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Sng shock

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:32 on September 14, 2022  

Greg’s talking normal now not constant interruptions. He brought up something mentioning Cheney
Trying to go back in time how certain people in Government evolved “ follow the rabbit to instead follow the matrix” I was shocked to learn certain people wanna be presidents of the Republican Party “ club.”
When Bush was appointed director of the FBI he has no intelligence experience. He was a ex senator and a ambassador just elected on party grounds. Also Cheney evolved with President ambitions during that time and as you see how they were together.
Then daughter Cheney apparently picking up after they left off with their anti Trump.
What I’m suggesting is on the inside including the FBI Maga saboteurs may not just be Democrats and not just Cheney.

Good exposing interview between Greg Hunter and Alex Newman

Posted by silverngold @ 20:48 on September 14, 2022  

Deep State Naked Running Through Streets – Alex Newman


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:05 on September 14, 2022  

I like Kiyosaki, he’s a genuine person who is open minded continues to learn, sees his views on how to survive might not be necessarily the same as someone else’s immediate needs. For instance he has a bunch of houses so he doesn’t tell someone to focus on that when they already have one or need something else like to afford it and vise versa needing one first being the primary focus depending what priorities are unlike some of these know it all’s.
He has conventional wisdom that over rides personal ego trips about different choices depending on priority’s, buying low being housing or other assets of what needs to come first and knows it’s also wise to diversified. He know the computer age young can diversify with Bitcoin as cash. So people can relate to him. He didn’t let his success or biases go to his head.
He also knows times have changed for the young and not for the better starting in 1971. He focuses on what they can do not what they can’t. He also stays out of the generation that through time when time was better allowed this mess we’re in to happen and those who took advantage for their own personal gain or a quick buck.
Like not just politically but who’s selling our land to China and next to military bases fir instance just because they are giving the best price.

It’s good to know to shop around with prices especially newbies in both directions for that matter but also at what point would it be a mistake to sell it unless your going to move it into another asset or assets.

And as far as religion, yeah we know we can generally use words like Satan we all do but what is the deeper meaning to fight it. What is Satan? What is evil or giving into it? In what ways does it express itself? What vessels “ humans” or weak links are being used? We don’t want to make the mistake to feed it for personal gain. Can people be bought? That’s how we got into this mess.

So we’ve lost $1700 again

Posted by Buygold @ 15:43 on September 14, 2022  

as they’ve brought the USD almost all the way back.

Silver trying to hold the gains but the SM selling pressure and USD is too much. Shares too.

Hate to say it, but I don’t know what will be a catalyst that will move us higher. I guess the Fed is it.


It looks strange that Silver and Gold are running different directions at the moment

Posted by eeos @ 14:45 on September 14, 2022  

It’s a game of chicken in my estimation

goldielocks @ 11:09

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:47 on September 14, 2022  

That’s the truth of it!

goldielocks @ 11:51…. Very interesting presentation about how to get the most silver for your buck. Thanks for that!

Posted by silverngold @ 13:31 on September 14, 2022  

Here’s another one featuring Rick Rule who explains why you want to own the real thing, and not be dabbling in all the paper promises that guarantee to return less than you invested due to government printing (the hidden tax) that has gone totally out of control. 50 minutes long but worth the time, and Rick Rule does such an excellent job of making you understand his points.

5 Reasons to Buy Gold & Silver NOW – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Rick Rule

Silver eagles still in demand

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:51 on September 14, 2022  

I Tried to Sell 10,000 Silver Eagles to Coin Shops! – YouTube


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:23 on September 14, 2022  

If the Repubs reclaim the house and senate they better impeach a whole bunch of people and get some investigations going on the rest or the citizens will be forced to do a exorcism to get them out. China already had that figured out how low though and making out like a bandit.
GS will have its day it will just take patients but that’s not unusual. 🙂


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:09 on September 14, 2022  

Drudge forgot to edit.

Satanic panic by the democrats is making a comeback, fueled by QAnon believers and GOP influencers

This woman is in over her head

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:08 on September 14, 2022  

London Silver Inventories Continue to Plummet as Metal Exits LBMA Vaults

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:49 on September 14, 2022  


This is the kind of garbage headline found at Drudge these days. Gone full lefty. Might as well be the Washington Post.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:30 on September 14, 2022  

Satanic panic is making a comeback, fueled by QAnon believers and GOP influencers

silverngold @ 2:00

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:23 on September 14, 2022  

That sure sounds like fraud to me! Too bad that sleazy effer was able to escape you! At least like you said he’s likely in the clutches of ole belzebub.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:18 on September 14, 2022  

Hecla (HL) Closes Alexco Buyout, Adds High-Grade Silver Asset


Endeavour Silver (EXK) to Sell El Compas Property Entirely


i-80 Gold Recipient of Four Nevada Mining Association Safety Awards


GoGold Announces Results of Regional Exploration Drilling Program


Timberline Intersects 22.8m at 4.29 g/t Gold in Southern Extension of Water Well Zone at Eureka Project


Karora Resources Drills 6.5% Nickel over 11.9 metres in New 4C Offset Discovery Located Only 25 Metres from Existing Mining Infrastructure at the Beta Hunt Mine


SilverCrest’s Las Chispas Commissioning on Track, Nearing First Metal Sale


Trailbreaker Resources Defines 1,000 X 600-Metre Gold and Coincident IP Anomalies at Eakin Creek Property, South-Central BC


Black Mammoth Metals Commences Gravity Survey and Stakes Claims at Happy Cat Gold Property


Radisson Hits Multiple High-Grade Gold Intersections on Globex Kewagama Royalty Property


Westhaven Arranges Financing Package With Franco-Nevada Corporation


Tombstone Exploration Corporation Announces Phase Two of Fast Leach Production and Positive Cash Flow from Recent Leach Test


Golden Ridge Resources Commences Drilling at the Williams Gold Property


Palamina Reports Exploration Results & Land Consolidation at Its Galena Silver Copper Project


Core Assets Diamond Drilling Continues to Intersect Carbonate Replacement and Skarn Sulphide Mineralization at the Grizzly Target


Millrock Provides Exploration Update on Partner-Funded Alaska Gold Projects




Gelum Drilling at Eldorado Gold Project


Osisko Files Technical Report for Windfall Mineral Resource Estimate Update


Great Panther Mining Receives Delisting Notice from NYSE American


Revival Gold Completes Acquisition of Ace Mineral Claims


Minera IRL Announces Initial Infill Drilling Results at the Corihuarmi Gold Mine



Posted by Buygold @ 8:10 on September 14, 2022  

I’m not sure these Demons will understand anything other than them being imprisoned and I don’t see how that happens without violence. It will be ugly.

SM kind of fading into the PPI, the algo’s will go nuts again on the number.

Democratic KGB

Posted by commish @ 8:08 on September 14, 2022  

Morning Buygold

Posted by goldielocks @ 7:53 on September 14, 2022  

Yes we definitely do. These bottom of the barrel scoundrels remind me of a chihuahua nipping at a pitbull over and over saying are you mad yet, are you mad yet so they can yell insurrection or terrorist.


Posted by Richard640 @ 7:51 on September 14, 2022  


Morning Oasis -you too Goldie – 50/50 shot today

Posted by Buygold @ 6:05 on September 14, 2022  

Agree, they are intentionally destroying the country and the culture. We are going to need to change both.

I could see an everything rally if PPI misses low or another day like yesterday if it misses high.

I’m not sure what you do in times like these. Seems like pm’s are bottoming, but definitely not the SM.

Every day is a challenge.

Just noticed the buck is down .5%. That could change dramatically in a couple hours tho…

R640 – you were a little early maybe, but it looks like you’re going to make some bank on your 20K shares after yesterday’s move.


The Fed Government have been taken over

Posted by goldielocks @ 5:07 on September 14, 2022  

The FBI now threatening Mike Lindell Took his phone he uses for business. Told him not to tell anyone.
No response from the republicans as they round up MAGA one by one,

Ipso@22:04 “Was it fraud or was he just very poor at investing?” Fair question. That is what I was trying to determine!

Posted by silverngold @ 2:00 on September 14, 2022  

There were too many questionable losses, not nickel and dime stuff either but for example, a New Zealand dairy farm with assets worth much more than the $70,000 he invested for me. No way it could lose and at 18% annual interest too. Brokers in New Zealand had to post a bond guaranteeing the legitimacy of these types of private placements so I couldn’t lose….but it turned out that the NZ broker had not renewed his license or his bond which had expired a week before this offer was made. The dairy farm did not even exist and I had a total loss and could never get a straight answer from my broker as to how this “you can’t lose” deal turned into a total loss. I think he considered me his cash cow and I was the one being milked. LOL!!! This is when I called it quits, demanded a verifiable explanation which I never got, demanded the return of the remaining value of my account, which I received, and shortly after that is when he died! In settling his estate it turned out there were over  $7 million of claims from investors but his entire estate and assets were only $350,000 to be split among all those other investors….so I was one of the lucky ones to have cashed out just in time with only a 50% loss.

As for the rest of your question, I think the only way you can win now that there are so many ETF’s is if you have a copy of their playbook. IMO this is an entirely orchestrated market and world now. Did you notice how the markets began to change as more and more investors began using the ETF’s rather than buying the individual shares? That’s when the game changed from logical to illogical. Good became bad, right became wrong, up became down, buy became sell. All logic seemed to leave the markets. Also at that time the brokers dropped their commissions from $25 per trade to $6 per trade and started pushing day trading and encouraging using margin. In the past in order to make a buy and sell trade it cost you $50. $25 in and $25 out. Now you can make the same buy and sell trade for $12, and what better place to do it than in an ETF…right? IMO investors have been  duped into ETF day trading through lies and deception. They think they are buying actual shares like in a mutual fund but in actual fact they are just buying a service that quotes the closing price of the stocks that their ETF represents. So where do all those billions of investor dollars go?Are those ETF brokers just sitting there on all that cash? or more likely, are they using all that cash to control the markets?? Ya think maybe Blackrock etc owns all those ETF’s so they have unlimited funds to do whatever they want with whatever market sector they want to manipulate?? Well, that’s what I think …… and when the time is right and all the important world currencies have been inflated to worthlessness, all they have to do is delist all the ETF’s, introduce their new crypto currency social credit cashless society, and if you do exactly as they say, you’ll own nothing but you’ll be a happy part of Klaus Schwab’s wet dream. LOL!!! All IMO!!

Or maybe sell the ETF’s, go buy phiz, and I don’t mean a phiz ETF. Only the real thing! That’s my Silverngold thoughts anyway!



Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:01 on September 14, 2022  

Silver Speeder


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