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Speech Tonight

Posted by commish @ 21:54 on September 1, 2022  

Outside Independence Hall

Answer this!

Posted by silverngold @ 18:53 on September 1, 2022  

Buygold @ 16:09

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:52 on September 1, 2022  

If we’d have only known! 20 years!

One clue that we’re near the bottom is that very few mining companies are making money at $1700 gold. At some point miners will start going BK and the supply of gold will fall. I suppose that could take a while though.

Didn’t think the HUI could go back to 165 or 130

Posted by Buygold @ 16:09 on September 1, 2022  

I remember when I first got into the shares back in 2002 or so we got thru 130 and went to 165. It was a big deal and the shares were rippin’

To think that 20 years later here we are. The only sector whose leading index has returned less than zero.

Gold is a very beautiful carrot that can never be caught and eaten. The next move is always right around the corner.

Marathon Makes Construction Decision for the Valentine Gold Project and Provides Project Development Update

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:34 on September 1, 2022  



Posted by ipso facto @ 15:26 on September 1, 2022  

“106” Blechh!

got to end sometime

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:25 on September 1, 2022  


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:24 on September 1, 2022  

It’s gonna be 106 here today and 111-115 early next week. 90 isn’t that bad, not great but not that bad. I’m gonna find shaded places for water for stray cats and wildlife. Really quiet as far as wildlife sounds. Like those who could leave left.

Big Brother reaching in

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:04 on September 1, 2022  

Thousands of Xcel customers locked out of thermostats during ‘energy emergency’

DENVER — During the dog days of summer, it’s important to keep your home cool. But when thousands of Xcel customers in Colorado tried adjusting their thermostats Tuesday, they learned they had no control over the temperatures in their own homes.

Temperatures climbed into the 90s Tuesday, which is why Tony Talarico tried to crank up the air conditioning in his partner’s Arvada home.

“I mean, it was 90 out, and it was right during the peak period,” Talarico said. “It was hot.”

That’s when he saw a message on the thermostat stating the temperature was locked due to an “energy emergency.”



Posted by goldielocks @ 14:41 on September 1, 2022  

Watch new resistance lines on playing any bounces.

news from namibia

Posted by treefrog @ 14:39 on September 1, 2022  

RECAF in a tear today, up 25%  🙂


…ended the day up 36.5%  (!)

We see a lot of scare mongering

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:33 on September 1, 2022  

China and Taiwan
But this is a possibility with the current weak administration who thinks there all that with nothing to back it up but name calling.
More than getting your chips in order but antibiotics, otc pain killers, or anything else coming from China because they blew our security when they let or drive so much out of the country.
Not to mention I’m sure we’ll be sending Taiwan money too meaning more printing.


Shares selling off on heavy volume

Posted by Buygold @ 14:29 on September 1, 2022  

at least on most of the shares I have. I hope that means that we’re getting near a bounce

I think we need to pray for a really, really weak jobs report tomorrow. Something, anything to knock the USD out of rhythm.

I guess the ADP numbers came out. 132K jobs added in August. We’ll see if this helps, but I think we almost need a negative number. They say the economy is slowing.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:20 on September 1, 2022  

Ps Not saying these people are scamsters but there not looking at a particular stock or its valuation or potential.
So choose well 🙂


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:11 on September 1, 2022  

Developed by Larry Williams, Williams %R is a momentum indicator that is the inverse of the Fast Stochastic Oscillator.

Readings from 0 to -20 are considered overbought. Readings from -80 to -100 are considered oversold.

Williams %R reflects the level of the close relative to the highest

Yeah the stocks are cheap but what stocks will have the most value in this coming disaster the demos put upon us so what is the value?
It’s is deteriorating is why it’s cheap? Who’s running it?
Is there a demand for it’s product? Or is it a current bet they will but haven’t yet. That’s what people tend to do with gold stocks is bet they will instead of waiting till verification looking for the low. That’s why the explorers get pounded in speculation buying who don’t even have sales or small producers with limited supply and only go up in sympathy when demand is high.

So until validation and don’t listen to advice
you could play the short term bounces. I just don’t want to see good people get cheated out of what they made for themselves to scamsters. We got enough of that going on it politics right now.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:28 on September 1, 2022  

Unless there experts more people lose more money on other people’s advice or when they’re selling you something than they would of on their own observations or instincts. Going long in the market starting young you’d do okay except maybe the PM market less all big producers. You might give the equities back over and over but at least you got dividends and goes higher each time.

When your older you don’t have that time.
You should already be set. In this market it’s not for retirement it’s a get rich quick mentality that goes on intimately because every time it reaches a target here comes the to da moon don’t sell yet.
Just like they did go the housing before 08 crash. Don’t sell yet its going higher because they wanted to Refi everyone and get their cut of these people equity. I’d say don’t give a bout what other people think. They don’t pay your bills. Not saying you can’t read what they think as long as it doesn’t influence you.

If your gonna go with someone else’s advice I’d say go with the monkeys. I looked for them but I think they’re hiding their picks until the end of the year.
The monkeys beat Wall Street every time.
I think some of them were even making bets against them. Lol
So what does that say about advice.

REDNECK=there is hope! $5.4 mill spent on this vertical call spread with SLV=the Williams%R indicator was showing that there was “no money” behind the move in  The $ today

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:06 on September 1, 2022  
 $5.4 mill spent on this vertical call spread with SLV

A couple things—I just got this from a very good friend who runs $200 mil. For a family office—he is not 

A gold bug/perma bull—but he has gotten interested in G&S the past week or so—I didn’t understand
Everything but he said the Williams%R indicator was showing that there was “no money” behind the move in 
The $ today—so, he said, the $ action plus the $5.4 mill spent on this vertical call spread with SLV
Piqued his interest

The sept 2023  $23 SLV call has. 82,670 volume on an open Interest of 92,996
The sept 2023 $25 call has 105,002 volume on. 17,507. o.i.
Developed by Larry Williams, Williams %R is a momentum indicator that is the inverse of the Fast Stochastic Oscillator
Readings from 0 to -20 are considered overbought. Readings from -80 to -100 are considered oversold. 
Williams %R reflects the level of the close relative to the highest high for the look-back period.
Williams % R. Catches divergences early


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 12:20 on September 1, 2022  

Usdx is soaring again. Coming off it’s highs now. Some other currencies are nearing or on support. Dare we hope?

Buygold @ 11:51

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:19 on September 1, 2022  

Maybe all our thieving politicians think they’re going to end up in luxury in Switzerland or Dubai after the USA is destroyed.

Re: The Market … I’m assuming the fetal position under my desk.


Posted by Buygold @ 11:51 on September 1, 2022  

The RINO’s and Demonrats are stealing everything that is not nailed down, always happens before the collapse.

Speaking of collapses, silver is trying to come back. Amazing considering the USD strength and jump in the 10 year.

Edit: Curiously enough, the USD is giving up a little ground…

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:52 on September 1, 2022  

Doesn’t seem legal

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:05 on September 1, 2022  

New NY gun law applicants have to provide social media accounts

NEW YORK – A new gun law that goes into effect in New York on Thursday will require applicants for a concealed carry permit to provide a list of social media accounts for the past three years as part of the review process.

State regulators will be able to browse the applicant’s social media posts to decide if a person has the “character” to carry a weapon.



Posted by Buygold @ 8:57 on September 1, 2022  

Seville is probably right from a technical standpoint. I didn’t think we’d collapse like we have in the shares and silver. Gold is just collapsing more slowly.

You’ll probably bank buying in here, just a matter of when.

I suspect banks are seeing defaults on the rise. If 1 in 6 homes can’t pay electricity, they sure aren’t making auto payments on other things.


Rates keep going up–weren’t high rates supposed to be good for banks? Look at this bank ETF=down 4.4% in the pre-mkt

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:56 on September 1, 2022  


Invesco KBW Bank ETF (KBWB)

NasdaqGM – NasdaqGM Real Time Price. Currency in USD
52.00 -2.44 (-4.48%)
Pre-Market: 08:00AM EDT

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:49 on September 1, 2022  

Harmony’s (HMY) Earnings Down, Revenues Increase Y/Y in FY22


Wesdome Announces Amendment to Increase and Extend Credit Facility


Lundin Mining Announces Updated Share Capital and Voting Rights




CMC Intersects CRD Mineralization at Silver Hart, Yukon and Identifies the Presence of Gold and Copper in the Mineralizing System


McEwen Copper Completes Oversubscribed US$81.85 Million Offering Including a $25 Million Investment by Nuton, a Rio Tinto Venture


Benchmark Metals Announces $16.0 Million Brokered Private Placement Financing


New Found Intercepts 18.95 g/t Au Over 5.75m in Near-Surface 60m Step-Out at Keats North and Provides Exploration Update


MacDonald Intersects 0.41% Copper Equivalent (CuEq) over 90.44 m at Alwyn including 3.99% CuEq over 3.20 m; Visible Gold in all Drill Holes at Glade


Eskay Mining’s Maiden Scarlet Valley Drilling Commences




Kootenay Silver Drills 574 gpt Silver and 2,330 gpt Silver in D and F Veins Respectively at Columba High-Grade Silver Project, Mexico


Sarama Resources – New High-Grade Mineralisation Discovered


Nighthawk Gold Reports 2.91 g/t Au over 54.35 metres at the 24/27 Deposit and 3.02 g/t Au over 20.25 metres at the Grizzly Bear Deposit within the Colomac Centre Area


Sanu Gold Defines Extensive Gold Anomalies from Termite Mound Sampling at its Bantabaye Gold Exploration Permit in Guinea, West Africa


Silver Bullet Mines Corp. Begins Processing of Higher Grade Ore


Guanajuato Silver Provides Operations Update




Aton announces new discovery at the West Garida prospect, drilling 41 g/t Au and 263 g/t Ag


Canagold Resources Arranges $4M Financing


Volcanic Gold provides update on activities in Guatemala


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