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Ruh Roh

Posted by Buygold @ 21:47 on September 25, 2022  

Things are a changin’. Slowly at first, then all of a sudden

Pound Flash Crashes 500 pips To Record Low Amid Global FX Carnage As Things Start Breaking

teaser image

The beginning of the end is finally here.

And now the biggest food market in France is on Fire !

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:52 on September 25, 2022  

96 Food Plants, Facilities Damaged or Destroyed Under Biden Presidency

See the source image

Are we facing a planned famine? According to a list published on Gateway Pundit, 96 US food plants or facilities have been damaged, destroyed, or impacted by allegedly “accidental” fires or other events from 2021 up to now—that is, during Joe Biden’s administration. Coincidence? With leftists prating of climate change, population reduction, and overpopulation? With all the evidence that the Covid-19 plandemic and the deadly vaccines were planned (and certainly continued) so as to ensure more deaths? As Bill Gates said in 2010, he hopes to reduce the world’s population by 10-15% (including through vaccines).

Meloni’s Right-Wing Alliance Wins Clear Majority In Italian Elections

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:51 on September 25, 2022  

Europe’s unelected authoritarian ruler, Ursula von der Leyen, is not going to be happy: according to early exit polls out of Italy’s national election, the right-wing bloc of Giorgia Meloni – which the ultra-left wing press just can’t stop comparing to Mussolini – is set for a historic, if largely expected, victory and a clear majority (if, however, not a super-majority) which will propel Meloni to the top of the Italian government as the country’s next prime minister, ushering in a historic right-wing shift for a country that – like Sweden until two weeks ago – has traditionally been very left-wing.



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:25 on September 25, 2022  

Europe could also liquidate gold to pay their utility bills and food. Running to US dollars. I won’t trust buying gold till they are buying it.
Until then the dollar is still a safe haven.
It’s fueling the immigrant crisis.
Think of it. Bunch of people rent a small apt each paying a small portion for the rent. With increasing pay for unskilled labor even if the save 1000 a month. They transfer to their bank say in Mexico at 20/1 that’s 20 K pesos. They’ll be rich in no time.
What are we getting with the increased interest rates? Nada .05??? At least on 1980s they increased the interest.
Until I see a reversal in the rates and dollar decline will I believe it, or until I see it unfold there.
Didn’t they start lowering interest a rates before the 08 crash that went into 2008 and housing bottomed years later.
So will they get tricked again when it gets reversed.
Probably to pull the digital currency they can dilute next and charge you for holding it.
I wonder if they have a short financials in Europe. I know they have a short Euro here. They’ll probably move to US and other markets.

Old-Timer…one picture equals 1000 words!

Posted by silverngold @ 18:25 on September 25, 2022  

And this is the picture.


IMO the ETF supposed silver inventory does not exist. If it does exist, why don’t these ETF’s permit periodic physical auditing of their silver supposed inventory?? Or for that matter, why don’t ANY ETF’s allow this?? IMO all these ETF’s are just empty bags of hot air, blown up to their bursting point….and when they pop it will be disclosed that they are empty….and that is when silver will hit ~$120 per ounce.  All IMO but WTHDIK?

Ha! Yup, in New York of all places

Posted by Buygold @ 17:49 on September 25, 2022  

Nancy Pelosi Booed At NYC Festival: ‘Doesn’t Bode Well For Dems Ahead Of Mid-Terms’

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Surprise appearance was suppose to enrapture the crowd, but instead…

Silverngold-this is v. important–thanks for posting!

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:43 on September 25, 2022  

Banking Crisis Will Start in Europe – Martin Armstrong–Armstrong has never been more positive on buying gold. Why? Armstrong explains, “We are looking at a sovereign debt default 


By  On September 24, 2022 In Political Analysis 107 Comments

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com(Saturday Night Post)

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says nothing is going to get better by the end of 2022, and he is still forecasting “chaos” coming in 2023. Armstrong says the plunge in the stock market last week is all because of “extreme uncertainty.” Armstrong predicted a stock market crash two months ago and contends, “It’s not over.”

Europe is in big financial trouble with Russian natural gas turned off as a retaliation from the sanctions. Armstrong explains, “In Europe, I believe they are actually deliberately doing this, and this is Klaus Schwab’s ‘Great Reset.’ They know they have a serious problem. They lowered rates to below 0% in 2014. They just started raising interest rates. Meanwhile, you ordered all the pension funds throughout Europe to have more than 70% in government bonds. Then they took it negative. All the pension funds are insolvent. Europe is fiscal mismanagement on a grand scale. There is no way it can sustain itself, and we are looking at Europe breaking apart.”

So, could Europe suck the rest of the world down the tubes? Armstrong says, “Oh, absolutely. Europe is the problem. . . . The crisis in banking will start in Europe. . . . The debt is collapsing. They have no way to sustain themselves. The debt market over there is undermining the stability of all the banks. You have to understand that reserves are tied to government debt, and this is the perfect storm. Yes, the (U.S.) stock market will go down short term. We are not facing a 1929 event or a 90% fall here. . . . Europeans, probably by January of 2023, as this crisis in Ukraine escalates, anybody with half a brain is going to take whatever money they have and get it over here.”

So, where is smart money going to go? Armstrong says, “Stocks are like gold, it is on the same side of the table and is opposite government debt. People are not going to be buying government debt. They are going to be looking at anything in the private sector. . . . People are buying whatever they can to get off the grid.”

Armstrong says governments are borrowing and spend huge amounts of money. The Fed will keep raising interest rates to fight inflation, but Armstrong says, “Raising interest rates will only make things worse. We have supply shortages, and raising rates will not fill the gaps.”

Armstrong has never been more positive on buying gold. Why? Armstrong explains, “We are looking at a sovereign debt default. This is what’s going on. This is why Biden will spend whatever he wants because he knows he doesn’t have to pay it back. Eventually, this is what’s going to happen. This is Schwab’s agenda.”


Posted by Richard640 @ 17:27 on September 25, 2022  

The Bear-Market Rally in Stocks, Bonds, Mortgages Wiped Out: Why This Nails the Parallel to the Dotcom Bust

But this time, there’s over 8% inflation.

By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average on Friday closed about 300 points below its June 16 low, thereby having more than wiped out the bear-market rally gains. For the Dow, the bear-market rally started on June 17 and ended on August 16. During the two-month rally, the Dow had jumped 14%. By Friday at the close, it was again down 20% from its all-time high.

The S&P 500 Index, on Friday intraday, fell through its closing low of June 16 – the infamous 3,666 – and then bounced a little to close 27 points above the June 16 low, at 3,693. During the two-month bear-market rally through August 16, the index had surged 17%. By Friday, the index was down 23% from its all-time 


SRSRocco on silver…

Posted by old-timer @ 16:45 on September 25, 2022  

Interesting examination of silver with some understandable language and impactful charts.

YouTube with 3 annoying advert breaks.

goldielocks @ 2:55…about the September 19 Mexico earthquake.

Posted by silverngold @ 16:30 on September 25, 2022  

Did you pick up on what was said at about 5 minutes 30 seconds in the video?…that just an hour prior to the earthquake Mexico was having a National earthquake exercise. Yup, just a coincidence I’m sure, but that seems to happen often wherever a major earthquake or tsunami is about to occur….so hard for me to believe these are not being created using HAARP and chemtrails.  Just Saying!


Posted by Buygold @ 14:36 on September 25, 2022  

I’m with Ipso. The only thing the Republicans can do is stop the bleeding for a couple of years with the hope that they gain the presidency as well. That’s when the rubber will hit the road and they can wipe out all the executive orders Biden has used to destroy the country. The one thing the Repubs have promised is to not fund the 87K new IRS agents. They better do it and not cut any deals for a lower number of agents and in fact should be cutting staff and implement a flat tax.

I am also really worried about election fraud in the major blue cities affecting the Senate races. The fraud is so rampant, and we saw how many votes were manufactured to beat Trump – they may be able to do that again in the Senate races since they are statewide. If the fraud is minimized, I see the Demonrats getting absolutely blown out and giving up more than 50 House seats and the Senate at least 6 seats. It could actually be worse than that in the House.

The libtard media is goosing polls to try and make things closer to put fear in Republican voters.

I believe they will also do well in the Governorships which is super important on the national level especially if we could get to the 2/3rds majority.

US Dollar long term chart

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:26 on September 25, 2022  


USA Watchdog with Greg Hunter and Martin Armstrong…basically saying you can’t fix stupid!

Posted by silverngold @ 12:11 on September 25, 2022  

Banking Crisis Will Start in Europe – Martin Armstrong


Posted by goldielocks @ 8:42 on September 25, 2022  

Yeah a few days ago. It did a lot of damage made a lot of people homeless.
I went to a few city’s along medico years back and a friend went with me didn’t want me going alone I mention on that raft trip lol but he could find his way around. He mentioned a building that they were making and said all sorts of things wrong with it. I guess they are making them better now more held up. I’m guessing the older ones had the most damage. Multi years back 10 thousand dead. I remember a miracle new born baby they pulled out of a collapsed hospital.

Micheal Is awesome

Posted by goldielocks @ 8:35 on September 25, 2022  

He doesn’t get side tracked start talking about himself drag things on or drop the ball when people need to move on being in the right place but states facts on what’s gonna happen and what to look for in gold which we pretty much know when Interest and dollar go in reverse but that’s not now. Now you should be long on dollar and short. I don’t agree on bonds a safety net except 3 month treasuries, that long bonds might work later for his portfolio I guess and only thing pulling it down.


Posted by Maya @ 3:01 on September 25, 2022  

I remember Mexico had a 7.5 mag. along the mid-south coast.  Smaller towns, not a big urban area.  That was two(?) days ago.  I know because I track earthquakes around the pacific rim for Tsunami threats daily.  Made local tsunami, but no pacific-wide threat noted.   I’m guessing it wasn’t big news because it was a rural region.

Wonder why no news on this!

Posted by goldielocks @ 2:55 on September 25, 2022  

Mexico had a bad quake destroying property in multi city’s injury and deaths.


Posted by Maya @ 2:51 on September 25, 2022  

Watching track updates… I know that dance well.  Center hit you get wind.  Side swipe you get massive rain floods.  When hurricane Lane parked next to us I got 54 inches of rain in 24 hours.  Fortunately this volcano rock drains well  Your flatland likely not so good.  Here’s hoping your high ground is high enough.

Treefrog , Maya

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:01 on September 25, 2022  

Hope it keeps moving too. Looks like Buygold ditched the first hurricane. Did you tell him they have tornados too.
Since they have to shelter I’d rather deal with the hurricanes away from the beach of course.

Maya, I will never complain about a vacation again. I hope.

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