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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:08 on June 2, 2022  

Good to hear and hope everything goes well with your air conditioner and doesn’t run into problems. Those portable ones only cool one room but when air conditioning goes off better than nothing.

Goldie thanks for the KIND wishes

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:37 on June 2, 2022  

My son came over with a portable air condition,just like you mentioned yours was… and the Refrigerator is supposed to come tomorrow at 10 AM….

The air conditioner is still in the works..it helped a lot we got a rainstorm and the TEMPERATURE dropped 20 degrees  …making progress  !

Gold Watcher Foritude

Posted by overton @ 20:23 on June 2, 2022  

Reid said Fortitude could pay a 14% dividend today  but would rather keep the cash on hand because any proposals for new project mining equipment are only good for a couple of days and inflation is even worse on mining equipment and drill rigs are hard to get right now.  They got cash , no debt, and a low share count.

Buygold…groy had nice day

Posted by overton @ 20:15 on June 2, 2022  

I was listening to Rob McEwens protege Ian Ball from a kitco link but he never mentioned anything about groy and I don’t see where he would have sold any of his groy shares from the buyout.  He gave some big bucks back though and the host asked him what he’s interested in and he said he did a private placement with McEwen on some project but never mentioned the name.  The thing he said he bought was this Brixton Metals in Montana and that Ivanhoe Friedland put some money into it.  Brixton has too many shares for me and I’m not crazy about Montana.

Ball said he doubts he will be asked to be a mining ceo anywhere because he doesn’t believe in stock options.  He’s on the bod mux ballet.

Ever since Elemental hired Bananacord to represent  them in the groy offer  they played with these single digit trades for months now.   Its been going on for months.

U-GROY (stockwatch.com)


and this is just in the beginning of the times of chaos! A warm up.

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:12 on June 2, 2022  

40,000 Factories At Risk Of Closing In Pakistan’s Commercial Capital Amid Fuel Crisis


Maddog @ 15:01

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:56 on June 2, 2022  

At these meetings does everyone just pretend that Joe is reasonable, rational person? Must be a weird scene!


Posted by Buygold @ 19:56 on June 2, 2022  

yeah, today was a pretty good day but we need a couple three days of this to be sure.

Sheesh Ororeef

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:57 on June 2, 2022  

Both refrigerator and air conditioner! I have a portable where you put the exhaust Jose I’m the window just in case Id give to young if you were close.
Cold water rinsed bandanna around your neck cools the arteries then the body. They should prioritize. Hope it gets fixed soon.

SEASONAL Bottom is in ..just a few days late so as to head FAKE INVESTORS !

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:34 on June 2, 2022  


Gold saisonal

UP 4.93 % wpm is a Rock Star !

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:18 on June 2, 2022  

Its about time !

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:34 on June 2, 2022  

I needed a break ..My refrigerator went kaput 3days ago and I have a service contract that was un responsive until I got my GRANDSON involved..

Now they will send me a check to replace it…He knows how to get them off thier asses ..Thats what he does for a bunch of very RICH people in Houston TX  .Its all about attitude..he dont take no shit from anybody …Then my air Conditioner went out and NOW I have an appointment on tuesday just to get them to look at it..So I called my Grandson in Houston again and he started working on it. He will get them to move up the date as his Grand Parents are 84 year old and its 95 degrees  .He’s a tiger  we will see. A good Gold day helped me cool off…..


Posted by Maddog @ 15:02 on June 2, 2022  

No for AG..$ 20.46

I hope MBS doesn’t talk too fast…shud be a stunning meeting…….

Posted by Maddog @ 15:01 on June 2, 2022  

Biden Planning Saudi Trip As Gas Prices Soar, But MbS Still Unpunished Over Khashoggi Murder


what are the odds on Oil taking out $ 130…after.


Posted by Buygold @ 14:53 on June 2, 2022  

yep, can’t go back to just under $1800 again, have no idea what that number is for silver, probably around $20 which is ridiculous in itself.

I’d call this Gold action good

Posted by Maddog @ 14:49 on June 2, 2022  

we could be in small 3 rd wave higher of a larger 3 rd wave up and the action so far is ok, to good for conformation of that.

Recent lows need to hold.

Everyone is getting paid today in the casino

Posted by Buygold @ 14:48 on June 2, 2022  

Smells like the market thinks the Fed is going to slow down their hikes. USD saying the same and bonds are being bought as well.

Maybe we are beginning a Zimbabwe style melt up.

It could happen, right Goldie?

BTW – these are the days you can’t miss in the market – especially the pm market


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:29 on June 2, 2022  

Still in a downtrend currently only good for short term trading.
Shorts and Feds trying to bring down gold phyzz but holding up better than the market so far.

QQQ’s are ripping

Posted by Buygold @ 13:22 on June 2, 2022  

Maybe they like a weaker dollar?

Funny, the last couple of days we’ve gone up regardless of what the USD does.

Bitcoin isn’t up as much as I thought it would be.

Demand For American Gold Eagles Explodes

Posted by Maya @ 13:19 on June 2, 2022  




Ipso – me too I think you’re right about the volume

Posted by Buygold @ 12:50 on June 2, 2022  

Most of the funds are short gold and maybe not participating.


Posted by ipso facto @ 12:24 on June 2, 2022  

“This rally for some of these shares is on low volume.”

Not much conviction that we’re bottoming … it’ll pick up if we keep going higher.

I’m ready!

NEM trying to participate

Posted by Buygold @ 12:04 on June 2, 2022  

but scum is fighting tooth and nail.

This rally for some of these shares is on low volume.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:51 on June 2, 2022  

Saw maybe some of the shorts might be getting out of some if the stocks now and are in some of the equities but can’t see the data if you have accesses take a look. Might not do them them good to stay in if selling exhaustion or there’s a squeeze potential but with PMs hard to say and no oversight as long as institutional funds won’t buy due to volatility I’m guessing.


Posted by Maddog @ 11:36 on June 2, 2022  

The chart I put up is a weekly chart, with a 15 week simple Moving Average ….it is not offset at all….so wherever the red line is, is the value of the Average of the last 15 weeks closing price.

What I’m saying is ..if the mkt is trading below, whatever that number is, the scum will be buyers of dollars, until the price goes back above the Av value.

Well shux

Posted by Buygold @ 11:22 on June 2, 2022  

They could close the market for the day right here and I’d be happy.

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