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Posted by treefrog @ 23:53 on September 6, 2022  


When will this come to the US?

Posted by ipso facto @ 23:32 on September 6, 2022  

gotta love the bee

Posted by treefrog @ 23:24 on September 6, 2022  


Clif High on Quantum computers, their abilities and limitations. Very interesting presentation worth the 35 minutes to hear IMO!

Posted by silverngold @ 21:36 on September 6, 2022  



Posted by goldielocks @ 21:21 on September 6, 2022  

Hard to think with temporary chaos here, okay quieter now, but I agree but would add I don’t think they know what their doing sometimes or care. Can they be that depraved to just hoard and spend that money on themselves and expect the rest of us to pay for it?
Or should I bother to ask. They’re hiring 86K IRS workers. How many billionaires are there in the US? A 1000-2000? minus 86 K What about the other 84K? Who are they going to bother? I’m glad I’m retired but not happy at all what I’m seeing. Let them eat cake is turning into a really small cake. A cupcake.

@ Goldi; Deer79 RE: “Putin vs the LBMA”

Posted by drb2 @ 21:02 on September 6, 2022  

Putin has spoken before that he feels the enormous advantage given to the creator of the World’s Reserve currency is being abused.

As an American I am embarrassed to say I think he has a point.

It is my personal belief that most of the world’s problems lay directly at giving bankers the ability to create money out thin air as debt.

It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I am hoping that this proposed MWS is somehow a commodities linked currency.


Just heard

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:01 on September 6, 2022  

Someone had to leave their building because their cutting the power and street lights going off.
But they want all electric cars.

Our phone just got a emergency warning,

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:51 on September 6, 2022  

Turn off all non essential power, we at risk for power out.

Currently 115 F Electric on OT keeping power on to save lives. power

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:46 on September 6, 2022  

My daughter is borrowing my car to take people places. Tomorrow it’s a retired correctional officer to a doctor apt. She’s about my age can’t take this heat. People talk about having cheap cars on purpose never figured on this. I’m the only one with air conditioning.

Pray for Moggie

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:08 on September 6, 2022  

She’s pretty sick right now. The only one I remember who lived close to her was Farmboy.

Great Panther to File a Notice of Intention to Make a Proposal Under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada)

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:29 on September 6, 2022  

This news release constitutes a “designated news release” for the purposes of the Company’s prospectus supplement dated October 15, 2021, to its short form base shelf prospectus dated September 10, 2021.

TSX: GPR | NYSE American: GPL

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Great Panther Mining Limited (TSX:GPR) (NYSE-A:GPL) (“Great Panther” or the “Company”), reports that, with the authorization and approval of its Board of Directors, it has determined to file a notice of intention to make a proposal (the “NOI”) under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada) (the “BIA”) today, which will provide creditor protection while the Company seeks to restructure its affairs.


Drb 17:15

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:16 on September 6, 2022  

Fixing the gold price. Aren’t banks already fixing the prices? What about calls for delivery in gold back stable coin? Seems like we’ve been down that road before.
Will physical be used as currency or is it another digital price fixing?
Places like the people of India understands the value of gold better than the average person in the US. But even then I remember something not too long ago they froze their gold buying even though it’s customary for weddings.
Price valuation is one thing but price fixing? They’re already price fixing here anyways.


Posted by deer79 @ 17:52 on September 6, 2022  

All good information to have. Thanks for sharing.

Makes me think that this is definitely part of the reason why the Cartel is keeping its “ foot on the neck” of Gold..

Another thought; even if this MWS alternative is successfully created, people like us probably wouldn’t be able to use it because we’re not a member nation and in all likelihood, would never be allowed to be.

Just wondering where that may leave us….

Putin vs the LBMA

Posted by drb2 @ 17:15 on September 6, 2022  

The globalist bankers are not going to like this. 

No wonder they hate Putin so much.


[snip] ….  “according to the Russian Finance Ministry“the basis of this new structure will be a new, specialized international precious metals brokerage headquartered in Moscow, which will rely on the MWS.”

The MWS will assemble a committee. This committee will include central banks and the most influential banks throughout the Eurasian Economic Union. Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgystan are the current members of the Eurasian Economic Union.

These folks would then fix precious metals prices to national currencies from member countries or to a new monetary unit for international trade, such as the newly proposed BRICS currency.

Vlad believes that a new currency based on commodities will positively benefit member nations (we discussed this in our special report). Now, realise that if you are to fix the metals prices to the national currencies, you can’t inflate without producing more of the particular metal.

Also, the Russian Finance Ministry wants to create a system that will attract other countries like IndiaChina, Peru, Venezuela, and others in both South America and Africa.

[snip] ….

India just joined in the fight against the LBMA.

India recently initiated the country’s first international bullion exchange (IIBX).

The IIBX will be located in the new central business district. The district is called Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (Gift City) in Ahmedabad. Accordingly, Ahmedabad is the most populous city in the Indian state of Gujarat. The development marks India’s first greenfield smart city, which blends eco-friendly elements and highly developed infrastructure.

Indian Prime Minister Modi’s objective with this exchange is to “empower India to gain its rightful place in the global bullion market and serve the global value chain with integrity and quality”. As the world’s second-largest market for gold, India has much to gain from this development.

PM Modi also believes that the IIBX will also allow India to influence the international bullion market’s prices and become competitive with COMEX and LBMA.

The IIBX has also launched a new initiative called the NSE IFSC-SGX Connect, which will process all Nifty orders placed on the Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX).

From <https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2022-09-06/london-metal-exchange-suspends-russian-nickel>

Goosing the SP

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:23 on September 6, 2022  

Sokoman Reports the Thickest High-Grade Drill Results from the Lower Eastern Trend to Date: Moosehead Gold Project, Central Newfoundland





Posted by ipso facto @ 12:37 on September 6, 2022  

Thar’s gold in them thar watermelons!

Yeah at least we’re not getting slaughtered in the shares. We’ll see what the close brings.


Ipso – so I ask

Posted by Buygold @ 12:06 on September 6, 2022  

is it easier to grow watermelons or find almost two oz. of silver?

I feel like we’re lucky not to be getting crushed yet today. 10 yr. is soaring, USD still strong.

NEM has been up all day, hopefully a good sign…


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:46 on September 6, 2022  

Better start printing more!

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:35 on September 6, 2022  

Mining title applications in Colombia to include stricter environmental considerations

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:29 on September 6, 2022  

Colombia’s State Council, which is the supreme tribunal with jurisdiction over administrative issues, ruled that the national government and the National Mining Agency (ANM) must “correct the deficit in environmental protection that is evidenced in the mining-environmental regulation when it comes to the granting of mining titles.”

Mining title applications in Colombia to include stricter environmental considerations

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:30 on September 6, 2022  

It’s supposed to get to 115F today. In a hour in a half 8 am our time it’s going to be 81F already. The lines had grown for EV charging centers the past few days knowing what’s coming.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:18 on September 6, 2022  

Eric Sprott Announces Holdings in Freegold Ventures Limited


Barrick (GOLD) to Divest Royalty Portfolio to Maverix Metals


McEwen Copper Options Elder Creek Project to Rio Tinto


Perpetua Resources Announces Stibnite Gold Project Moves Toward Public Review


Banyan Intersects 1.07 G/T Gold Over 45 Metres at Powerline Deposit, Aurmac Property, Yukon


Expansion Drilling at the SW Pit Intersects 64.9 g/t Au and 87.72 g/t Ag over 2.00m (Estimated True Width) 50m From Surface


Endurance Reports Five Additional Gold Drill Intersections – Steep Dipping Eagle Feeder Structure Confirmed with 7.58 gpt Gold over 11.9 m


Aztec Completes First 7 Holes of Phase 3 Core Drilling Program at its 100%-owned Cervantes Project in Sonora, Mexico and Appoints new Director


Skeena Announces Multiple 21A West Zone Expansions at Eskay Creek Including 48.48 g/t AuEq over 12.12 metres


Benz Successfully Completes C$12 Million Brokered Private Placement


Baru Gold Provides Update on Appeal Filed Against Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Indonesia


Sixty North Gold Defines a Large IOCG Target on the Mon Property


Galore Resources Provides an Update on Drill Program


TNR Gold Update – NSR Royalty on McEwen Mining’s Los Azules Copper, Gold and Silver Project


Metallica Metals Files NI 43-101 Technical Report and Earns 100% Interest in the Starr Gold-Silver Project


Hilo Mining Ltd. Provides Update on Champ Property


Trailbreaker Resources Identifies 850 x 700 Metre Au-Cu-Ag-Mo Anomaly at Eagle Lake Property, South-Central BC


Buy gold 8:37

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:18 on September 6, 2022  

It’s still fiat. Maybe not the stocks right now but I’m going to keep buying when I can.

Good morning Buygold

Posted by goldielocks @ 9:05 on September 6, 2022  

No matter what bounces we’re getting and now matter how Powell wants to reimagine it we’re in a recession. Unless someone can see something I can’t only stopping the tightening and rate hikes will the market recover. But then if it does what about inflation Demos going hog wild on.

Notice how the Feds keep watching unemployment numbers? He won’t figure inflation is under control until the unemployment numbers are up and that never counts real unemployment numbers when people dropped out or retired.

He wants people to lose their jobs. People lose their jobs if businesses are having trouble and can no longer afford them which can cause a domino effect because the jobless can’t spend money. Any debt they have with a recession they’ll want get out of even if downsizing or selling.

Then you got open borders. They don’t just want people to lose their jobs they want them to get PAID LESS and probably why there diluting with more people or increasing the number looking for jobs driving wages down because they equate higher wages as inflationary.
Never mind the housing costs people can’t afford now. Never mind they want them to get paid less AND raise taxes.

Never mind higher wages didn’t cause the inflation the government printing press did. Trump improving the economy lowering taxes inviting higher wages without having to raise prices didn’t cause inflation.
But they don’t want to go that way. They want us to pay for it by raising taxes abd thus the extra IRS workers.
Housing doesn’t work as fast. Can’t buy and sell it as easy in a recession. It could keep heading down for years.

Nevertheless for now anyways that will be a interesting phenomenon, higher mortgage or rental costs, lower wages. Then the energy prices, a side line of the greenies. There gonna battle heat waves or winter temperatures with power outs or exploiting prices with cutbacks.

All we can do is watch the fed and the unemployment rates.

USD now up and rising with rates

Posted by Buygold @ 8:37 on September 6, 2022  

Probably going to be too much for pm’s to bear.

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