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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:25 on October 25, 2014  

Your MMS, good for you in figuring that out. Lol But think it is best used when first exposed to this virus or first show symptoms as well as maybe a bath infused with borax. One of the first symptoms would be fever   And can be masked as a flu coming on. After which you might be too horribly sick to do anything like that and would probably throw it up anyways.


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:05 on October 25, 2014  

American Indians didn’t have a lot of the health problems they do now after adopting processed foods in their diets from diabetes to heart attacks. Too much weight on the midline isn’t good for anyone nor the arteries they compress that deliver oxygen to vital organs like the heart. Sugar can bring your blood sugar up and then wear out your pancreas where in the Islets of Langerhans delivers the insulin to create homeostasis and get rid of it that can cause wear and tear and at time cause low blood sugar  many nurses can get running and not eating right so can grab more sugar. These days so much processed food turn into sugar or have sugar in it. That’s why drinks substituting sugar like juice with something like wheat grass instead can be a real nutritional pick up. It’s good to replace too much sugar from the diet but also processed foods like white flour and MSG laden foods. Hard for nurses on the run unless pre made but to be conscious of what is in moderation. A lot of people don’t even realize how many calories and sugars they get from this when passing by the kitchen or fast food driving around. They have a hard time not deviating from certain food sources and tend to add to it and a big part of the problem is their blood sugar being driven up then crashes then needs more to counter act the crash which can be life threatening. A vicious circle.

Buygold 21:04

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:43 on October 25, 2014  

They want a fiat system so they can track and control everything. They are becoming Marxist parasites. They don’t like gold because they can’t get their hands on it physically and why they want to eliminate cash to all digital. I know someone with kids who went through a divorce a few years ago. This last Friday she checks her balance after someone already got into her account and wiped her out they still haven’t settled yet after taking a vacation and someone getting a hold of her number. Anyways checked her account and the money in her checking gone. She thought it was another theft called the bank found it was the Tax board. Turns out her husband owed money for this and that and since they were still married then they took it from her without warning. They looked in his account saw nothing looked in hers saw funds so just took them. I warned her before to keep cash on hand the way things are so she says she will now. They hate gold for the same reason. If they can eliminate all cash they can control everything including if your children eat or not.

you will never guess

Posted by puptent @ 22:20 on October 25, 2014  

Silverngold @ 14:42….Maya @ 14:47

Posted by Moggy @ 21:10 on October 25, 2014  

@ Sng…It doesn’t sound as though your Silver Gen makes Nano Silver and I don’t know if regular colloidal silver goes beyond being a bacterial fighter.  For myself, I shall order the Nano Silver from Sovereign Silver.  I already have in my possession colloidal silver, 500 ppm, but do not have faith that it is capable of handling a virus.  I’ve already begun my daily intake of Elderberry Concentrate to ward off any viruses.

@ Maya…Apparently there is an important difference between colloidal silver and nano silver and it can’t hurt to have both on hand.  Last year I threw my $50 worth of MMS down the sink and tossed the bottles in the garbage.  I just didn’t feel comfortable with the stuff.  Don’t scream, lol.


Posted by Buygold @ 21:04 on October 25, 2014  

I also believe what the old scientist had to say before his death.

Then you said, “I believe every word the old scientist had to say, including the US working with Russia and China to develop the antigravity technology. I think our governments are best buds behind the scenes but have to put on the “enemy act” with the public to keep the war machines going”

I’m not sure I disagree with that either. The question then becomes, will gold ever be a part of the fiat system if all the govt’s are in this thing together? Are they all in cahoots with the fiat system? If so, that leaves pm’s dead to rights. No?

Maya @ 18:53

Posted by silverngold @ 19:48 on October 25, 2014  

You’re welcome about the 11 part cancer series. It is very encouraging and supportive to hear many of these doctors mention very similar protocols as well as very different ones to address the raging cancer pandemic we have in North America due primarily to our diet. I watched their first series in the spring and concluded that one of the biggest contributors to getting cancer is sugar. I procrastinated for probably a month before I bit the bullet and cut out as much sugar from my diet as I could. Not a voluntary grain crossed my lips from the time I made that decision. The hardest for me was cutting out apple pie and ice cream but my marriage survived and my wife developed some apple pie recipe’s using other natural sweeteners like organic sugarcane which was acceptable, but the ice cream is off the list. Now in this last series they further explain that NATURAL sugars are not harmful in moderation since cancer does not readily feed on them. Things like pure maple syrup and natural sugars from fruits are ok, but beware of any of the aspartame type artificial sweeteners which are actually poison. Anyway, my point was that in doing nothing different than cutting out the sugar as much as possible my body and digestive system made radical changes for the better. I’ve always had irritable bowel syndrome up until dropping the sugar from my diet. Now all that has disappeared and no more issues with daily BM’s which are now as regular as clockwork. (enough details lol).

Thanks for your MMS protocol. I was never able to progress to over 8-10 drops per day. Yeah, 5 drops might work if spaced over 24 hours. That’s a good thought to follow up with a glass of water too. Anyway, in a life and death situation we can all do things we couldn’t do otherwise, so I have saved my MMS for just such occasion and hope I never have to take it. (grin).

All The Best,      Silverngold

Buygold @10:12 – Jim Willy

Posted by commish @ 19:41 on October 25, 2014  

That interview is new.  He mentions briefly the banker who took a dive out of the 23rd floor window.

silverngold @ 15:20 MMS

Posted by Maya @ 18:53 on October 25, 2014  

I used to advocate taking a large dose… 10-15 drops of MMS to knock out disease.  The trouble here is that it sometimes results in a toxic-shock from the massive die-off that happens. A lot of pathogens in the liver get dumped suddenly.   It is a very difficult experience for the patient and results in a fever spike and break.  Not to mention the potential vomiting that happens if you have a lot of stomach toxins also.   Jim Humble’s latest edition of his manual advocates multiple, smaller doses as easier on the patient and probably more effective.

Yes, I too get the ‘shudders’ when I have to take a dose. I have had the vomit response to even a brief whiff through the nose, and just the recollection of it gives me a shudder.   I limit my dosage now to 5 drops as about the strongest I can easily tolerate.  I only take it at the first sign of what might be a viral infection, and taken early enough it is usually effective.  If I am still feeling poorly the next day, I will take another 5 drop dose on the second day.   Keep in mind that the effectiveness of a dose only lasts for about two hours to do it’s job.  In the case of an ebola infection I would try my best to get three 5-drop doses over the day, and then counter all that with massive Lipo-C infusions in the evening and overnight.

Juice works OK in an emergency, but now I got some citric acid I mixed up as an activator.  It’s very strong and effective.  After the 3 minute activation period of the prescribed few drops, you get a powerful concentrated greenish liquid that smells horrid… do not sniff!    I dilute that with about  4 ounces of water and close my nose and chug it.  The citric acid tastes sour like lemon juice.   Then I chug more water to wash it down and dilute it in the stomach even more so it doesn’t feel like a lead sinker in the stomach.   A mild bloat feeling is the worst I get now.  All the while breathing through my mouth.   After all this I usually gargle with some listerine to get the taste out of my mouth and nasal cavity.  That does a lot to calm the ‘shudder memory’.

BTW – Thanks for the 11-part Cancer Series.  Listening to it now, and will order the DVD set.  Great information, and the essence of how allopathic “Business Medicine” does not work and natural cures DO work!  Thanks again!

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 18:30 on October 25, 2014  

Are we to believe all the banker deaths are suicide? I don’t remember a single accusation after the deaths. Could there be that many “non-assisted”suicides? It appears the “loose ends” are being eliminated mafia style.


A little Native American Common Sense

Posted by silverngold @ 16:32 on October 25, 2014  

Someone please explain to me


Posted by silverngold @ 15:33 on October 25, 2014  

I believe every word the old scientist had to say, including the US working with Russia and China to develop the antigravity technology. I think our governments are best buds behind the scenes but have to put on the “enemy act” with the public to keep the war machines going. We’ve got to have an enemy to fear and hate, otherwise we wouldn’t go out and fight and die and kill each other so the governments and big business could control and manipulate us. All we are is a bunch of mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed a lot of shit!!

I hope more people will watch the video interview in the article you presented.     Silverngold


Posted by silverngold @ 15:20 on October 25, 2014  

I still have two bottles of MMS handy if the need arises. I did take MMS for awhile but even thinking about taking it makes me SHUDDER!!  LOL!!! I tried Jim Humbles protocol of starting with a little and increasing the drops but found it was ruining my taste for whatever juice I mixed it into. I still have trouble enjoying apple juice today because of MMS. LOL!!!

So if you are taking it only when needed, how many drops of MMS are you taking, what are you mixing it with after activation, and how often are you taking it for it to be effective?? Thanks!!


Pay up you Brits! You love being in the EU doncha! And that’s that!

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:18 on October 25, 2014  

Europe expects the UK to pay an extra £1.7bn towards the EU budget “and that’s that”, a vice president of the European Parliament has said.

Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, a German MEP, said the EU would be “exasperated” if the UK tried to avoid payment.

On Friday David Cameron said the EU had “another think coming” if it thought Britain would pay the bill by the 1 December deadline.

The EU demanded the extra amount because of growth in the UK economy.

Mr Lambsdorff told the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 that “everybody has to pay their dues”.


Health Nutz

Posted by Maya @ 14:47 on October 25, 2014  

Wanka –  I agree with R640.  Wheatgrass is a ‘superfood’ with multiple health benefits.   Good nutrition is the basis of good health.

Goldilocks – Yeah, my MMS… ‘bleach stuff’ is very effective on viral infections.  From personal experience.  I stopped a flu infection on day two.. dead in it’s tracks.  Went from the full body aches and fever, took a dose of MMS, and slept it off.  The next day I was completely well again.  Most amazing and fast recovery ever.   I had previously experienced the TAMIFLU drug also, which seemed to help shorten the flu to a 3-4 day affair if taken immediately, but the MMS was much more powerful and faster.

The MMS is more than just a ‘chlorine’ dose.  It is an oxygen compound that triggers against an acidified, diseased cell.  The Chlorine DiOxide molecule literally explodes there and ionizes the diseased cell and viruses… rips them apart so no further reproduction is possible.  The breakdown products are oxygen (which the body uses) and chloric acid, which is taken up by white blood cells and ‘arms’ them.  White blood cells normally use chloric acid to kill the pathogens that they engulf.  So the MMS not only acts directly to kill disease pathogens, it also recharges the white blood cells to continue the mop-up operations afterward.  This can be important in an Ebola infection, because the Ebola virus binds to white blood cells (among others) and decimates them, making normal recovery difficult for the body.

Moggy –  THANK YOU!  That is absolutely the first study I have ever seen supporting the use of colloidal nano silver against viruses.  This is a completely different mechanism than what silver does to a bacteria.  On a virus it clogs the receptors on the surface, preventing the virus from attaching to a cell to infect it.   The only caveat I see here is that the silver nano particles must be VERY SMALL to be effective in this way.   Most home-made colloidal silver generators rip fairly large chunks of silver away electrolytically and would not be very effective against viruses (viri?).   I would certainly go for a commercial silver product that had been tested and proven to contain a large amount of the very tiny nano particles required for this action.

Moggy @ 13:54

Posted by silverngold @ 14:42 on October 25, 2014  

Hi Moggy,

I assume you mean do I buy my CS from them. No, I use my own commercial machine I purchased from SilverGen in Washington State many years ago. It will make 5 gallons at a time. I originally bought their smaller CS machine that only makes about 1 quart at a time, but found I was often asked to make it for others so gave my small machine to a needy couple and purchased the large unit.    Silverngold


Among several other reasons, two other factors give me encouragement to continue

Posted by Equisetum @ 13:54 on October 25, 2014  

using any spare fiat to purchase more physical gold and silver.  One factor is that Canada is showing confidence in the future international trade role of the yuan by taking steps to have Canada become  one of several distribution hubs for the yuan.  The other factor is the gradual and continuing expansion of Chinese ownership of assets in North America including, according to the Willie opinion on his recent Jackass item, a tiny  foothold of Chinese ownership in the Federal Reserve itself.  I need to learn more about the latter topic to determine its validity and relevance.

Until I learn more, I generally am comfortable with the working hypothesis that if accumulating physical gold and silver is good enough for China and the other BRIC jurisdictions then the same objective should be good enough for me.  At the moment, I cannot readily think of a more useful guideline for protection of capital.

Best of wishes to all accumulators of physical silver and physical gold.    Equiz


Silverngold @ 20:24 Oct. 24th….Maya

Posted by Moggy @ 13:54 on October 25, 2014  

@ SnG….Good information.  Do you use the product from Natural Solutions?


@ Maya….From a study done on CS you may be misinformed.

Silver Kills Viruses, Study Finds

By Syeda Z. Hamdani; ©2005 PhysOrg.com

Tuesday, October 18, 2005 – FreeMarketNews.com

In a groundbreaking study, the Journal of Nanotechnology has published a study that found silver nanoparticles kills HIV-1 and is likely to kill virtually any other virus. The study, which was conducted by the University of Texas and Mexico University, is the first medical study to ever explore the benefits of silver nanoparticles, according to Physorg.



Goldman and Blackstone buying up property’s and throwing the poor and struggling family’s out on the streets.

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:53 on October 25, 2014  

Raising the rents so high it takes all their income or beyond to pay the rent after telling them their rents won’t be changed when they bought them.theres another enemy people must watch that of corporate greed with no morals. Hit people with no where to go and force them to pay or else.corporate Marxism.



Posted by goldielocks @ 13:41 on October 25, 2014  

I’m just wondering if your chlorine concoction would help this Ebola virus since it doesn’t like bleach. Many moons ago  I studied Chinese healing and the effects of yin and yang. Added to medical knowledge of things that are hospitable to bacteria which can be harder actually and viruses. As in a petri dish that is favorable to growth and things added as in cultures to see what’s not changing the yin or yang can have some effect on creating a environment or changing one to create a hostile environment for a invasive or opportunistic virus taking over. There also must be balance between what your own body can handle if you throw it out of homeostasis or balance without throwing it into too much shock. Not saying it shouldn’t be done alone with other help but in respect for virus it can help to a degree. I believe as it came to me at a time when I was exposed  to some deadly bugs including a serious exposure to Aids as well as universal precautions they call it today before there was precautions  it saved me from getting it when I probably should have. Anyways just wondering.

Wanka-Wheat grass juice is a superfood–we “heath nuts” do not wait for permission or confirmation by the medical establishment

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:40 on October 25, 2014  

we’ve know w-grass to be beneficial since the 1940s when Ann Wigmore promoted it–that said, there are few peer-review articles that are positive–I have found one


But screw the establishment–u can believe what the famous and excellent Hippocrates Institute has to say–except that they make just one false claim–wheat grass does not have b-12

Why Wheatgrass?
Wheatgrass juice is nature’s finest medicine. It is our signature elixir here at Hippocrates. It is a powerful concentrated liquid nutrient. Two ounces of wheatgrass juice has the nutritional equivalent of five pounds of the best raw organic vegetables. For example, wheatgrass as twice the amount of Vitatin A as carrots and is higher in Vitamin C than oranges! It contains the full spectrum of B vitamins, as well as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potas-sium in a balanced ratio. Wheatgrass is a complete source of protein, supplying all of the essential amino acids, and more. It has about 20% of total calories coming from protein. This protein is in the form of poly peptides, simpler and shorter chains of amino acids that the body uses more efficiently in the blood stream and tissues.

In addition to flooding the body with therapeutic dosages of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients, wheatgrass is also a powerful detoxifier, especially of the liver and blood. It helps neutralize toxins and environmental pollutants in the body. This is because Wheatgrass contains beneficial enzymes that help protect us from carcinogens, including Superoxide Disumates (SOD), that lessens the effects of radiation and digest toxins in the body. It cleanses the body from head to toe of any heavy metals, pollutants and other toxins that may be stored in the body’s tissues and organs.


The personal effect on these created wars

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:23 on October 25, 2014  

Young soldier from Canada unarmed at time of the gunman attacked the Canadian capital. He was a single father raising a 6 year old boy and rescued dogs. A pick of two dogs peaking through fence waiting for his return.


WANKA @ 11:19 Wheatgrass Juice

Posted by silverngold @ 12:20 on October 25, 2014  

I have read that wheatgrass juice is supposed to be one of the most nutritious and healing foods out there…..but…..I have no personal experience with it. Sorry!! From what I understand, it is very easy to grow, harvest, and juice, and I have never heard of anything harmful about it. It is mentioned on more than one occasion by the doctors in the Truth About Cancer series I posted earlier today.         Silverngold

Richard640 @ 10:59

Posted by silverngold @ 12:07 on October 25, 2014  

Thanks for your wisdom too. I hope your post makes it to the sidebar here for future reference. I agree, you are what you eat…..why so many people are sick.      Silverngold

molyminer @ 10:40

Posted by silverngold @ 11:59 on October 25, 2014  

I purchased them too. There are just too many people out there getting murdered by chemo and radiation so I wanted to have the series to loan to them. It is amazing that there are so many things that will cure cancer and they are being hushed up in every possible way by the establishment.

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