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The weather mans going wacko

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:18 on September 4, 2022  

They keep changing the weather. Dropped 6 degrees now to 100
Now this week 113,113,109,111,109. This is not camping weather less you head for the hills.


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:59 on September 4, 2022  

Looks like their mass psychosis psych ops not only failed but it’s backfiring.

Power outs starting in Calif

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:54 on September 4, 2022  

Senior mobile park without power since Thursday some needing electric equipment and oxygen and gets hot there.
This week where I’m at in the north and temp keeps changing up to more hotter days. Stating Monday through Friday this week it will be 113,113,109,109,109.
Hope the air conditioning at schools are working and the kids aren’t walk there in that heat with gas prices or at least not far with cold water on them.

Undisclosed problems with Space travel

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:39 on September 4, 2022  

Medical reports about astronauts having mysterious medical problems,it was discovered that bacteria in your body both good and bad bacteria were growing uncontrollably is space conditions .WE cant live without that bacteria,its part of us  .That”ll put the cabash on space travel…

Bed Bath Beyond shot themselves in the foot

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:27 on September 4, 2022  

Not only did they Pump & DUMP their own stock and tried to rig the stock price ,but a new factor has emerged after the CFO jumped from the 18th floor after sales dropped 25 %  …What wasent disclosed was they banned the MY PILLOW GUY s products because he supported Trump ..that contributed to the decline ,,so the public reacted to their political hatred by avoiding the company ..Why antagonize half your costumers to please the radicals.  Their political actions came back to bite them in the ass,stupid is as stupid does…

M2 money supply 3 steps down then up ..did they chicken out ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:49 on September 4, 2022  

McCullough on Infowars

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 15:45 on September 4, 2022  

Has a book out , talks about the deceit and exposes some of the lies from DC .

Mentions Desmets and Breggins books as must-reads . Apparently Dr. Breggin’s book has a raft of references using the perps own words , if I’ve understood correctly . These books are high in the charts (causing a lot of sweating in high places , I’ll bet ).

BTW – Dr. McCullough was one of the first trying to find treatments to save lives in the early months of COVID , and has been stomped on by his own profession for not following the accepted ‘stay at home until you are blue , then go to a hospital to be intubated and treated with Fauci’s darling, Remdesivir’.

This might be good news if it was GS manipulators

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:12 on September 4, 2022  

Bed Bath Beyond CEO Jumps from


ipso facto @ 11:48…Thanks for that great Doug Casey video.

Posted by silverngold @ 12:32 on September 4, 2022  

I always seem to see what is NOT said….and what I heard SHOUTED by its absence was no mention of doing any DERIVATIVES. Just saying!

IMO one of the best interviews in a long time….and from an honest guy with no axe to grind.

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:48 on September 4, 2022  

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