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Posted by Maya @ 23:47 on July 26, 2014  

My apologies in advance to the Oasis readership, but I need to make this public. I am livid and seething with rage that needs to be vented… something of my Germanic heritage about drawing the line in black and white. I have years of experience as a condominium officer with legal ‘collective ownership’ issues.

WHEREAS: the poster “Fullgoldcrown” appears to be threatening legal action against certain named administrators and paid-up owners of the Goldtent and Posters Paradise site, and:

WHEREAS: the poster “Fullgoldcrown” appears to be claiming individual ownership rights as stated of :
1.) Intellectual Property rights
2.) Proprietary email lists
3.) certain computer server physical property

that I, the poster and individual known as “Maya”, am a paid-up contributor and co-owner of said property rights enumerated above, and dispute any whole individual property claims such as made by “Fullgoldcrown”

I HEREBY ASSERT that “Fullgoldcrown” was collectively nominated by me and other financial contributors to act as our proxy and fiduciary trustee to perform certain payments on behalf of the collective ownership of Goldtent and Posters Paradise, and such nomination does NOT constitute sole ownership of said property to any one individual.

Should “Fullgoldcrown” or other claimants choose to pursue this matter legally, I hereby assign my legal ownership claim proxy to the Oasis poster known as “Wanka”, to act as my legal representative and proxy in any such matter brought before him in a legal manner.
–Date stamped as of this public posting–

I am outraged! I had a much higher opinion of Fullgoldcrown before these true colors were exposed. Now… not so much.
I think I’ve covered all the bases, so this will be my last comment on the matter… unless and until legally compelled to testify further.


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.