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Ukraine The Breadbasket Of The World? Weren’t We The Breadbasket Of The World

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:09 on June 22, 2022  

I think that was the story we were told decades ago. So that means the USA off shored some of our wheat production? And all the other shortages created in Ukraine that they’ve been blabbing about? Used to be made here?

To me that means there was an agenda long ago for global businesses to invest in, develop and wealthy up Ukraine.  (like they did with China) That would explain all the foreign born people fleeing the Russian sandbox. And explain the bombing of buildings that the Russians didn’t build.

Just like Afghanistan. A bunch of “illegal aliens” from Europe and USA etc barging in for profits, and the natives there chased them out. Now the outsiders are getting chased out of Ukraine. Who are the next outsider investors or global citizens to get evicted next??  Westerners bedded down in S. Korea? Taiwan?

South Vietnam was another place that tossed out a bunch of outsiders. One by one, the “globe trotters” are getting discriminated against by the natives. We have already seen some PM miners having trouble in other peoples sand boxes. The world is changing, and the status quo idiots should just face reality.

What was, isn’t what is, anymore. A reversal of open borders globally? Eventually a reversal of a monopoly money system back to a commodity based currency.


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.