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Hannity interviews Trump

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:43 on September 21, 2022  

I don’t think NY is coming back anytime soon. Anything these goons touch turns into a disaster. Pretty soon they’ll need armed guards just to go anywhere.
They have a vendetta on Trump. Their indefensible and can’t compare to all the good that Trump did to they have to keep trying personal attacks. Like copycat criminals. Gun slingers going after the sheriff to over run a town.
Hannity and Trump

Hello Mr C

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:25 on September 21, 2022  

Yeah they do go up in sympathy with rising S/G but doesn’t do any good if you don’t sell it before it takes it back,
I ran across something on their losses.
They have free Edgar sites but since I haven’t been trading for a couple of years but did hold a steel company and a couple of speculative gold stocks who’s companies were also losing money the rest I sold for profit. Was hoping that gold and the stocks would break through resistance so bought a few stocks and oil to hedge it.
But it didn’t it was sold into wound up the top. I had resistance on Ag at aprox 14:50 and it was sold. So that turned out to be the high.
If your going into it because it goes up when g/s moves that one thing. Holding long is another. With these stocks you not only give it back some never recover.
HL s been around for a long time. I forget how high it went back in the 80s

@ Goldilocks hi from,

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 23:10 on September 21, 2022  

That link was the source of info Richard640 found and posted, re some nut job hating AG. Meanwhile they all go down or they all go up. It was just a bunch of dumb anger comments by a Joe Blow I think. I only looked at a few and didn’t see anything at all about Snow Line gold. I like AG and have some from way back. It always flys great whenever silver takes off. HL too. All the mining shares simply need higher physical prices. We were doing great in June 2021. It’s been a long boring correction. It should be ending soon. Also dollar and rates rally should both end soon.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:08 on September 21, 2022  

Btw I think I know where a quite a few of those missing workers went. When they got stuck at home with the market they learned how to trade options. They have there TAs and work together. They trade at least 4 days a week. I kinda laugh when I hear people say where did the workers go. Lol Good for them. They might control all people some of the time, some of the people all the time and you know the rest. Lol


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:43 on September 21, 2022  

I hope so for those buying it. I saw it when it was cheaper but passed because of that statement I mentioned.
At this point with the current people at the cash register and running our country down the tubes I’m not interesting in buying anything right now other than shorts “ which did good today” and looks like Richard is gonna be a millionaire in his. I could buy into some stocks for a short term bounce for different reasons if I get bored but anything long you could get more shares for less later.
The youngster traders or their tech is pretty good at TA but not at reading the market was totally taken aback by the selling today. I think they might get stuck in short term options and don’t look down the road very far. I think they got thrown off by the buying early morning before the sell off which they should of looked out for shorts who need it to go up first. They did realize today the market has farther down to go,
Powell made it clear he wants the economy to crash, the market to crash, business and jobs loss, “ pain” and likely political too, to bail out the debt others created.

ipso @21:16

Posted by amals @ 21:24 on September 21, 2022  

Ain’t that the truth?  You’d think it was the stuff of fiction, but it’s not. It’s what really happens.  Incredible.

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:16 on September 21, 2022  

Dollar Looks TOPPY to ME

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:30 on September 21, 2022  

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:53 on September 21, 2022  

goldielocks @ 16:27

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:46 on September 21, 2022  

I don’t know what First Majestic will do but as far as Snowline goes it’s been a great success.

PS Certainly still a speculation rather than an investment.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:54 on September 21, 2022  

I should of kept that video not sure who it was but talking about AG then he switched and not to concerned about it. That’s when it was near the top.
But I find this.
Sprott who was one of the largest holders I think sold 600,000 shares at the top.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:34 on September 21, 2022  

Is it a coincidence that Bidens out trying to rally Europe against Putin just after Putin called for creating his own Gold prices.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:27 on September 21, 2022  

Some while back I watched a video don’t remember his name think it was the ceo talking about Ag and his new project snowline. Then he said he wasn’t too concerned about Ag he was focusing his new interest or project in snowline. That’s why.

So they did the expected

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:25 on September 21, 2022  

Fed Hikes Rates Another 75bps, Sends Hawkish ‘Higher For Longer’ Signal With DotPlot


They will PAY via the Hangman !

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:12 on September 21, 2022  

for killing Children and Gold …!  There will be NO place to hide ….


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:50 on September 21, 2022  

I can’t find any link between First Majestic and Snowline Gold?

Why do you say there is one?

Not wrong

Posted by Buygold @ 15:46 on September 21, 2022  

NEM has been the tell all day.

Two bits says they finish gold before the close.


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:40 on September 21, 2022  

“I scrolled that link and found this. AG is connected to snowline there new money skimming project.”

This sounds like you are inventing internet slander. Do you have a source for it? Why is it money skimming?

Did an insider sell some shares? So did I and I’m no insider just look at the chart.

Did GOLD spike up $21.00 ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:20 on September 21, 2022  

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

Buygold 14:42

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:17 on September 21, 2022  

Yeah I heard that, that was funny. Maybe it’s core math. Well when they start to reverse to there two percent and somehow can’t see that happening with these lunatics in office maybe back up the truck then get ready to sell on each leg up before the insiders do. Even the losers will follow it up in sympathy and they know their losers so will take the free ride up and sell, probably using some of that money for window dressing. There no long term holds with them.

Fun while it lasted

Posted by Buygold @ 15:13 on September 21, 2022  

but here they come laying waste to everything.

Maybe I’m wrong about that. pm’s gaining ground again. Really nice to see but really volatile.


Posted by Ororeef @ 15:10 on September 21, 2022  

The Dutch were first to use them,and they stopped,,we didnt learn anything from them ..the world gets Dumber every day .Same mistakes different idiots different day .They should build more of them at Marthas Vineyard to celebrate their political victorys their future and then they can look at them like Monuments to Stupidity remind them ,instead the natural OCEAN and its beauty .Einstein said he thought there were limits to mans intelligence ,as far as Stupidity there were NO limits …

Hi Mr Cooper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:00 on September 21, 2022  

I scrolled that link and found this. AG is connected to snowline there new money skimming project.

Dylan27 days ago
Snowline finds high grade gold price up 25% then Keith sells ya 800k shares. The game is rigged this is not and investment but welfare for insiders

Powell says everything stays the same

Posted by Buygold @ 14:42 on September 21, 2022  

they’ll keep raising until inflation hits 2%

USD is still up .5%

Everything is turning

Posted by Buygold @ 14:36 on September 21, 2022  

but gold too?! Shares too?

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