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eeos @ 23:15 Agreed

Posted by silverngold @ 23:33 on October 30, 2014  

There will always be a few guns but in a covert operation where people are thinking “Ebola”, not “guns”, they will be caught off guard, or at least most of them will. Your illegal traitorous whitehouse criminal has made several attempts already and been unsuccessful. I’d say if it happens it will be like this, a back door approach in a lockdown situation where unless you hid them beforehand it will be too late.

Like they say, just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me. LOL!!!  Silverngold

A profound, brutally frank, and honest overview of gold and perma-bullish gold gurus.

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:29 on October 30, 2014  

Complimentary eLetter from Biiwii.com &NFTRH.com

Precious Metals

Here is a sore spot for me. Back when the sector was in a bull market it used to irk me the degree to which certain guru-like personalities were elevated to near deity status by many gold bulls. Simply because they had the highest pulpit or loudest bull horn.

Well, that condition is being cured and this is what a bear market does; it throws out the charlatans. On that note, I want to highlight two excerpts from NFTRH 314 in which I suppose I got a little hot under the collar, because despite 3 years of a bear market somehow a headline as ill-conceived as ‘An Ebola Armageddon Could Trigger a Rebirth in Gold and Silver Prices’ appeared last week.

To be clear, I am not calling Eric Sprott a charlatan, but I am saying that he somehow had a major lapse of judgement allowing the Gold Report to so-title his views.

As suspected, the sector had not been cleaned out yet as today’s hard down proved.

Few words are necessary for the above. Words are only necessary for sponsors of these items who need to rationalize for their followers. I continue to sleep soundly with gold (well, not literally) and continue to realize that these things are no good right now to people interested in pricing as opposed to value or insurance.

If that changes on Monday I’d be thrilled because it would mean that an honest light was being shone on the system (at least as pertains to gold, as a money alternative or value anchor). When ever it does happen we will manage it accordingly. But there will be no clicking the heels of our ruby slippers! Until then this is what it is, especially silver.

Pertaining to the Eric Sprott thing above, here is an atypically emotional response from the Market Sentiment segment…

Speaking of mindsets (there’s a pun in there you might recognize if you are familiar with the gold “community”), I want to transition the sentiment view to the gold sector and highlight the most frightening thing I have seen to date (for gold bulls this Halloween) in the bear market. It is a fright mask in the likeness of Eric Sprott by way of the Gold Report. The title?

An Ebola Armageddon Could Trigger a Rebirth in Gold and Silver Prices

“Could an infectious disease kill the monster that has been choking gold and silver prices for more than a year? On the heels of a lively Sprott Precious Metals Roundtable discussion, The Gold Report caught up with investor Eric Sprott to ask how a tragedy in Africa could impact the price of precious metals and mining stocks. We also spoke to his Executive Vice President of Corporate Development John Ciampaglia about a new way to gain exposure to gold.”

This is the most bearish thing that has come out of a bear market filled with contrary indicators who have refused to give up. Eric Sprott and his Corporate Development guy have latched on to the latest headline maker and found a way to fit gold into the equation.

Admittedly, they go at it from a rational supply/demand perspective (with African mines affecting an already supposedly supply-constrained industry) as opposed to a simple ‘Ebola’s out there, buy gold!’ hysteria, but this very article betrays the nature of so many of the mouthpieces of the gold “community”.

Instead of talking about value, insurance and even the gold price’s ability to drop wildly amidst a risk ‘ON’ asset market atmosphere, they continue to pump a fear bid in hopes that finally, something bad happening in the world will get gold up off its ass and prove them right. The supply/demand (usually involving Indian Weddings, China Demand, etc.) argument has been rationalized every step of the way through the bear market and every step of the way it has kept the true believers (in gold’s price) in Palooka Ville.

What gold promoters don’t seem to realize is that people are not as stupid as they cynically think they are. That applies to the average gold bug who, though naïve and prone to bias reinforcement, I believe is grounded in the want for something better with respect to the monetary system and the society that springs from it.

When people pump a frightening infectious disease (using the word “Armageddon” in the title of an article) as a reason why gold’s price will rise or when a certain promoter who shall go unnamed continually writes in a way that implies he is always right while records show bullishness on gold and gold stocks (most often featuring the Modi, Indian Weddings angle) all the way down (he’s still at it, constantly) in the bear market, the implication is that the sector has not yet been cured of its own disease.

There are less of them now, at least less of them that are given media time as the ranks of people who have lifted them up and anointed them as gurus have thinned out. But the process is not yet complete. Happy Halloween.


Posted by eeos @ 23:15 on October 30, 2014  

this is a naive delusional paranoid dream to think they’ll ever try to confiscate weapons. how they can stop people that hide them? You can’t confiscate what you can’t see. not very plausible

treefrog @ 21:20

Posted by silverngold @ 22:51 on October 30, 2014  

Well, I hope you enjoy a steady diet of Mango’s. I believe the poster states the case very well. It does not say honeybees, it simply says bees. I agree there are a few other pollinators in the world but since bees do most of the work I would disagree that their loss is overstated. Einstein said if the bee dies off in 4 years the world dies off, or something very close to that statement.

Just wondering, do you work for a pesticide company?? LOL!!!   All The Best.    Silverngold

Surveyor @ 20:52

Posted by silverngold @ 22:40 on October 30, 2014  

Good Job!! It appears to me we are in the midst of another false flag event with the intent of scaring the hell out of the worlds population. I can think of a couple agenda’s  that would explain why. The most likely IMO would be mandatory vaccinations for Ebola with an untried and unproven vaccine designed to reduce the worlds population…..and the other is so Obama can declare Martial Law throughout the US, not for the purpose of finding Ebola victims but for the purpose of confiscating all the weapons in the US in one clean sweep but using the Ebola false flag as cover. I still see this image every time I hear his name.


Posted by eeos @ 22:13 on October 30, 2014  

“Whatever it is you’re seeking won’t come in the form you’re expecting.” 

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

silverngold, b.s. alert!

Posted by treefrog @ 21:20 on October 30, 2014  

your post about a world without bees is overstating a problem.  it claims that a world without honeybees would be a world without mangoes, presumably because the mangoes would not get pollinated.   not so.  honeybees are not a major pollinator of mangoes.  flies, butterflies, and many other insects take care of mangoes needs.  here a pair of lovebugs are pimping a cluster of mango blossoms


honeybees are a valuable, but not indispensible resource.  there are lots of other types of insects including other types of bees that could step into that ecological niche.  google “mason orchard bees.”  if you’re worried about the plants around you getting hooked up, you can even set up a breeding nest for orchard bees.


we have plenty of crises threatening our world.  most of them are blown way out of proportion to reality.  it sells newspapers (or banner ads at least).

remember, more americans have been married to kim kardashian than have died of ebola.

disclaimer:  please do not confuse the news with the truth.



Silverngold 19:11

Posted by Surveyor @ 20:52 on October 30, 2014  

Just to be sure I have sent that information to Governor Lepage.    I am sure it is just a coincidence that the so-called “nurse” is raising a fuss.  Her heroics would seem to be a bit compromised.


Posted by aurum @ 20:47 on October 30, 2014  

I realized I never answered your question about how I knew to go long grains a couple of weeks ago.  I would like to say “oh i knew this or that pointed to higher prices” but not so.  I just realized almost or all were on one side of the boat and I thought I would move to the other side of the boat.  Of course usually those on the other side are correct but sometimes they are not correct and when they are not correct because there are so many there they are incorrect in a big way.  It is like when we had an option trading company – sure most options lose money and most of ours were no exceptions.  But the winners were so big that they overwhelmed the larger number of relatively small losers.

So I guess you can say it was just lucky and it was.



For those of you who do not follow technicals regardless of the manipulation that always and continues to happen  – perhaps with better technology now so more effective –

Still the COT showed the heavy short position and the chart both with fibs and ewave counts showed a bounce at least so technicals did play a big role in my bet.

A bigger contrarian view is that we have seen a 4 year low in the grains and prices will amaze – in which case I missed a chance at a huge fortune.

truth of put call action

Posted by ment17 @ 20:23 on October 30, 2014  

the whole paper derivatives market is a Huge paper game … and according to a trusted source if their were no traders the GS game would still push gold down

and if their were no more traders in the gold’s GS would be bored as their would be no body to rape..

but that changes nothing in the gold derivatives paper game …

just more edge of the market to make the charts seem to work

THE Switzerland gold vote

Posted by ment17 @ 19:45 on October 30, 2014  

and pay pal blocks all money sent to create some much needed public exposure /

they froze the dang funds … some high pressure dealings here folks

A World Without Bees

Posted by silverngold @ 19:26 on October 30, 2014  

A WORLD WITHOUT BEES IS A WORLD WITHOUT: Apples, Mangos, Rambutan, Kiwi Fruit, Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, Guava, Rose Hips, Pomegranates, Pears, Black and Red Currants, Alfalfa, Okra, Strawberries, Onions, Cashews, Cactus, Prickly Pear, Apricots, Allspice, Avocados, Passion Fruit, Lima Beans, Kidney Beans, Adzuki Beans, Green Beans, Orchid Plants, Custard Apples, Cherries, Celery, Coffee, Walnut,... See More —

Are GMOs to Blame For Kids Bowel Disease? Alex Jones about 5 minutes

Posted by silverngold @ 19:22 on October 30, 2014  

Anti-quarantine nurse was trained as “intelligence officer” by CDC

Posted by silverngold @ 19:11 on October 30, 2014  

These dirty criminal bastards in the US Government are trying to either create an Ebola panic or an Ebola pandemic. You decide!!


(NaturalNews) Nurse Kaci Hickox, who has made headlines over the last few days by refusing to quarantine herself after returning from the Ebola front lines in Africa, turns out to have been trained as an “intelligence officer” under a two-year CDC program modeled after the U.S. military.

As you can see from the document below, Hickox graduated from a two-year CDC intelligence officer training program in 2012. This is the same nurse whose LinkedIn page was recently scrubbed to hide her ties to the CDC, an agency that stands to benefit tremendously in both political power and budgets if an Ebola outbreak sweeps across America.

The official intelligence designation granted to Nurse Hickox by the CDC was “Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer,” and she is a graduate of the 2012 EIS program according to this CDC document (PDF). (See page 138 – 139 for her name and photo, or view photo below.)

That same year, the CDC graduated 81 such “intelligence officers” whose names and photos are also listed in the public document.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/047444_Ebola_quarantine_Kaci_Hickox_intelligence_officer.html#ixzz3HflmUXEC

the new normal

Posted by ment17 @ 18:50 on October 30, 2014  

according to hook the gold market would scream higher but for the large specs betting on a up cycle in gold when it doesn’t happen they have to unload .. and the price blast down nothing to do with 7000 contracts dumped on the market in a ten minute time frame. Horse manure

the franchise of fiat needs to be protected even Russia has a hard time because of the money changers

gold has been successfully put on hold.. just one part of the mix to secure the central banks hold on the economic life of the world
‘does Russia carry a large put call ratio on their finances so that is why the ruble goes down and up. sure nothing to do with large financial interests taking a sharp club to the Russian bear …

with no limit printing of the worlds fiat with the payoffs to different and select financial interests are the many headed function of the algos and the rise of debt .. will debt be the Achilles’ broken tendon of the debt problem and will the gold be allowed to rise to cover these massive debts of the world economy..

. just you traders quit doing that put call thing so this can happen.. according to hook

Toxic Rain Is Killing Our Forests

Posted by silverngold @ 18:48 on October 30, 2014  

This down to earth guy is telling what is happening to his land. The same is happening all over the world. Please watch and learn. Thanks!!

Posted by Auandag @ 18:39 on October 30, 2014  

The Big Lie

The Fed announced that it was ending QE yesterday because unemployment was improving and the economy was fine.  But it’s a lie.  The Fed is not ending QE.   It will still be reinvesting the proceeds of the bonds on its balance sheet – $4 trillion worth of bonds – as they mature.  It also reinvests the interest income on this portfolio.  Interest that is paid with printed money.  This is not “ending QE.”  It’s perpetual QE.

If the Fed wanted to end QE, why doesn’t it withdraw the $2.6 trillion in printed cash that it has injected into the Too Big To Fail Banks?   The banks have roughly $2.6 trillion in cash sitting in their “excess reserve” accounts at the Fed.  “Excess reserves” are cash held by banks that does not need to be set aside against bank assets in case the assets decline in value.  I say “assets” loosely because a fair percentage of these assets are nuclear garbage that even the Fed won’t buy from the banks.  This cash in excess reserves, by the way, is getting .25% interest paid on it by the Fed, with printed money.  If you invest your own cash in a short term T-bill, you’ll get .01%.

Here’s the next to biggest lie (click to enlarge):


This is a 3-yr daily graph of the S&P 500.   It has what looks to be a titanium floor placed under its 200-day moving average.  Except for that brief period in mid-October, the Fed has not allowed the S&P 500 to decline by more than 5% in three years.  Unprecedented.  This graph shows that the stock market is one big lie.  As you can see from the continuous series of small drops followed by a “V” bounce, the market has not been allowed to fall for three years.  And every “V” bottom is followed shortly by a move to all-time highs.

Has QE worked?   If you look at the stock and bond markets it’s been a smashing success. But the real economy?  By the Government’s own rigged number – the U6 sub-report in the monthly BLS employment report – the unemployment rate is still over 12%.  Furthermore, the labor force participation rate – the percent of the population that is part of the workforce  in this country – is at a low not seen since the late 1970′s, when women largely did not work.  In fact, this metric has dropped continuously since 2000:  LFPR LINK.    How about real household income?  That has been declining almost continuously since 1998:  Real Household Income LINK.    How about the home ownership rate?  It’s been dropping since 2004 and is now at the same level that it was in in 1994 and 1983:   LINK.

These are all indicators that QE has failed – miserably.  The price of gold is the biggest lie of them all.   The Government has no choice but to try and exert downward pressure on the price of gold because if the price of gold were allowed to trade freely, it would expose every other big lie.

A poll released 2 days ago by  ABC showed that the nearly 80% of the country thinks the economy is on the wrong track.  If the economy is fine and QE worked, like we’ve been told by Yellen and Obama, how come 80% of the population believes the economy stinks?   A good friend of mine – a  hedge fund consultant in NYC – told me that, in general, the mood on Wall St. is one of “walking around on eggshells.” He said there’s a lot of layoffs going on and the only people making money are the upper level bankers. He said everyone knows that Wall St. banks are corrupt to the core.

What is being done to the precious metals sector  is like what happened to the metals and mining stocks 2008 only 5x more brutal.  The precious metals had hit an all-time high for gold and a secular high for silver in March that year.  As Bear Stearns, Lehman, AIG and Goldman were collapsing behind the scenes, gold and silver were smashed.  They were smashed even harder when the system openly collapsed in September that year.  Based on this precedent,  I would guess that what’s coming at us is 5x more brutal than what occured in 2008.

Everyone knows that the ECB banks are all bankrupt. The only reason the TBTF U.S. banks are not bankrupt is because the Fed has injected nearly $2.6 trillion of cash in to these banks.  But if everything is getting better, like they are telling us, then why do the banks need this $2.6 trillion of protection?

You know that when the likes of Alan Greenspan comes out and says, “the system is screwed/buy gold,” something very wrong is going on behind the scenes. You know, for as big of a phony that Greenspan was during his tenure running the Fed, I can not find one instance in which he said gold is not money, unlike the even bigger fraud that succeeded him.

The poster child example of The Big Lie is Obama running around telling the world that the U.S. spending deficit was only $600 billion in Fiscal Year 2014, yet the outstanding amount of Treasury debt increased by $1 trillion. What happened to this other $400 billion issued by the Govt? Who spent it if the Government didn’t?

This whole system is one big fraudulent lie. A Ponzi scheme of the magnitude that makes Madoff and Enron combined look miniscule.   When they can no longer cover up this big lie, the stock market is going to drop – and gold and silver will rise – more quickly and violently than anyone can imagine.   It will be the end of our political and economic system as we know it.

Happy Hour …… Continued with Bruce Guthro from Sydney Nova Scotia …….. “Falling”

Posted by winedoc @ 18:19 on October 30, 2014  


Happy Hour: MacroMan

Posted by winedoc @ 18:15 on October 30, 2014  

……. You got your days and nights mixed up ??

Your tunes are my favs when I have insomnia 🙂



Posted by winedoc @ 18:10 on October 30, 2014  

Remember Him/her ??

Only thing I was up on today was with a fine chop of Cape Breton moose



ment, 17:25 re Tim Cock, thot I’d come out of the cardboard box too with an anthem…

Posted by macroman3 @ 17:47 on October 30, 2014  

goldielocks @ 17:14 To the Curb??

Posted by silverngold @ 17:26 on October 30, 2014  

I’d say flush the POS’s down the toilet along with anyone else connected in this treasonous act!!

tim cook comes out

Posted by ment17 @ 17:25 on October 30, 2014  

as a lover of the same sex … so what the who cares .. Tim could have relations with a dog in the parking lot and who really gives a rats

this political correctness has led to emasculating the relationships with people . and close friends .. the power of loving relationships is exposed by an apple… times never change even from the very beginning

give Tim a pile of crap let him shit in it,, my look at the Tim bull shift to make him feel loved and worthy of his multi million dollar skim of the top of apple

did earn it .. who the heck knows he is at the top of the pile of people maybe they all interchange the being on top lol

eeos @ 16:27 Bundy Ranch

Posted by silverngold @ 17:18 on October 30, 2014  

My understanding from the first go-around is that the Bundy Ranch sits in the middle of the area that was promised by Harry Reids son, Rory Reid,  to China for a massive solar instillation. Also there are two other things that come into the picture. One is that the Bundy Ranch adjoins or surrounds  an Airforce Military base, and the other  is that that military base adjoins the NAFTA Super Highway being built from Mexico to Canada.

If the Feds are able to pull this off they will be able to use that military base to bring in Chinese troops without the public’s knowledge or consent. They want this entire 3 million acres declared a no entry zone, off limits to the public. This also ties nicely with the Agenda 21 mandate of creating vast zones throughout the US that will also be no entry zones.

This whole thing stinks to high heaven and it needs the light of day shined on it until every American citizen knows what is going on.   Here’s more on the subject.         Silverngold



Silverngold 16:20

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:14 on October 30, 2014  

Hope Nevadans can kick that POS H Reid to the curb and take his spoiled sons  grand kids second cousins twice removed and who ever else who profit off the work of others and what’s theirs down the road for good.

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