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Posted by ipso facto @ 23:27 on September 15, 2022  

Check your inbox


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:10 on September 15, 2022  

Wow that’s a lot of silver. Yes the Hunt brothers. I wonder why they didn’t sell, at least enough profits to cover incase something happened which it did. I remember hearing something about the government going after them on top of their loses and not knowing exactly what was going on thought they were probably money hunting.
But the point is it “ silver anyways” didn’t go up because of inflation, it went up because the Hunts were cornering the market. Was gold following silver in sympathy? What would of really happened if they didn’t.
People are basing that chart on not a monetary reaction but a corner the market “ what characters lol” of the Hunt brothers.
So between all the commodity traders do we have enough to do it again to get back at them? Lol Just kidding.
The youngsters knew it was being manipulated and started buying the physical after getting all that money taking down the hedge funds shorting a couple of stocks. The saw what they were doing and squeezed them out, That’s what they get for shorting a couple of business young people like especially gaming. The only thing it did though was drive the premiums up. So why is that? What happened to supply and demand less it was being manipulated? Even buying selling had premiums but not the price.

Swimming Pools Movie Stars.

Posted by commish @ 20:41 on September 15, 2022  

goldie @ 12:37

Posted by amals @ 19:35 on September 15, 2022  

You’re thinking of the Hunt brothers.  I know someone who was working for them in another capacity and in a meeting when the call came in.  Interesting story he told me. Here’s a link to Wikipedia’s account of the episode.


My little NGD was a stallion today-up 2 cents–I had an 11 bagger on 800 one buck calls a few yrs ago with NGD

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:29 on September 15, 2022  

I got 400 Nov 21St one buck calls now–I paid 3-4 and 5 bucks a piece fer em.- traded $8 today

Last time I made  55K  with em

The great Ballinger at 10 am–I wonder how he feels now–I also thought silver was gonna

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:24 on September 15, 2022  
[shake it off–besides the dollar was not up–but down a tad-I didn’t bite-but am looking to get very long silver]
For the first time in ages, I am loading the gun with the SLV calls for an epic move to the upside IF (and only if) they leave us alone on Freaky Friday…


Thanks he

I wouldn’t tie the move down to energy companies

Posted by eeos @ 15:20 on September 15, 2022  

It’s much more likely the cabal operating in broad daylight as usual. Speak up and be bombarded by all the TV morons as tin foil hat wearers, effing nutbags that offer criminals the cover they need to operate


Posted by deer79 @ 13:14 on September 15, 2022  

Some of the firms/companies that have
exposure to some of these energy derivatives, are simply dumping Gold
at any price, to get some liquidity????


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:37 on September 15, 2022  

Yep it was moving up and up. Moved to about 400 I think then paused then about doubled.
There was also some brothers though, can’t remember their names at the moment cornering the silver market. I was clueless about the market them other than watching pattens after the fact since no coumputers. The brothers would have had something to do with silver hitting about 50 but not the gold but it was moving up too. Seems to me things are being rigged.

Wasn’t gold and silver

Posted by Buygold @ 12:08 on September 15, 2022  

rocking higher in the 70’s-80’s when inflation was high?

Is the rig the only thing different? Or was the USD getting hammered?

Absolutely brutal.

I’m seeing at least one death a day

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:07 on September 15, 2022  

Army 101 st healthy died. Yesterday it was a teen and the mothers demanding a autopsy. Before that a athlete.All were athletic and healthy. Fauci and cohorts need to answer for this. https://www.westernjournal.com/seemingly-healthy-decorated-101st-airborne-officer-dies-natural-causes-deployment/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=westernjournalism&utm_content=2022-09-15&utm_campaign=manualpost

Hey Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 11:51 on September 15, 2022  

Yes, very tough day.

I picked up a little this am when it looked like it might run against the market, so $2.20 for me.

As for the sector, we’ve definitely have the spike bottom but no sign of any type of reversal on the way. Rates and the USD continue to crush us, like everything else. I picked up some GFI down here just in case but I’m not confident.

Funny that the funds are seemingly making money on their shorts. Silver continues to try, but gold just doesn’t seem to have the support.

I see oil is taking a huge bath today down at $83. It was just $89 a couple days ago. I’m not sure I understand that – maybe the rate increases are working. If so, the economy may be cratering even faster than we think.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:07 on September 15, 2022  

And there worried about gun control, Just not peace.
Have a good day.


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:02 on September 15, 2022  

Not much fun watching this clobbering. I’m off to do something useful.


Inflation must be horrendous in Japan!

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:59 on September 15, 2022  



Posted by ipso facto @ 10:58 on September 15, 2022  


Posted by goldielocks @ 10:55 on September 15, 2022  

Sorry having trouble with my connection in my under ground shelter. What did you say?


Posted by ipso facto @ 10:50 on September 15, 2022  

As long as they don’t blow up the planet then I’ll be a happy camper!


Posted by goldielocks @ 10:45 on September 15, 2022  

Well so far the same foolish will ignore Putin and pay for it. I hope they direct conflict at the WH,
Unfortunately they like the demos will take everyone down with them. They mistake taking care of our own as socialism and socialism is only about free stuff, capitalist don’t help the poor,” and money goes on trees.
Someone needs to tell these foolish people who they want to fight? Capitalism?

I don’t even think they have a handle on where the concept of printing and inflation comes from no less the world of hurt Europe is in already, now pulling us in again. Well one good thing for these socialist loving brainwashed lefties, it doesn’t require much intelligence to be one?

Tick Tick Tick

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:50 on September 15, 2022  

Fingers Crossed

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:12 on September 15, 2022  

Railroads And Unions Reach “Tentative Agreement” To Avert Rail Strike


Morning Buygold

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:08 on September 15, 2022  

Picking up more Snowline under $2 would be nice. My last buy was at $2.12.

Re: email … Gotcha.

Looks like today may be another tough day for us …

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:05 on September 15, 2022  

Pan American Silver Reports Large Increase to the Mineral Resource Estimate for its La Colorada Skarn Deposit


B2Gold Announces Positive Exploration Drill Results from the Anaconda Area at the Fekola Complex


Fortuna provides construction update at its Séguéla gold Project in Côte d´Ivoire


Torex Gold Reports Positive Drilling Results at ELG Underground


Radisson Hits Multiple High-Grade Gold Intersections on Globex Kewagama Royalty Property


Skeena Files Feasibility Study Technical Report for Eskay Creek


Galantas Gold Announces Engagement of QME for Underground Development Towards Joshua Vein at Omagh Project


Lion One Reports 19.60m at 21.16 G/t Au Including 16.20m at 25.28 G/t Au in Drillhole TUDDH-608, Expanding the TUG-141 High-Grade Zone at Tuvatu, Fiji


Victoria Gold: Maiden Mineral Resource Estimate at Raven


Tower’ Step-Out Drilling at Rabbit North Confirms North-Northwest Strike of Lightning Zone, Continues to Obtain Wide Intercepts with Pyrite Levels Similar to Discovery Hole 026


Canterra Minerals Receives Drill Permits for Its Resource Staged Lemarchant VMS Project and Provides Exploration Update on Wilding and Noel-Paul Gold Projects


Sanu Gold Acquires Initial 51% Interest in Gold Exploration Permits in Guinea, West Africa


Viscount Mining Completes 4 Phase Drill Program Required for Resource Update at the Kate Deposit, Silver Cliff, Colorado


Ivanplats Receives Final $225 Million Prepayment Under Platreef Streaming Agreements


Aya Gold & Silver Recognized as a Top Performer for Second Consecutive Year by TSX30 Program


AbraSilver Announces Final Phase II Drill Results at Diablillos Including 38.5 Metres at 183 g/t AgEq (2.6 g/t AuEq)




Orford Discovers Gold Bearing Vein System at Qiqavik – First Intersection of Visible Gold in Drill Core


Osisko Windfall Drilling Update: More High-Grade in Expansion and Infill


Morning Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 7:51 on September 15, 2022  

Didn’t pick up more Snowline yesterday, I’ll see how it acts today, but under $2 seems good if it gets there.

BTW – my email is back up if you need me.

Just plain ugly

Posted by Buygold @ 7:46 on September 15, 2022  

Even silver can’t buck the trend at least at the open.

USD flat, rates up 4 bits.

Looks like the rail strike has been averted, no way the White House could let a work stoppage happen. That’s good.

$1680 & the shares better hold…

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