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Posted by Maddog @ 10:53 on October 30, 2014  

re Petch

He may be right about the mkt correction not ending for @ 7 years, as he is assumeing that the 2nd wave will be as long in time as the 1st, which was 11 years.

What he has in his favour if 1180 goes then we will have done 5 waves down from the 1900 Hi, for an A only, then we have to do 3 waves up for the B, and then the horrible 5 waves dn for C. that will complete a 3 wave correction from 1900.

but what he doesn’t know or anyone else, is where does this A end…it might end at 1170 !!!!, but time says not , as waves 1 and 3 of this A were both 9 months and so far we are in month 4 of the 5th. Again there is no guarantee that each wave is equal in time.

Also Wave B can take out the 1900 Hi, if it is a running B, something that happens in very strong mkts and the horrible C  may only go sideways, as opposed to down. So Wave C of  2 could end above 1900….unlikely. but it can.

All of the above ignores the Rig….which I think rules all major mkts.





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