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One picture equals 1000 words! Probably closer to the truth!!

Posted by silverngold @ 21:24 on September 10, 2022  

Could use him now

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:46 on September 10, 2022  

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:39 on September 10, 2022  

“The economy of imaginary wealth is being inevitably replaced by the economy of real and hard assets”
– Vladimir Putin, September 2022

9 minutes of truth from Canada’s Prime POS Traitor. Worth every moment of exposure IMO! Yes, it’s a spoof but nonetheless the truth IMO!

Posted by silverngold @ 18:29 on September 10, 2022  

How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom!


Who Was Behind Operation Warp Speed? Congress, Biden & Obama Plotted Mass Bioweapon Scheme Years Ago.

Posted by silverngold @ 16:21 on September 10, 2022  

Please do NOT pass this up. It actually goes all the way back to GW Bush. Only 15 minutes and exposes lots!


Truth Leak

Posted by Maya @ 15:44 on September 10, 2022  

“Nothing To Do With Man” – Astrophysicist Says Climate-Cultists “Are On A Gravy Train” To Make Money



BUYGOLD–OK, got it.

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:27 on September 10, 2022  
$HUI Count Update. If 144.13 is taken out , then this count is invalidated. Breeze

Report TOU Violation

R640 – I meant to say

Posted by Buygold @ 11:34 on September 10, 2022  

the USD is down 11.5% against real goods since 2020!


Posted by goldielocks @ 10:36 on September 10, 2022  

I agree on your points too. If there’s anyone left I wonder what they’ll call this era? Mad Science, Science fiction, the year when people went mad, the study of Darwinism and how we narrowly missed extinction?
Here’s the video of Kunstler posted a few months ago.
This is the video I saw where he talks about a variety of things from economy vaccines inflation/deflation and gold, He has quite a sense of humor mixed with a honest opinion.
He said he didn’t know much about Klaus Schwab. He reminds him of a cartoon character. He looks like someone from a James Bond movie where he should be sitting in a bunker with a Persian cat on his shoulder. lol

Goldi–excellent points and I agree on all of them

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:40 on September 10, 2022  

The great Mike Ballinger on 9/7

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:39 on September 10, 2022  

That said, the entire spectrum of junior miners and explorers and developers in my wheelhouse have all been trashed to some degree and as I have written/admitted/confessed on the altar of self-recrimination, they currently represent the unmitigated best buying opportunity since the COVID lows of March 2020 and the GFC crash of 2008. As I look back, avoiding “all things mining” might have been the better path because they certainly have been pummeled despite superior balance sheets than 99% of tech stocks and 99.95% of crypto.


Posted by goldielocks @ 9:11 on September 10, 2022  

That’s the good and the bad about the internet.
They can use it to get information we otherwise wouldn’t get from MSM.
On the other hand the left saw that as a threat to there MSM propaganda as Hillary mentioned once saying free speech of alternative media is winning basically admitting to lies and propaganda. They had to sabotage next.
So here comes the “ progressives” attack on free speech on the internet calling it policy’s and “ values”, and the cancel culture that attacks people personally even if not politically involved in anything like the Christian baker where “ values” don’t matter.

Another problem that evolved is people think they can just voice their option on internet. No one is confronted on the internet. All it can do is provide information.
In our days we’d show up and confront them. That’s the difference.

When the parents showed up at school boards to confront them on the BS propaganda there feeding their kids and perversion and fantasy land mentally ill “Mr” little Ms hot mess reading sick gay books targeting children who’s brains aren’t firmed yet about men’s hips going swish swish swish.

Even then what do these progressive marxist do? Garland and the marxists conspire to sick the FBI on them planning on labeling them domestic terrorist instead of siding with parents on the real terrorists targeting their children promoting mental illness as normal and.instead of uniting the nation dividing it by skin color where white children are oppressors and black children are oppressed. Propaganda and child abuse. Luckily the republicans exposed it and confronted Garland then had to walk it back .
If the parents don’t go after these predators who will? The people supposed to be protecting them are in on it.

That’s the power of showing up and confronting these cowards and having the majority of people left sane backing them.
It drove moderate demos away with harassment from the progressive marxist party so they could just grow instead of confronting them and voting against them when they had the chance.
I don’t think they’re even legitimate demos anymore but a party of marxists and morons. Weak links doing damage to our true potentials, beliefs, country and constitution trying to bring us backwards to a primitive a bug eating time. But that’s progressive. Maybe someone should send them a box of bugs. Yum yum.

Kunstler made another point on the inflation/ deflation dilemma months ago although didn’t see what you read. He thinks the same as me on the subject, we could have both. He said they’re making it harder for businesses to get loans plus higher interest rates.
Another thing that will hurt businesses and cause job loss. Also came to mind farms that take out loans for their growing season.

R640 – agree on the USD

Posted by Buygold @ 8:48 on September 10, 2022  

It is strong against other garbage, but the purchasing power of the dollar has lost 11.5% against real goods. Imagine what it must be like in Europe?

I think silver is on track for a massive move higher at some point here soon. $30+

Now more Kunstler from your article today:

“A little birdie told me to expect a last gasp stock market rally the next ten days, with the Dow nearing 35,000. What a set-up. Markets are truly diabolical the way they prey on human wishes. God help the suckers watching CNBC.”


A couple of paragraphs from Kunstler in his Sept. 2 work

Posted by Buygold @ 8:16 on September 10, 2022  

“Following Mark Zuckerberg’s epic mistake telling Joe Rogan that the government used his company, Facebook, and Jack Dorsey’s Twitter, to squash the first amendment, the wheels came off any pretense that this was not direct interference in the 2020 election by activists in government. For a whole year, the FBI sat on evidence that candidate “Joe Biden’s” family was running an international grifting operation fronted by his son Hunter, and when news reports about the notorious laptop began to leak out, the agency used its considerable powers of intimidation to make the news disappear. Now the FBI fears the next step: who exactly in the agency managed that operation along with supervisory agent Timothy Thibault — hustled into retirement days ago after lawyering up — and who, in that exceedingly hierarchical org, approved of it? It’s all coming out now.”

Question: Is Zuckerberg really that stupid? Or maybe he wanted to get ahead of the slaughter that is sure to come? Maybe FB is getting a huge amount of death threats?

“The war in Ukraine instigated by “JB” and Company hasn’t panned out so well on any grounds — as a distraction from problems at home, as a geopolitical gambit against Russia, or as anything remotely beneficial to Ukraine itself. The endgame on all that approaches as Germany and the rest of NATO are forced to the negotiating table, with or without the USA’s cooperation, or else face a rapid return to the thirteenth century. The terms will end up being more embarrassing than the exit fiasco a year ago from Afghanistan. The voters will notice it had nothing to do with white supremacists. Yes, they will.”

However, while it won’t be white supremacists, it will be white men leading the charge to topple this corrupt, ILLEGITIMATE Gov’t. when it happens.

What if this is further proof that the election was stolen? No question Biden will face an impeachment proceeding immediately after the Repubs win, if this election is not stolen either. What is the remedy for a stolen election if it goes to the Supreme Court?

I truly believe God is using Trump and some others to restore our culture.

The is an article in Zero Hedge about civil war here–this is a comment by a reader

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:07 on September 10, 2022  
The first civil war had a key element that our society now lacks………leadership.
The South had these things called “men”……..men that other men would follow into battle, men with the character and respect that other men would trust their lives with, men that had integrity, morals, and principles that are unheard of in the people who possess any position of leadership and power today.
Are there issues I would fight and die for?  You betcha.  Is there anyone on the field right now I would follow?  Not a chance.
Until there is viable leadership, there will be no “civil war.”  It will take some state governors and state legislatures to step up.  I live in one of the most conservative states in this country.  The leadership of my state is a long way from rebelling………and most of them would be okay with Chump at the helm………and that would leave me out………because I wouldn’t follow “captain bone spurs” across the street, much less into battle.
Leadership is the key.  God raises up men in His time……..or it just won’t happen. 
Just too much for you guys, isn’t it?  You’re too scared to vote on my comment because you might go on a list or get flagged, right?
I am not for usurping the Constitution…….I am all about restoring the Constitution.  There is no place for a federal reserve under the provisions of the Constitution of the United States……..and I would stand on the floor of the House or Senate and tell them so.  If you can’t voice your dissent with the criminal element running this country, then you would/will never reach a point where you would physically fight against it.
What this federal government is doing with Ukraine is completely beyond their scope of authority as well.  The list is long and wide of their infractions.   Don’t even get me started on their NDAA and Patriot Act bullshit.

Buygold-Yes, I think Kunstler was quite the liberal in his younger days-with age, hopefully, comes wisdom

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:57 on September 10, 2022  

I think G&S are trying to get a rally of some dimension going–people keep talking about the strong dollar on TEE VEE–but last week it had a huge reversal day and was down big Friday…yeah, on Friday, they walloped gold off its high and silver too–but silver came back strongly…gold not so much–but the stocks out performed….a rally?? ragged and tentative looking…yeah! But I take what I can get…silver has been strong v.s. gold for over a week…rather strange for an economy in recession…I think the bid simply has to do with it being one of the most undervalued assets on the planet…

A worthy venture ( Saving a steamer …SOO 2719) , Maya

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 7:43 on September 10, 2022  

A proud heritage !

By age 5 , I had seen both the Atlantic and Pacific thanks to steamers .
I can still remember the huge drive wheels of the locomotive that would pull the passenger train from Montreal to Vancouver across the flat prairies in between at high speed . That was before my third birthday , and during WW II . My first taste of (rationed ) sugar on my porridge was on that trip .

Morning R640

Posted by Buygold @ 5:54 on September 10, 2022  

Thanks for posting the COT’s in that format. Gave me a chance to notice what the small specs are doing, not exactly bearish.

I’ve come to love Kunsler writings over the last year or two. He has evolved into more of a conservative. Doesn’t poke at Trump anymore.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:12 on September 10, 2022  

The steamer, SOO 2719, was put on static display in my hometown in 1959. Proud to say my family assisted in the rescue and rebuild of this loco to operating condition. Today it lives at the North Shore rail museum in Duluth.


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