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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:17 on September 26, 2022  

USD what numbers did you see?


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:57 on September 26, 2022  

The usdx closed above the channel yesterday and has gapped down below it in after hours. The latest move has been straight up so we may be close to a top in time, price may still accelerate up for a few days. The currency and metals market may tell us something.

I hope all the people in the path of the hurricane are ready.

Very thorough one from Gov. De Santis

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:15 on September 26, 2022  

He mentioned generators. Said they have more deaths from Carbon monoxide poisoning from people using them inside the house than from the hurricane.
He should give out the phone numbers to each resource though.


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:49 on September 26, 2022  

Looks like it’s going to be slow or sit there with wind and rain and surges.
300K evacuated today 400K tomorrow.
Those who were late buying water it’s not long term water storage, they need to just fill up every container they have.
That free sand they can make outside toilet out of it with heave plastic bags of everything knocked out for awhile.
They have camper showers you can add warm water or the sun heats it. Just put it in your shower.


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:16 on September 26, 2022  

Thanks for the update.
Sad about the generator death, that could of been prevented. I guess as being go close to the sea less a storm surge.
After a month without power after a quake I notices your more conscious of getting dirty when there’s a water shortage with it. It’s like you can’t have enough water in a bad one.
Even your hands as we young ones camping. The homes and apts were too unstable and aftershocks for days, although they have hand wipes now, they didn’t back then.


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:02 on September 26, 2022  

When it gets close I usually don’t want to talk about it cuz there fools that jump in things wanting to be first too soon and screw up the charts. But a lot of players with the USD so mostly it’s for Maddog,

PS no guarantees just technicals that been on spot to watch for plus Buygold case your power goes out.

Buygold Maddog The dollar with current conflicting issues on which way it goes.

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:50 on September 26, 2022  

I just saw the ascending broadening wedge on the USD. I’m this case means lower lows for SM still in place. But it’s getting closer to the top at 114. For now… So far every time it hit the top it slowly headed back down but to higher lows before it moved back up agin.

Maybe a day or two before some SM relief for a minute. Also heard a bunch of speakers coming out tomorrow. So maybe by Wednesday or so and 114 USD to look for depending on what’s said tomorrow. But…

It seems every time there’s some catastrophe in a country the dollars of that country goes up at first depending how bad, and a hurricane heading to Florida.

3% Interest rate. It’s Gone

Posted by commish @ 19:47 on September 26, 2022  

Happy Hour

Posted by winedoc @ 19:29 on September 26, 2022  

Still running the generator …….. going on day 4 tmr

Lets you find out what works and what doesn’t.  I had 60 L of gasoline on standby so Im good…..

Went up the road to have a hot shower in my work partners camper trailer,   propane hot water heater……..

Happy wife ……..  happy life.   🙂

We should have power tmr

In the meantime markets seems to be dislocating a bit

My daughter is working in London UK getting paid in pounds sterling.  Imagine nearly par on the USD !!

I lived in Nottingham for a year when I was sixteen and the CDN / UK pound was at 2.85 , we ate a lot of pork belly and beans

………..  just saying.

How’s it going for you Mad Dog ??

We are surviving here.  Two people died in the hurricane in Atlantic Canada, one a generator mishap (? carbon monoxide)

another washed out to sea  (imagine that) !

So…… I have lots to be thankful for, we got along pretty well.

and ……..

A  1 ounce Gold Canadian Maple is still about  $2400

Best regard friends

Stay safe in the wake of hurricane Ian …….







Ackerman paints a bleak picture

Posted by Buygold @ 18:59 on September 26, 2022  

Another voice talking about deflation.

There has to be some things breaking right now, especially I would think in the credit markets.

Maddog @ 16:04 Dow US Dollar Values Just Remember On Average Everything at times 20 In constant value dollars 20

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:38 on September 26, 2022  

I’m not sure what you mean, the 1975 to 1980 era. Dow around $1000 all thru 1968 to 1982 June 1982 it was $796. So figure $1000 Dow in the 1970s times 20 the Dow should be at $20,000, its way over priced still at $29,000.

Dow: untitled (mrci.com)

Over here Dollar was 120 in 2001 with $250 Gold. Today USD is almost 120 again, but Gold is around $1650.

USD https://finviz.com/futures_charts.ashx?t=DX&p=m1

Gold was $140 in the 1970s and times 20 S/B $2800 to stay equal. Gold is under priced. $1650 divide by 20 gold is back to $82/oz. not $140.

Dow monthly: https://finviz.com/futures_charts.ashx?t=YM&p=m1

Nobody knows what anything is worth unless you convert to loaves of bread, new cars, pizza slice old houses etc etc. Like one year of $100/week was $5000 per year salary a new car was $2500. So a years salary today should be at least equal to two new cars. $100,000 a year will buy two cars, so a high school graduate should be making $100k. $2,000/week before taxes.

The Strong Dollar Policy started before 1980 for globalization (global welfare called free trade) and to get inflation numbers lower with cheap imports. Reagon ’81-’89 did NOTHING to stop outsoursing jobs. The whole system is failing just like 1929.


Posted by Maddog @ 16:04 on September 26, 2022  

Check out monthly chart of SM and DXY from 2000….you’ll see both bottomed in 2008 and basically up from there.

With all Algo’s following the S&P/Dow…most SM will follow the US mkt…..so that was/is the Rig…keep dollar strong, and the SM….and also keep lid on PM’s.

Now the Dollar is going nuts and they have no idea what to do……my guess is the SM craters before too long when the world realises it was a false Bull……and the wheels really fall off.

Clif High on Strats and Tacts. If all you want is the discussion on gold and silver, skip ahead to 22 minutes and get some solid advice.

Posted by silverngold @ 15:49 on September 26, 2022  

Clif gives you a clear picture on what will make gold and silver make its moonshot…and likely when it will happen….FWIW


@Maddog Isn’t Strong Dollar Inverse Stock Market?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:48 on September 26, 2022  

Aren’t all investments a bet on falling dollar values? Thats why people buy stocks and real estate. They get rid of falling dollar values. Its all a mess.

Mr Copper

Posted by Maddog @ 15:17 on September 26, 2022  

Spot on…it is all about keeping the Dollar strong, to keep the SM strong…..but the levels have now become insane and they have no idea what to do next……..as it was all false to begin with……..hence the silence.

Strong Dollar

Posted by Maddog @ 15:07 on September 26, 2022  

Can someone post DXY and the SM from @ 2000…..on a monthly chart….u will see they both take off @ 2008 and never look back…

That is the Rig in full working order.

@Richety re And yet the Fed keeps tightening,

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:46 on September 26, 2022  

Its obvious they are desperate and trying to save the Dollar (and pegged yuan) and save the world economy. If that dot come dollar (and yuan) implodes, all the other currencies will go down with them. Also they (europe japan et al) probably hope the strong dollar will increase their exported products to the USA and keep their people working. They don’t care about the USA, because we are allegedly a wealthy country and can afford to lose money.

Posted by Maddog @ 14:13 on September 26, 2022  


If there are any phone calls coming from overseas, to the US complaining about the Dollar, then no-one is answering

Posted by Maddog @ 13:38 on September 26, 2022  


The wolf IS at the door this time==Tens of millions of mortgaged homes will be underwater, private savings will be wiped out, most pension funds will go belly-up

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:22 on September 26, 2022  
The Morning Line
How Inflation Has Begun
Mutating into Deflation
Yields on 10-Year Treasury Notes, currently at 3.70%, are likely to hit 4.90% before they level off. It is hard to imagine an increase of that magnitude not disrupting the U.S. and global economies severely. America is already in a recession that looks all but certain to deepen before we hit bottom in a year or two. And yet the Fed keeps tightening, leaving little doubt with last week’s 75-basis-point rate hike, the third in four months, that Powell & Co. are hell-bent on crushing consumer inflation that has been rampaging for two years. The Open Market Committee chief must have known that our teetering economy, a super-heated real estate sector and a vaporous stock market would implode if they merely talked about raising rates. However, for the first time since Volcker’s 1980s heyday, the central bank has actually walked the walk, surprising everyone by pushing up administered rates a total of 275 basis points since last May. That has sent borrowing costs soaring, including mortgage rates that have more than doubled from the sub-3% levels that obtained toward the end of 2021.

Under the circumstances, it is surreal for politicians to be splitting hairs over whether the U.S. is in a recession. Only in comparison to the disaster that is coming could the current economy be described, as Biden is wont to do, as holding its own. The stock market has come down hard, so far without the kind of climactic selling we might expect at a bottom. This has taken a little of the steam out of inflation, albeit mainly via falling gasoline prices that reflect a global economy in a state of imminent collapse. But the broadly falling asset prices that lie just ahead eventually will trigger waves of bankruptcies so destructive and relentless that we’ll wish we were dealing merely with rising consumer prices. All that requires is merely avoiding buying certain things or buying cheaper substitutes. Debt deflation is not so easily managed, for one does not so much deal with it as struggle to survive it financially. Tens of millions of mortgaged homes will be underwater, private savings will be wiped out, most pension funds will go belly-up, and the accounting fiction that has made Medicare and Social Security appear solvent will be laid bare as benefits are reduced to subsistence levels.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:23 on September 26, 2022  

Looks like they’re going to be evacuating,
A friend in Texas says good to take a shower just before case something happens to the water and cloths washed.
In California of power out there at we get containers and make a lot of ice to to keep freezer and Frig to Keep it cold longer.

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:12 on September 26, 2022  

This ones more detailed of what will happen depending which way it will turn.
Storm surges to possible tornadoes depending on which direction it comes in.

Buygold and all in Florida

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:00 on September 26, 2022  

Probably preaching to the choir but looks like this storm coming could be killer, a Cat 4 with multi storm surges up to 8 feet.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:49 on September 26, 2022  

Lol Don’t worry we tend to do that all on our own by accident when your not here to lead us. I bought this charger that get 16 charges. Plus I ordered this little machine that charges car battery’s, inflated tires and as a USB port. Plus carry on chargers and my weather radio with a light that charges phones too and you can wind it when the electric power goes out but that’s a pain with those little things, You only get a few minutes testing it. Generators only charge so many things.
Where your at best to get a generator and build a room for it so doesn’t get blown away if you don’t have a garage till the wind stops.
With quakes less quite a jolt and the roof drops seems to first wreck the inside then to the outside but pretty fast.
Watch out for the power lines. Don’t drive at night. Littered streets and floods.
Oh yeah gators lol sheesh.
Still better you have De Santis.

Here come the Dollar bulls….no fear …foot to the floor…gimme, gimme, gimmmmmeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 11:47 on September 26, 2022  
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