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forecast for wed & thurs – wind and rain. lots of each.

Posted by treefrog @ 23:28 on September 23, 2022  



Posted by ipso facto @ 23:02 on September 23, 2022  

HT had a rather troublesome parting with his “pals!”

This is Crazy

Posted by commish @ 21:41 on September 23, 2022  


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:34 on September 23, 2022  

It’s better if they have their own life cuz I’m a bit unsteady on my feet now with this nerve damage think abd you kinda have to be in shape around them cuz you never know. I had to give CPR to a widow after she was attacked by a man for instance not one of them way back. Last time few yrs back went to Oregon I wound up heading with another widows her daughters armed over something else to watch the daughter while she went after someone but knew her since she was a baby from southern cal
I decided to do reverse psychology on her she had new friends a new life wished her the best. Besides she didn’t want Trump lol Luckily that side tract happened so we didn’t go see them she knows I try to avoid fights. She said these are older guys. Lol I suppose it would of been fun but they just can’t seem to stay out of fights.
One associated with them here and friend when newer here took me rafting after I said I missed rafting. Well even on a boat in the water a fight with another boat but they started it. They even stopped on a Island drinking beer waiting for him, The boat came by and I knew that guy was in the eager hiding behind the boat when they said to me he “ my friend did this and that I said your friend did this first and that first.
The mom who I hung out with told him I liked her better lol you should appreciate more was a Christian got all over them about taking me along. She said you were brave going out in the River with these drunks and her sons quiet. He couldn’t say he wasn’t cuz I had to help them in boat off Island and take it out, I told him I thought was a trip for me not you lol . But at least I knew where it was “ AND Go BY MYSELF next Time.
Beside that if you commit you have to attend certain things like meetings. Plus who knows.


Posted by amals @ 21:08 on September 23, 2022  

Typos…  I think I still got most of the story, lol. I had a feeling that you must have known some of them from what you said before. Stories from another time. If people aren’t nostalgic for those days now, they might be before we’re finished.  Don’t know what Armstrong sees coming, but he’s not the only one who has a bad feeling; I know I do.


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:21 on September 23, 2022  

Sorry about the typos I need reading glasses now got them not used to wearing them.


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:15 on September 23, 2022  

I knew a lot of them. I chose another way in life but kept running into them everywhere. More on family side like one made a part of a bike he gave to them as he could make so much or his dad did he was not a but but suspected his dad was involved and I didn’t want to know anymore. They always look out fir me but it always turned out I looked after them. Keeping them out of trouble or medical my like his dad where Tony Pony another one a head of a chapter here asser away around heres brother would he over there a lot. I liked the mom and she called me wen pop “ her husband” sick with cancer her husband to help her with the IVs so he could stay home.
Sonny’s sister used to babysit from southern cell so see how to northern call still run into them. She has some sons and a daughter Sonnys niece about my age, I tried to discourage her about fighting. Then I would up getting a fight myself over someone threatening her then me. Then she’s like sonoo… lol She’s looking all over my body I said what are you doing? She said I heard about the fight cuz her brother was around and she said she’s all F up but I don’t see nothing wrong with you, So we wound up joking about staying out of trouble.
So more on the family side not the guys except one friend a Vietnam who came helped me out of way north Calif associated with them and stayed with them for awhile. A few more friends two wife’s of along the way.
I had no time for road trips.

goldie @ 18:44

Posted by amals @ 19:47 on September 23, 2022  

Sonny was still top dog when Hunter Thompson hung out with them to research/write his book on the Hell’s Angels. Pretty good read for those interested in the subject.  I always liked the idea that H.T. chose to ride a BSA since I am an enthusiast of Brit bikes of that era.  Got a few myself.  If anyone is curious, they are the source of my handle.  They all had Amal carburetors.

Maddog @ 15:27, 9/23

Posted by amals @ 19:38 on September 23, 2022  

LOL! Probably good advice.  I’m gonna need a lot of help when they get a look at my portfolio of the last twenty years.

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:44 on September 23, 2022  

Just heard the Sonny Barger of the H A had passed away a little while ago.
He had a super nice sister, she was tough but very nice lady. Super good babysitter. Didn’t have to worry about your child going hungry if you got stuck at work and kids felt safe with her. I worried about her own health though and don’t know if she’s still with us. If she is hope they watch out for her, as she did your others.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:26 on September 23, 2022  

Don’t trust them. They can almost predict a change in direction like it’s short ZSL you might have better luck with it stay neutral had a reverse split around the top of silver run. It had quite a run too. Might still run a bit.

Trump Rally Tonight in North Carolina

Posted by commish @ 16:33 on September 23, 2022  

Give me liberty or give me death

goldielocks re AGQ Long Silver Yes Was Good Jan Feb March

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:30 on September 23, 2022  

I’m new at these short ETFs really I don’t like ETFs but my friend got me interested starting with QID. Good for practice with minimum cash and short-term small plays. If things keep crashing good enough deep enough and fast enough, get it over with, then the markets can’t go any lower, and up they go?

Maddog – see how the scum did that?

Posted by Buygold @ 16:16 on September 23, 2022  

They put gold just above resistance yesterday at $1680 to give some hope, then bam this am.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:13 on September 23, 2022  

Haven’t looked at it in awhile now but you missed a good run in Agq.

@Wuff Wuff Things Are Looking Pretty Extreme Lately, May See Everything Bounce Monday

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:55 on September 23, 2022  

In fact, just sold that little TZA play now, got 20% net in a few days, unfortunately very small position. Can’t trust any trends lately so I go in easy. Maybe use the money to short the USD on highs with UDN? And long low gold UGL? Long Silver AGQ? Just went AGQ Silver long.

Here’s your COT

Posted by Buygold @ 15:54 on September 23, 2022  

CFTC Commitments of Traders Report – CMX (Futures Only)

Gold looks good, silver not so much.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:53 on September 23, 2022  

Didn’t say what’s going to happen in January but said the computer said all hells gonna break loose. I can’t see that looking good for the SM but was pointing to gold.
I’m still speculating on oil near end of the year for next year but will still have stops. Maybe PMs maybe not.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:44 on September 23, 2022  

Speculation for a bottom. Thing is the market doesn’t rebound in one big candle and bear runs happen along the way one could jump in and out if they wanted but missing the train doesn’t happen in one day. It more oh man should of bought this months ago.

I’m speculating that this gap up in shorts stocks to create a illusion on Monday they’re gonna attempt to fill the gap and if it doesn’t fill maybe even if it does but for immediate especially if it doesn’t then SM longs are gonna keep heading down.
I remember hearing one institutional trader say the thinks S&P could drop to around 31000 before it’s over. Don’t know but guessing big money is shorting with big money.

Correction Spx 3100 aprox but his opinion.

Here come the bargain hunters…aka the scum…..bidding SM…Meanwhile PM’s still under cosh.

Posted by Maddog @ 15:34 on September 23, 2022  

Re Russia and Ukraine?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:34 on September 23, 2022  

Its all beginning to sound like the global bullies want Putin (like Trump) out and regime change in the old USSR. A new puppet gov’t. Hell it looks like they did regime change here too, when they threw out Trump with that abnormal questionable election.

Seems like some country or another is always in the doghouse. Cuba, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, N. Korea, now its Russia. Who’s next? Well, it would have been USA if Trump stayed. I think Putin liked Trump and got pissed when he saw what the deep state did to Trump before during and after he was elected president.

Stock markets down a lot. Even Oil. A few of my friends got inflation spooked and locked in heating oil prices on the highs. Gad. When prices are high, people think its going higher. When prices are falling to lows, people think its going lower.



Posted by goldielocks @ 15:30 on September 23, 2022  

Lol 😂 cash on hand might be a good idea. Patients or go short right now, plenty to choose from.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:27 on September 23, 2022  

I’d save yr cash…for when u have to provide a psychiatric report, that proves u weren’t insane when u owned PM shares …..you’ll need the best and they ain’t cheap.

Richard640 @ 9:21, 9/23

Posted by amals @ 14:49 on September 23, 2022  

I used to own both CDE and HL many years ago.  If low $2 range is your target for CDE, what is your target for HL? I have some cash to deploy; I could see owning both again.

ha that’s funny about ikea

Posted by eeos @ 12:56 on September 23, 2022  

They are the world’s most innovative company taking worthless saw dust and packing it into all kinds of fancy shapes that people pay a fortune to assemble themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if they load boats full of worthless mill byproducts, move out to international waters, dump a bunch of crap back into the water and call it furniture. You know many countries do this, this is all the crap you see online with Wayfair and Walmarts of the world. Same with criminal Jake Jabs at American (Chinese) Furniture Warehouse so he can walk around with his spooky white tigers. You can create something from nothing at a bottom-line price, but it comes at unseen costs. Same with Harbor Freight. I’m building a treehouse for my girls and I bought this YUGE 3 foot pipe wrench for $20, the same ones you see at Home Depot for $200 plus made by Milwaukee. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re cast in the same Chinese Factory. One for Milk-walk-me and the next four for a supplier to HArbor Freight. I’m only using the tool once to install these massive TAB’s (treehouse attachment bolts), and it did the job with ease. HF is an interesting business model that needs to be studied in detail. They’re the fastest retail brick-and-mortar tool sales company in the USA. Plus real tools get stolen from job sites, no one wants a HF tool (that’s a thieving) b/c you can buy one for less than a criminal can pawn one. Need to rent a tools from Home Depot? Don’t bother. If you break it you may have to purchase it. At HF they just give you new ones. Messed up world. Lessons learned by eeos.

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