on March 4, 2024  

As long as Pols like Shittforbrains keep getting elected we have serious problems…we have creatures like him….no-one sane shud vote for such people….they are so obviously only in it for themselves and will do and say anything to keep power…

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:13 on March 4, 2024  




Posted by old-timer @ 21:00 on March 3, 2024  

Posting a link to Greg Hunter interview with Bo Polny.

Not really sure about everything said/discussed.

But, I listen to it because I really do believe that it will take Divine Intervention to clear the mess we are living in.

BRICS Will Devastate US Dollar & Economy – Bo Polny

ipso: Moriarty scammed

Posted by amals @ 20:18 on March 3, 2024  

That’s discouraging. If someone as knowledgeable and experienced as he is can be taken for a ride, what chance do we everyday investors have? It’s even more of a crap shoot than we expected when we bought in.


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:42 on March 3, 2024  

We got a Republican going against shifty eyed Schift. All they say is to let a Democrat area know he lied in Congress. That’s kinda useless. Do Demoncrats care if he lied against a Republican? I doubt it. Repubs might but not demos. They need to talk about the economy, the wars and the mess they made and Schift is not only a compulsive liar but voted and  was part of this mess and will continue to be voting for the problems they created.






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