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Zika the new bioweapon?

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:47 on January 31, 2016  

They have a vaccine ready, fast aren’t they.
This morning CBC’s Metro Morning program (to which I’ve just written) featured an interview with a tropical disease expert about the supposed risk to pregnant women from the mosquito-borne Zika virus (the danger being children born with microcephaly). Some quick research suggests the real culprit is not this decades-old low-impact virus at all, but rather a program of non-recommended injection of the Tdap vaccine directly into pregnant women. The explosion of thousands of microcephalic births PERFECTLY aligns with the time frame from when Brazil introduced the program last spring and when the babies started being born. This article lays out the science really well. Please share and please help stop Brazil’s disinformation campaign! (Can you imagine the liability the government there faces?) https://brazilianshrunkenheadbabies.wordpress.com/about/

The weaponized Zika Virus is the new HIV sexually transmitted disease, and it all started after Brazil mandated their version they made with GSK to force pregnant woman to get it starting in 2014, and by October 2015, there were over 4,000 babies with shrunken heads and brains. I am so upset they did this to the people of Brazil. This is biological warfare, and the U.S. Federal Laws allows it.


$516 for some zika virus a la the Rockefeller Foundation. It doesn’t say how many of them you get.
“The rapidly spreading Zika virus has sparked fear around the world, but has triggered hope for investors in biopharmaceutical companies.
Wall Street turned their attention towards Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc, GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi on Friday, following news that a vaccine for the Zika virus may be ready earlier than anticipated.
The three companies, which are leading the charge for finding a Zika treatment, became Friday’s largest market movers as their stocks climbed throughout the day.
By the close of trading on Friday, Inovio surged 15.6 percent to $6.68, Sanofi rose 1.7 percent to $41.64 and GlaxoSmithKline jumped 1.6 percent to $41.29.”
Alexa Davis, Forbes via Kei Be


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