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silverngold @ 19:34

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:04 on September 13, 2022  

Was it fraud or was he just very poor at investing? Being a PM investor I know how fast one can lose money. If it was fraud then he ate a Karma sandwich!

Sounds like you had a great run in the PM shares! I had success but not like that. Am I dreaming to think that the times will again favor us? Sure seems like it was easier years ago, much more tightly controlled now.


If you have a Revised Version, or most any version of the Bible you may want to read Revelation Chapter 17

Posted by silverngold @ 21:55 on September 13, 2022  

It seems to be appropriate for the events of the past few days FWIW! It’s a short read but may help you to understand what’s coming as our future unfolds!

old-timer @ 17:05…Thanks!! Very well thought out and informative video IMO!

Posted by silverngold @ 20:34 on September 13, 2022  

FYI, my charts, which I have had now for years and IMO predict what is coming, show a silver/gold ratio of 30 to 1. That’s based on $120 silver and $3600 gold…but DYODD!

ipso facto @ 16:23…..yes, too bad because he seems like a knowledgeable guy otherwise…..

Posted by silverngold @ 19:34 on September 13, 2022  

I have a problem with the name Day. I hired a broker in the late 1990/s with that last name but to be clear I am NOT talking about Adrian. I gave that broker 400K in a discretionary account when he said they strive to return 50% per year. Well, turns out it took him 2 years and when I ask for my money back he sent me back 200K, 50% of what I had given to him. Not very funny at the time but when I started legal proceedings against him he “gave up the ghost”…literally…..and died! I still knew where I would find him but I decided not to chase him. Waaay too hot down there for me! LOL!!!

Anyway, I picked up the pieces that were left, put 1/2 into Silver and gold phiz at $5.50 and $320, opened my own trading account with ETrade, invested 70K into 108 different silver and gold miners and explorers but did almost no trading, and just after the 2008 top took out 16.5X my total original investment. I would have done better but I was investing for my mother and my inlaws too so took them out first with good profits because the PM’s were falling fast; then began unloading my own 108 PM stocks.

I wish that was the end of the story but I still had to settle with both the IRS and CRA. Turns out being a dual citizen has its disadvantages. Even though you can make 100K regular income before you are double taxed by the IRS,  Capitol Gains is not considered regular income so it does not qualify for that 100K exemption, so I got dinged twice on all my profits….but still been living debt free on OPM now for many years.

You know how you know some things but you can’t explain how you know them? Well, that’s how I know about ETF’s. I’ve done my own DD and I know it is/they are the empty bags that even the US GOV/Fed is now buying to try t make it appear they are solvent….but they’re buying nothing but empty bags of air called ETF’s that will de-list on queue when the time is right….and that time IMO is in the next few months, so all the empty bag ETF holders are gonna get their heads handed to them when TSHTF! All IMO and DYODD!

Good silver conversation…

Posted by old-timer @ 17:05 on September 13, 2022  

Bix Weir and Andy Schecktman discuss the silver situation.

Pretty interesting as they go into derivatives, the new BRICS energies, and the general supply situation.

YouTube, with a couple annoying ads that can be skipped after 5 seconds of play.

A good listen … predicts revolution in Europe

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:37 on September 13, 2022  

BOB MORIARTY – Civil War, EU Breakup, Precious Metals

BOB MORIARTY – Civil War, EU Breakup, Precious Metals

SNG This guy recommends the silver ETFs. Loses all credibility!

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:23 on September 13, 2022  


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:10 on September 13, 2022  

Re: ETFs Couldn’t agree more! They are poison to the markets.

ipso facto @ 13:56 “Death To America”…I think he means its corruption will all hang from Wanka’s lampposts! Then America can start fresh again!

Posted by silverngold @ 16:07 on September 13, 2022  

Also a new beginning to get rid of all the “pretend fortunes” the cheaters and riggers have devised and created through Derivative (ETF) trading rather than actually investing in  the actual stocks, or better yet, buying the real phiz and taking possession of it. Think about it! There are now over 10,000 ETF’s around the world. An investor thinks he/she can day trade one or two ETF’s and get rich rather than buy a basket of the actual stocks….but they are being played for fools. All the ETF’s do is TRACK the value of the underlying stocks their ETF represents and report that value daily. They have no obligation to own those companies or commodities they TRACK, and in fact, IMO, they use that huge pot of investor money to control what the various markets and stocks do. Why do you think PM’s cannot get any traction?? The answer is actually quite simple. Investor money is being used against them. The investor thinks he is buying all those stocks in the ETF but in actually fact he is giving his money to the ETF Derivative owner(s) who uses it to manipulate the markets.

In this ALADDIN video it explains that Blackrock, together with Vanguard and StateStreet, own controlling interest in over 40% of all public listed companies in America. They also  own 50% of all ETF’s, and make 80% of all trades daily. So while they get rich, we all get poor. Coincidence??? I don’t think so. Here’s that ALADDIN video again. I sure wish I was better at trying to explain what I “see” so clearly. The world is being played for the fools they are. Wake up people!!


Dow down over 1000. Yikes have some of that Jay

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:43 on September 13, 2022  

silverngold @ 13:03

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:56 on September 13, 2022  

Thanks I’ll check it out.

“Death of America” Let’s hope this is an exaggeration!

It seems if I think back to Bo Polny’s predictions he is not without mistakes.


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:52 on September 13, 2022  

“CFVI” I’m not familiar with that one. It’s got a wild chart!

Friggin dollar is moiderin us!


“Special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) CF Acquisition Corporation VI (NASDAQ: CFVI), which if all goes according to plan will be the vehicle bringing video site Rumble public,”


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:42 on September 13, 2022  

No pony isn’t the only one that can think.
As far as the Bible one of my military in laws traveled around the world putting himself in dangerous positions sometimes having to leave quickly to press the Bible. It would up killing him in the end when he got a long infection that destroyed his lungs. Regan amongst others gave him gifts but he never exploited the word of God, He helped get funding not for him self but for schools and hospitals in third world countries.

ipso facto @ 10:06….Interesting Election date in Italy…September 25, 2022

Posted by silverngold @ 13:03 on September 13, 2022  

Bo Polny mentions that date to be very significant in his last USA Watchdog presentation, and for more reasons than that. Maybe Goldielocks would like to note that date too since Bo mentions it and its significance before it comes; not after it has arrived and gone. Just saying!

For anyone who missed it, here it is again:

Biden Crash will mean Death of America – Bo Polny

It could happen ya know

Posted by Buygold @ 11:33 on September 13, 2022  

PPI comes out tomorrow and is probably going to be less than expected. Producer prices will fall before they get to the consumer.

Let’s see how they close us, this sucks but is not as bad as I thought it would be with the USD so strong. Silver is pretty strong, normally we would have given up yesterday’s gains already, but not today.

Knock on wood.

Ipso – I’ll probably pick up some more today – I have a pretty small position. CFVI is bucking the trend, the weakness in the SM hasn’t even phased it. I had this, got a good pop and then sold, but I need to put a position back on.

What we don’t need is more war

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:07 on September 13, 2022  

Armenia Requests Russian Military Assistance As Fighting Breaks Out With Azerbaijan


Hope this guy’s right

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:04 on September 13, 2022  

Bear Traps’ Highest Conviction Trade: A Perfect Storm Is About To Hammer The Dollar


The Right is in Ascension

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:06 on September 13, 2022  

A far-right politician is poised to become Italy’s first female leader

Her party, until recently, was on the fringes. She was overlooked for years by Italy’s male-dominated political class. She is an unmarried mother with a heavy Roman accent, always casual and blunt, gesturing with hands to the sky, lambasting “woke ideology” and cancel culture.

By any account, Giorgia Meloni’s rise is astonishing. In a matter of weeks, if all goes as expected, she stands to become Italy’s first female leader. She’s also set a benchmark for a far-right politician in Western Europe, earning a level of power that’s been out of reach for her counterparts in Germany and France, and doing so even after the forces propelling nationalism on the continent — a migration backlash and Euroskepticism — have waned.

But Meloni’s profile is distinctive, as is the path she’s found for political success.


I find it good that they can drop Gold $30 in a nano second

Posted by eeos @ 9:49 on September 13, 2022  

b/c we all know it can pop just as fast, some fat whales pushing small fish around

Excellon Looks to Spin-Out Globex’s Silver City Property in Saxony, Germany

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:41 on September 13, 2022  


Anyone get the number of that bus? Sheesh

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:39 on September 13, 2022  

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:23 on September 13, 2022  

Buygold @ 19:30

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:11 on September 13, 2022  

Much more likely that SNWGF will be acquired by a major and won’t be the one to build the mine. This would be much more preferable IMO. Look what happened to Marathon’s SP when they announced that they made the decision to build their mine … they got hammered.

Yep yesterday was gangbusters!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:07 on September 13, 2022  

Cassiar Gold Expands Mineralization at the Taurus East Area, with Initial Assays of the 2022 Program Intersecting 1.50 g/t Au over 22.2 m and 4.47 g/t Au over 10.5 m


i-80 Gold Drilling Expands South Pacific Zone High-Grade at Granite Creek


HighGold Consolidates Ownership of Yukon Gold Properties in Emerging Reduced Intrusive Related Gold District, Selwyn Basin


New Found Intercepts 152.1 g/t Au Over 3.85m & 12.98 g/t Au Over 14.95m at Lotto Main Vein, Confirms Continuity of High-Grade Over 220m Strike


Azimut Reports Continuous Progress on the Elmer Property


Mandalay Resources Corporation Provides an Exploration Update on Shepherd and the Newly Discovered Kendal Extension


Ascot Intercepts High-Grade Gold at the Big Missouri Deposit Including 71 g/t Over 2.0 Metres


Reyna Silver Reports High-Grade Silver and Gold Results from Batopilas Sampling 14,371 g/t Silver with 0.6 g/t Au Northeast of the Historic Silver Zone, and 32.6 g/t Au in Newly Recognized East Belt 2 km East of Silver Zone






Nighthawk Gold Announces Formation of New Wholly-Owned Royalty Company to Potentially Unlock Value for Shareholders


GoldMining Extends Mineralization At Its La Garrucha Target, La Mina Project, Colombia: Drill Results Include 431.23 m at 0.73 g/t AuEq


Intrepid Metals Identifies New Geophysical Targets at Tombstone South and Prepares for Drilling


Teuton Resources Reports Preliminary Results from a 350 m Step-out Hole, GS-22-151-W1, with 59.53 g/t AuEq over 1.5m, and In-Fill Hole GS-22-154 with 2.02 g/t AuEq over 180.0 m including 3.18 g/t AuEq over 93 m at Treaty Creek, Golden Triangle, BC


Chesapeake Provides Metallurgical Update for Metates


American Creek Reports Preliminary Results from a 350m Step-Out Hole, with 59.53 G/T AuEq over 1.5m and In-Fill Hole with 2.02 G/T AuEq over 180m Including 3.18 G/T AuEq over 93m at the Joint Venture Treaty Creek Property, Golden Triangle, British Columbia


Heritage Mining Ltd. Provides Field Program Update and Completes Airborne Geophysical Survey at its Flagship Drayton-Black Lake Property


Marathon Announces $150 Million Bought Deal Financing


Ashley Gold Corp. signs agreement to acquire Howie Lake Property


GSilver Provides Exploration Update Showing Historical High-Grade Intercepts at VMC


Dolly Varden Silver Intersects 1.60 meters of 4,326 g/t Ag, 4.2% Pb, 1.4% Zn and 1.0 g/t Au within 19.85 meters Averaging 584 g/t Ag at Wolf Vein Extension




Mundoro Provides Q2-2022 Project Portfolio Update and Outlook for H2-2022


Summa Silver Reports Additional High Grade Results from the Hughes Project, Intersecting 535 g/t AgEq over 4.6 m Including 1,273 g/t AgEq over 1.4 m


Monarch Reports 5.69 g/t Au Over 9.69 m (31.8 ft) at McKenzie Break


Great Panther Mining Announces Letter of Intent to Sell the Coricancha Mine in Peru


C3 Metals Discovers Large-Scale Epithermal Gold-Copper Vein System at Arthurs Seat, Jamaica


Orea Obtains Approval of French Sanctions Authorities for Acquisition of 100% of 5 million Ounce Montagne d’Or Gold Deposit


Orezone Intersects 23.00 m of 2.84 g/t Gold at P17S Extension at Its Bomboré Gold Mine


Almadex Reports Successful Site Visit and Sampling Program and Discusses Historic Drilling Results from the Logan Zn/Ag Project in Yukon Territory


American Pacific Mining Announces Filing of 43-101 Technical Report for the Gooseberry Project and Receives Amended Drill Permits


Makes sense now

Posted by Buygold @ 8:41 on September 13, 2022  

as to why the rally in the shares was so weak. Scum knew this would be hot.

Inflation numbers hotter than expected. Time to get crushed. I know the HUI must go back to at least 185-190, because we always test bottoms multiple times.

Ugly day

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