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Why disease starts in Africa…Its a NO brainer !

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:32 on October 29, 2014  

It seems to have the same pattern as Mad Cow disease….That got started when humans fed less desirable cow parts back to cows as feed ..yeah it worked in theory except for the fact that the healthy cows got sick from eating sick cows because they had the same DNA and were subject to the same diseases.

Now on to Africa where its not uncommon for Africans to eat BUSH MEAT…..Whats wrong with that ? Well we eat deer ,bear,and some eat squirrel and even possum without getting sick ,so why Africa ?

Its quite simple  we are closley related to monkeys,apes where its said that we share 97 % of our DNA …so dosent that also mean that theres a 97 % chance we can be subjected to the same disease that they get ?

Its so close that a small variation in DNA could cross over very easily .Thats how HIV got to humans and it appears the same mechanisn made us subject to Ebola ! Stop eating Monkey meat !  The DNA is too close ! It seems like a NO brainer  to me !  BUTTTT its too late now ,you cant undo the dna crossover .

In the future we can educate Africans and in other parts of the world where they have monkeys not to eat them ….Its too easy to share their diseases…

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