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@goldilocks re 9:16 Gas Shortage

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:52 on October 31, 2022  

Hi I don’t know if there is a gas shortage or not. What I was talking about an extremely low nat gas PRICE, and making a bet the price would go up the next day or soon.  I think the problem I see is a very high price for storage and delivery of the stuff. Basically I’ve just been trying to find decent trends and ideas. And I pass them on to you guys. I hope none of you are onto something that makes money and you’re not sharing. Nothing is the same anymore.

Evidently it used to be a lot cheaper for storage and making long distance deliveries. And ya know? Thats right. Its not supposed to be artificially cheap. So “they can’t get away with that” anymore. Produce closer to where its needed makes sense. Airline tickets are too cheap also. Gold and Silver are too cheap. So we just have to relax and wait as things try to get back to normal. Correct prices.

Halloween Ghouls

Posted by Maya @ 19:51 on October 31, 2022  

Plenty of subject matter, and WilliamBanzai7 has outdone himself for the appropriate holiday:



Buygold @ 18:35

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:39 on October 31, 2022  

Re: The Canary

Good thought! I hope the BRICs have more sense than to accept “an idea” instead of real value!

We could send them NFTs of $100 dollar bills! LOL

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:16 on October 31, 2022  

Thanks for all that typing but I know about the gas shortage and the shorts.
I have post on going short on things in before you said you were going to try it out lol
Basically the gas shortages are in Europe mainly prices here but we could have a problem with that too ahead of us thanks to these morons in the WH.I see their prices and others every morning. Saw them creating up earlier than usual. Right now we might be topping with this bounce but will have to see which way things go this Wednesday.

Overton, drb2, Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 18:35 on October 31, 2022  

Overton – thanks for the GROY research. I think GROY is also a Sprott favorite. Just hoping to lock into another Kirkland Lake. We desperately need some higher metals prices.

drb2, Ipso – the canary in the coal mine for the CBDC may be that the BRICS might not accept it as payment if it’s not backed by anything but air. The BRICS and the rest of the world already have a problem with the USD, hard to imagine they’ll just rollover for an unbacked CBDC.

If they do agree to take it, then I guess the whole world is in on the fiat system and the globalists have things all sewn up.

LOOKS are deceiving

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:54 on October 31, 2022  

Pelosi looks like a well groomed gentleman,but is rotten inside ,his wife is the same despite her face jobs  looks good but is rotten inside….eventually the rot comes out and the cover is blown despite the money spent on fine cloths,hair do and face lifts ,his actions by getting caught with scum associates and off beat friends rubs off and you become known by the company you keep.. When you lie down with dogs,you wake up with fleas…. they use money and political coercion  to cover up their scum financial lifestyles of insider trading . It catches up with you…She is finished politically….Its going to take a lot of bribery to make this look good…

Yes , not just tedious but arduous

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 16:17 on October 31, 2022  

…and her hands were severely crippled by arthritis , so the pain was intense . I’ve seen her with tears streaming down her face from the pain , but she never complained . She was gifted with an ear for perfect pitch . I was over in that area years later (90’s) , and a neighbor told me that she had had both legs amputated before she went to her well-deserved reward .

Alex Valdor

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:08 on October 31, 2022  

“filing the tines”

Sounds damn tedious!

In the 70’s , an elderly Swiss lady came over on vacation

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 16:06 on October 31, 2022  

to see her brother in Montreal . She was complaining that the strong Swiss Franc was a detriment to Swiss exports of their quality merchandise ; Hermes typewriters were made in her town and sales were off drastically because of Japanese competition . She made a living tuning the little forks that went into Swiss music boxes . I am sure that her brother paid for her trip , because she had been making 3 cents per fork tuned by filing the tines .
The Swiss banks were doing well thanks to numbered accounts and depositor secrecy at the time .

Alex Valdor @ 14:19

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:31 on October 31, 2022  

Looks like the Swiss have been more careful about the value of their currency. Back then I think they had quite a bit of gold, less so now I think. They were smart to stay out of the Euro system.


old-timer @12:34 Cockamamie Story

Posted by commish @ 15:25 on October 31, 2022  

@goldilocks re gold

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:46 on October 31, 2022  

Something to think about. Re profitable versus loser companies. Sometimes when a sector gets popular, frenzied panic buying, like the early dot come days for example some non related companies change their name to sound like it’s one of the popular group to get attention from investors that will buy anything that has the right sounding name. I can’t think of any right now maybe you can. Even dead turkeys fly in a hurricane?

Don’tcha remember the times the PMs sector got hot? Every idiot on the planet was jumping into our sand box and drove things too high, then it crashes and the newbies bail out and drive them too low. I’m holding decent miners that were too cheap to sell.

If your bored, I posted lots of ideas recently just look for old posts. I called the bottom on Nat Gas. On 10/24 I mentioned UNG at $18.64, UNL at $19.86, GAZ at $22.96, BOIL at $36.

I told you all about a group Nat Gas Storage and Transport tickers TRMD ASC INSW STNG etc back in August I think.

Also some short the market ETFs like SOXS TECS QID SCO and TZA.

IPSO re; Swiss Franc

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 14:19 on October 31, 2022  

In the early 1960’s I spent several months working in Switzerland .
At that time the dollar bought 4 Swiss Francs .
Now they are virtually at par .

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:11 on October 31, 2022  

I have a idea. Look at it this way.
If you had two farmers and one had a good crop and the other didn’t have enough fertilizer or a drought hit and the crops failed so now he can he even pay his loan back “ and in this case I think they need help to save the farms,” but not gonna happen in mining. The ones with the crops are going to benefit from less availability but the other one has nothing to sell even if the prices go up.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:57 on October 31, 2022  

I may feel like many bugs when something is due but don’t try to speculate on it.
That’s no different than gambling your money away. It reminds me of that game roulette game where you can bet on red or black. It hit one color multi times and people throw all this money on the other “ because it’s due.” I did figure out that game although I only saw it a few times but won a friend I met up with in Nevada a lot of money on it once when he asked me to take over for him for a while.
It wasn’t the colors it was the numbers and the velocity of the wheel with the little marble spinning around to where approximately it was going to go to next. Then my friend comes back goes wow I gave it back to him and what did he do give it back and those colors were part of it because they were due. Frigging idiot.

Physical is one thing, producers making money are one thing but we’re not in a environment that gold likes. The ones in debt and not making money, it’s not going to make a difference if gold goes up or not if there NOT producing it or enough to both pay their debts and make money off of it. Maybe a day or position trade and risky even then if the market is in a situation that’s good for gold but right now it isn’t. Even with the dollar going down I don’t think that’s gonna last but you just have to watch. It’s not just the dollar so would likely be temporary anyways. And with these miners not making money plus energy costs going up with it there at real risk of going under right now.
If your gonna go long I’d stick with the established producers that know how to run a business not some guy who the thinks they hit the jackpot somewhere not sure how much and no clue how to run a business and no money. Once it gets going maybe take risks but when then be careful if they need money because by then if they do borrow and can borrow is the question and not established theres gonna be high interest attached to it so they better be making money to pay it or day trade the specks and get the heck out.

Kiyosaki always a good listen

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:21 on October 31, 2022  

goldielocks @ 12:51Re Miners They Were On The Moon In June 2021

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:20 on October 31, 2022  

They have been falling ever since that month. While everything else went up. So they are past due to gain popularity. The regular stuff was on the moon Jan 2022, so they were past due for a bear mkt, they only just started their bear mkt, and miners are past due for a rally. The miners need higher gold prices, that the bottom line. And we all saw gold going from $140 to $850 as rates went from 5% to 21%.

I have to stop being a miner stock therapist now LOL. So, we all have to ask ourselves if we think gold will make new all time highs above the old $2050/oz highs last march. The USD was very low at 89 in march 2021, and it got very high lately 114 in late sept. It went down below 110 last week, on a possible dead cat bounce now to 111.

Re the Fed raising or lowering rates before the elections next week. At first I thought they would lower them to help a dow rally and democrats win. But if they raise rates Wednesday, it might suggest they are still scared shit of a runaway inflation, and or they want and need the thrifty and practical republicans to win.

goldielocks @ 12:03

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:55 on October 31, 2022  

This Marxist control of the schools has been a long time coming. It’ll take a long time to rout these effers out. Probably be a lot of private schools established in the meantime.

Mr Cooper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:51 on October 31, 2022  

Well I look at it this way. If they were not over bought in a bull market they’re sure not gonna be in a bear market. Especially if there like Zelensky yelling give me more. I need more money and not enough income to pay it back. This is not a good time to speculate on stocks not earning enough money to run their company yet alone make a profit. How long can they last before running out of other people money. Oh don’t give your money to a company that can make you money give it to me so you can lose it. I’m sure everyone here got burnt by one or more of those mining company’s.
The Fed had got the investors scared right now. That they’re going to raise the rate to 5 percent and that they are going to expand the rate hikes past February.

drb2 @ 11:45

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:50 on October 31, 2022  

The idea of CBDCs scare the hell out of me! If people were more aware the populace would never let it happen. As it is many people would welcome it because it’s “convenient.” Sheesh

James Kunstler with his take on Pelosi…

Posted by old-timer @ 12:34 on October 31, 2022  

Including titbits from the DUI, he paints a picture that generates tons of questions.

Cockamamie Story

@ Goldilocks re speculation, it’s related to popularity

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:28 on October 31, 2022  

The miners were not overpriced, everything else was. Energy related stocks are popular these days but the mob or herd isn’t on to it yet and may be already fully invested and sitting on losses with no cash. Energy and metals are most important. Not cell phones and technology. Technology needs energy and metals to produce technology. Metals and energy don’t need technology. We did moon landings and 747 aircraft without computers. Technology is bull shit for advertisements.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:19 on October 31, 2022  

With a lot of these junior and micro explorer type mining stocks history I wouldn’t be surprised of continued selling the stocks driving them down as well as reverse splits and any investor crazy enough to risk speculating on them them will be throwing good money after bad in them losing it. Some may be bought out if they have the real goods not just say they do while others go bankrupt.
It’s a time to be looking at their dept to income ratio.

Ipso 9:36

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:03 on October 31, 2022  

Looks like parents need a parent Union and be calling the FBI on them.
Purge them from their schools, send them to Cuba. Then implement more stringent hiring practices where they know what their job description is, a background and social media check and who has legal control of their children and it’s not them and not deviate from it or grounds for termination. Period

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:51 on October 31, 2022  

Or kill overboard speculation that drives up real estate and stocks.

Those speculative stocks will be mining stocks too as the interest rates on lending rise.
And what was the Fed doing buying up all those mortgage backed securities and whom
Are they going to unleash them on?

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