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My bet is Colorado voters are going to pass GMO labeling

Posted by eeos @ 23:42 on October 23, 2014  

there’s too many people that want GMO labels. There aren’t and bunch of fat arse soda drinking, kraft food hoarding, target and walmart grocery shoppers in this state. Everyone knows cheap meats and foods are brought to us by the Monsanto frankenstein wierdos. No thanks.

from twitter

Posted by eeos @ 23:15 on October 23, 2014  

Serious question. If Ebola man is sweating and paying cash,how long is virus active on paper money?

and more….

interesting that the small handful of Ebola cases in the US, the nurse from Dallas went on a cruise and NYC doc went on subway! Wtf? Remember the symptoms: fatigue, fever, irresistible urge to travel.”

“Self quarantine” = absolutely ridiculous

Next effing nitwit Dr. that brings Ebola back should be parachuted into Syria while he is vomitting.

and one more to put in your pipe and puff on: I personally think the CDC has no idea how the ebola virus is spread.

Ever wonder what space sounds like? Here’s the answer

Posted by eeos @ 22:59 on October 23, 2014  

Nasa Releases Sounds Recordings from Space


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:26 on October 23, 2014  

Back in the 1980’s, I had a commodity brokerage and feeder cattle were deliverable in Amarillo and Oklahoma City. My customers had hedged and planned to deliver their feeder cattle since the board was $2.00+ higher than the cash market. Someone was always doing a short squeeze on the March feeders so we started selling late in the trading month. We had 13 contracts hedged and the action heated up in the last week of trading . On the last day of trading, we had a total of 25 contracts on by the close. We had all the cattle in position on the first notice day.

i got a call from a dentist in New Jersey asking my what I thought I was doing. I thought maybe something was wrong with the cattle. He was really irate and wanted to know what his group was going yo do with 25 loads of cattle in Amarillo and Oklahoma City. I told him he bought them for some reason. Maybe he should confer with his group. Within 60 days, feeders went to cash settlement.


NYC Doctor has Ebola

Posted by Maya @ 22:21 on October 23, 2014  


New York City Doctor Confirmed Positive For Ebola, Girlfriend In Quarantine



Here is some important information about preparing for a pandemic:





Re Quantitative Easing

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:55 on October 23, 2014  

I’m wondering. If Quantitative Easing (fed buying bonds) was to push rates lower, and they backed off (decreased purchases) a few times, then why have rates been falling??

Is the natural market buying them? CNBC always implies the general stock market is scared stiff of the fed stopping Q-E and letting rates rise. But the 10 year yield 2.28% is lower.

Year to date:

What the hell did Yahoo do to the charting feature??

Canada seems to be recognizing reality by easing international trade using the yuan

Posted by Equisetum @ 20:15 on October 23, 2014  


drb2 @ 14:59 James Corbett

Posted by silverngold @ 19:12 on October 23, 2014  

Yes, I agree. IMO James Corbett’s only bias is toward the truth and telling it with clarity; a breath of fresh air in a polluted world. He’s one I try not to miss.     Silverngold


Posted by ipso facto @ 19:04 on October 23, 2014  

Jim Willie: Shanghai Shock to Shatter the Gold Market!


The look of horror

Posted by commish @ 18:59 on October 23, 2014  


Staying Long

Posted by Samb @ 16:16 on October 23, 2014  

Tripled my call options, Admit to being a nervous Nellie in here and money management just won’t allow me to go further long in here in this cycle. But, but, but…..We are still well off the low for this cycle and haven’t broken down yet…despite recent attempts to crash us. I think that pressure is now on the shorts. They have tried and failed.

Cattle are fine with me…I haven’t traded then since 1973

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:55 on October 23, 2014  

when I was long 25 contracts–and….my luck….cattle were lock limit down 5 days in a row-i lost 60Gs


Posted by molyminer @ 15:51 on October 23, 2014  

Maybe we should change to a cattle forum. Back in 2011 I decided to get back into running a few cows I bought about 50 head at 1300 a piece if I sold them at todays price I would get 2000 or better. My son-in-law sold some first calf replacement heifers for 2600. Calves weighing 600 lbs are going for 2.80 a lbs or 1680. meanwhile my gold and silver stocks aren’t worth much. Thinking about running more cattle.

JNUG just had a possible key reversal on double daily volume-up 3.4%–let’s see the close

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:09 on October 23, 2014  

@ Silverandgold – RE: James Corbett video

Posted by drb2 @ 14:59 on October 23, 2014  


Thanks for posting that James Corbett video.

Concise – and factual – that short interview was, hands down, the best summary of the Fed and money creation that I have ever seen.

That it was broadcast on RTv, not FOX, NBC, CNN is telling on its own terms.

Banksters. Bad Karma

Posted by commish @ 14:48 on October 23, 2014  

images (9)

Rigged mkts

Posted by Maddog @ 14:06 on October 23, 2014  

Back on the 8 October Hui went up @ 8 % on the day and put in a 6 day key reversal to the upside, all on massive volume….that used to be the kind of TA signal that you could bet the house on.

Tdy we took that low out, without even a small bounce first, that is not a real mkt tradeing, that is a rigged one.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:56 on October 23, 2014  

Those lawyers guess what you’d call predatory representing themselves not the client and were these exorbant fees acknowledged by the client and justified. Looks like the fee basis needs some reform too. So does auto correct on these darn cell phones.

Molyminer–Har! I’ve got a few myself….Wanka-those are a riot!

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:55 on October 23, 2014  


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:21 on October 23, 2014  

Not saying what the guy did was right nor police losing control of themselves over someone probably not worth it but that’s just as criminal.  Here in Calif there is a set percentage in what a lawyer can get and that’s it with a law suit. Things like that are the reason they put them in place.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:10 on October 23, 2014  

Do you think with current gov  I and others could get refugee status in another country claiming religious persecution?

James Corbett Breaks The Set On The Federal Reserve. 7+ minutes

Posted by silverngold @ 13:06 on October 23, 2014  


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:51 on October 23, 2014  

Here we can mail in our votes but then you have to wonder who’s doing the counting and what they’re smoking when their doing it.


Posted by molyminer @ 12:40 on October 23, 2014  

I’ve got one of those dead horses for sale, I would be willing to let it go for a bargen price.

I hate to be a nag and a pest, but c’mon, guys, when are we gonna convert this forum

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:14 on October 23, 2014  

to something else? I still think making fishing lures or duck decoy carving or ice fishing would be nice…not much point anymore in beating a dead horse-like gold–is there? Any suggestions?

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