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I’ve seen the bull market roar back from death a dozen times since 2009, turning my smug eulogies into embarrassments.

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:56 on September 18, 2022  
The Morning Line—RICK ACKERMAN
Hope and Confidence
On the Downslope Now
And now the expansive mindset needed to propagate even fake rallies has succumbed to the growing likelihood of a severe global downturn. Nor is there a way for the central banks to significantly taper their exposure to worthless paper on their books for tens of trillions of dollars any time soon. Worse still, their foolishness has finally awakened a beast they cannot control — i.e., the dollar, a market so big that it dwarfs all other securities markets combined. Investors know this and are no longer cocksure that any asset acquired today will fetch a higher price tomorrow. Their expansive mood has swung to grimly contractionary, producing a get-ready-for-winter scramble to distribute stocks and cash out of assets. Portfolio managers may be less eager to exit than individuals at the moment, but the coming tsunami of redemptions will ultimately turn the portfolio giants into wholesale sellers of shares. Sell to whom, you ask? When Black Rock, State Street and Fidelity are the sellers, hopeful talk of a bottom will be little more than fantasy. 
I’ve been reluctant to give permabears the all-clear because, being one myself, I’ve seen the bull market roar back from death a dozen times since 2009, turning my smug eulogies into embarrassments. The most punitive and outrageous of the rallies was the monster eruption begun in March 2020, when stocks exploded from the depths of pandemic fears. What a fooler that was! Who could have guessed that prices for nearly everything were about to soar? A friend who lives in a South Jersey resort sold his home for $1.8 million, thinking he’d be able to buy it back for half that in a year or two. Instead, six months into the Covid lockdown, the house was worth $2.4 million and beyond his reach for a buyback. He’s living in an apartment now and may yet get his wish if real estate prices collapse in the current, deepening recession. Another friend brought his dream vacation home in Naples FL for $4 million, but readily parted with it when a giddy fool came along eighteen months later and offered him $7 million for it.

Thanks to all for freeze-dried info

Posted by amals @ 19:39 on September 18, 2022  


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:33 on September 18, 2022  

I looked up Delores Cannon to see what else she had learned.
To those who read Nostradamus might be interested in this one. I haven’t read it but might be interested to read her interpretation because many things she said then have since happened.
She came upon him by accident when she had someone under hypnosis and the person told her there someone here who wants to talk to her.
He wanted to tell her the codes to his writings to warn the people it’s happening now.
That he had to write in codes because if his writings on the future was exposed they would come after him.
She mentioned the pole shift. She said people got two dates from it but not sure how. One was in 2004, the other was 2029. We did have a big Tsunami in 2004 that deciphered it.
This was videoed in the 1990s I believe because she mentions his warming of having to get past it in away to stop the evil one coming in the 2000s. That if they don’t do something to change the pattern leading up to the 2000s evil will cause havoc. Doesn’t look like they did. Whom ever this person she mentioned is and don’t know if she got the info by others right but says he has a Muslim influence. One they may call the anti-Christ or 666 was living amongst us now.

Speaking With Nostradamus, With Delores Cannon – YouTube


Ipso 16:54

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:49 on September 18, 2022  

People need to learn about the power of fear and how it can be used to control them. They may see it on a personal level but not in a governmental level.
The government is not their friend but a club that chooses who will maintain their power and only give a illusion of a choice from the two choices they give them.

They will use fear to chase anyone else away who will have the answers to correct the problems they’re creating to complete their agenda to destroy this nation and those of others.
They too have fear, of losing their power and becoming impotent as it’s all they have separating them from having to live and compete on a personal level amongst the people and consequences of their choices while their prosperity could only come from using government and society even if it’s against common sense itself.
Fear has many faces. They are using it to take away their free will,
If people could collectively stand up against them, stand by the constitution and not let them single people out who are exposing them they could hear the truth and would see they had nothing to fear once their lies and games were exposed and power is gone. Giving in to this kind of fear will only create more fear.

Only then can we break the agenda to destroy mankind and get on a better path.
Then these puppets and their masters would have to face their fears themselves of the harm they’ve been doing to others.
They should see any fear baiting coming from them is a red flag and another power grab to control them and take away their free will.

Fearless Prediction

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:56 on September 18, 2022  

The UK will be re-opening numerous coal mines …

Gotta love him … Jim Kunstler

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:54 on September 18, 2022  


Between vanishing livelihoods, car-jackings gone wild, fears of stroking out or infarcting from their mRNA boosters, threats of nuclear annihilation over Ukraine, and remorseless waves of mindfuckery emanating from the evil machine fronted by “Joe Biden,” is it any wonder that Americans struggle to understand what is happening to our country?

Last week, the “president” blurted out “we beat Big Pharma!” That was a shocker. He didn’t elaborate. Did the White House staff and the Pfizer C-suite meet for a volleyball game at Rehoboth beach? Karine Jean-Pierre didn’t say. Nor did anyone mention the government-purchased 171-million doses of the new bivalent Covid “vaccines” the FDA is rolling out. Do you wonder what the price-per-dose was? Go suck an egg… you’re not allowed to know. The compliant search engines will not tell you. Not even the one that goes quack. That was some “beat,” though, huh? Wait for the news about who actually steps up to take this new, virtually untested shot. Hint: people who live under a rock.


Gerald Celente has not lost any of his fire!

Posted by silverngold @ 16:45 on September 18, 2022  

Creating the Worst Socioeconomic & Geopolitical Crisis in History – Gerald Celente


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:42 on September 18, 2022  

ipso facto @ 16:20&27….Ain’t that/those the truth!

Posted by silverngold @ 16:33 on September 18, 2022  

silverngold @ 15:00

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Our enemies … they must hate the publicity!

Good one!

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:20 on September 18, 2022  

One Picture Equals 1000 Words!

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This has got to be the most beautiful voice on earth….or in Heaven. Hard to believe it is not coming from an Angel!

Posted by silverngold @ 14:32 on September 18, 2022  

I admit to goosebumps combined with tears whenever I hear it. IMO it is the purest SILVERNGOLD!

Dr. Peter McCullough reveals the extent of Big Pharma’s COVID crimes in new book

Posted by silverngold @ 13:48 on September 18, 2022  

Listen to Dr McCollough’s qualifications….the best in the world…. and big pharma and government are trying to shut him up by any means possible!

Come one Come All

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:33 on September 18, 2022  

It took 11 years for Dollor to go from low to High against the Euro ..was that influenced by the Sun Spot Cycle ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:00 on September 18, 2022  

Got gold?

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:33 on September 18, 2022  

In 1979 gold went from 250 to 850 with a 19%-20% interest rates  rising so rates do not necessarily have to crash gold.


Core Inflation Is Still Rising

As I warned last week in my article ‘It’s A Fact That Needs Repeating: The Federal Reserve Is A Suicide Bomber,’ inflation is continuing to rise despite the Fed’s continued interest rate hikes, giving the central bank even more ammunition to justify higher rates into extreme economic weakness.
The latest CPI print showed an increase to 8.3% and was a shock to markets which universally expected a drop. This is the nature of stagflation – Even with falling demand prices continue to climb or remain high for extended periods. The stagflation event of the 1970s lasted for a decade until the Fed jacked rates to 21% and then employment crumbled in the early 1980s.
This doesn’t mean that rates will go to 21% this time; they don’t need to. All it would take is a Federal Funds Rate of around 4% – 5% to crash our current QE addicted system. A 75 bps rate hike is now widely expected at the next Fed meeting this month, with some predicting a 100 bps hike. This would put us close to crash territory for markets and for employment, though I think we still have well into 2023 before unemployment really starts to spike.


More on UFOs

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 7:37 on September 18, 2022  

I’ve recently watched a very good documentary on UFOs. It is called “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”. I found it very interesting as it was taken from both a scientific and spiritual perspective, including how a meditative state can be conducive to contact.

Here is a Prime Video link, but there are other online sources.

Morning Ipso, Maya

Posted by Buygold @ 6:14 on September 18, 2022  

Ipso – yes, I confused the two. I’m still waiting to pick up the second tranche. I haven’t looked at Skeena lately.

Maya – so cool, I’d love to see a UFO. Probably just don’t look up enough.

Pretty interesting from Sprott, hopefully they are right about bottoming soon and on its way to $2300

The Tipping Point for Gold



Posted by goldielocks @ 5:13 on September 18, 2022  

That was very similar to what I saw including the movement but when it moved away it was extremely fast and was out of sight in a second or so.
Perhaps that’s the answer telepathic.
I was once including a psychic that would find missing children. Until one call I made they had to find a child immediately or he would be killed and told him the approximate area where he was and described it to a T as was discovered after the news came out. Because I had the ability to read the said officer on the phone I could see what he looked like the expression on his face he didn’t believe me and the child died that night. I saw him die and couldn’t do anything about it. I prayed my ability away. It’s still there but I can’t control it like I used to like Turing in a TV at will.
Another male psychic tries to lure me back but no go and was very big in psychic community and witchcraft which I didn’t do. He said I was the best psychic I ever seen but understood why I didn’t want to go back. He had to stop finding kids. 50/50 could be already dead finding them and their killer. I found a few high profile like the black killer killing children in Georgia back in the 70a. A black man came to me asked if I could help. I described him to a T a truck what he looked like and liked discos. They found him.
Still it seemed very real in the physical sense. For some reason I ran across a blog and a person in my county saw the same thing in a different day on a different street. I could see he didn’t want people to think he was imagining it so referee to it as a craft he never seen before and right there like he put it out there, did anyone see it besides him. Comments were closed so I couldn’t answer.

UFOs & Telepathy

Posted by Maya @ 1:25 on September 18, 2022  

There is an aspect of telepathy related to UFOs.  “They” know when they are being observed.  I saw one once and wondered mentally “Is that a UFO?”    Immediately the thought flooded my mind:

“Yes… Watch this!”

Whereupon the UFO made a right angle turn, cruised a bit, then another right angle turn back to original track and disappeared behind a cloud.

Not a doubt in my mind.

I’m not info UFOs but don’t deny their existence.

Posted by goldielocks @ 1:02 on September 18, 2022  

But this caught my eye while looking for something else and haven’t seen it all but she makes sense although will watch the rest later.
What caught my attention was when she said that she had people see UFOs when driving but it seemed like no one else could see it but them. That happened to me but wasn’t thinking UFO just some strange aircraft hovering around. When I could finally stop and get my camera it flew off and disappeared. She said that’s because it was individual and meant on for that person. She went in to saying they bring us messages even if we’re not aware of it in the usual sense it has been seeded for when you’ll need it. It’s pretty interesting.


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:33 on September 18, 2022  

Silver Streakin’


Freeze Dried

Posted by Maya @ 0:19 on September 18, 2022  

Yes, Mountain House is among the best.  And the Harvest Right freeze-drier is useful for doing you own… if you can afford the unit.  I have been concentrating on meat proteins, rather than the ‘ready to eat’ meals.  Protein will be the hard to obtain item.  I grow fruits & veggies on my property, and there are plenty of farmers in the area for me to barter with for carbohydrates.

I have been going online on eBay for freeze dried, and found one supplier claims to be a gov’t contract supplier.  Bulk cooked ground beef in mylar packets at prices better than most offers.  Freeze dried will keep for 25 years or so… great long term storage.

Beef prices now are (relatively) low as herds are being liquidated due to the drought.  Now is the time to buy beef.  It will be going much higher as herds are eliminated.   And it will take years to grow more supply in non-drought conditions.   Meanwhile, there’s a world war cooking…


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