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Ah, the end of Clown World’s Funny Money Bubble cannot come soon enough.

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:55 on June 14, 2022  
the inevitable loss by the BOJ will also be a loss for the idiotic economic theory behind much of modern economics, MMT. And when that too is discredited, all bets are off as the entire fiat financial system becomes unglued.
Ah, the end of Clown World’s Funny Money Bubble cannot come soon enough.

If and when that happens, it’s game over for Japan, MMT and fiat.

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:48 on June 14, 2022  
All this will happen… but not just yet. For now, Japan’s central bankers are dutifully defending their yield target. The central bank boosted scheduled purchases of five-to-10-year debt to 800 billion yen ($6 billion) Tuesday from an expected 500 billion yen after the benchmark yield climbed to 0.255%. It also announced an unscheduled operation to buy longer-dated debt after the 30-year yield surged to 1.28% — the highest since 2016. Japan’s central bank also bought 2.2 trillion yen worth of government notes through its fixed-rate operation on Tuesday, the biggest amount on record since the program began in 2016.
Meanwhile, since defense of YCC means continued collapse of the yen (or vice verse), the yen tumbled to a fresh 24-year low of 135.60 per dollar amid the growing policy divergence between the BOJ and the Fed.
“We do think that the BOJ will be forced to capitulate at some point,” Russel Matthews, senior portfolio manager at BlueBay, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television. And while a normal response would be for the yen to spike even as yields surge, what will be the worst possible outcome is for both the yen and JGBs to both plunge at the same time.
If and when that happens, it’s game over for Japan, MMT and fiat.

Alexa: Show me the Fed losing control in one image

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:35 on June 14, 2022  


So any guesses

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:11 on June 14, 2022  

What will happen to GS tomorrow depending on whether he comes out with a ,5 compared to a .75 or a whole point.
I’m deciding if I want to trade it or not. Normally I’d already be short equities or whatever so I’m not trading in and out all the time creating a tax nightmare and too much time watching them
but I’m wondering if I want to do some temp trading both long and short depending.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:00 on June 14, 2022  

Not saying your diverting but talking heads. Especially both gold and dollar sellers who see it as competition.

Of something they can’t control.

Ipso 20:22

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:54 on June 14, 2022  

Since I’m not following cryptos too much since I don’t have it I’m not being bias when I think is kinda a diversion right now. We got stocks and economy to watch with the Fed coming up tomorrow.
Will they do a .50 and people expect on going inflation or go higher creating a illusion and people think there getting a handle on it even though they aren’t because the White House “ who says there watching it lol is CAUSING IT!! They’ll keep spending what they don’t have.
The crypto gurus one in particular but can’t recall his name right now warned long ago other cryptos will pop up and won’t be legit or viable. Like penny stocks. Lol
It just might be a weeding out of those cryptos right now despite any lows Bitcoin and a few others might have in the near future. Just guessing.

Big Trouble in Crypto Land

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:22 on June 14, 2022  

Crypto CONTAGION spreads as Ponzi-like elements of the crypto ecosystem start unwinding uncontrollably

Natural News) Crypto carnage is spreading quickly, with the LUNA token demonstrating a near collapse a few weeks ago, and now the Celsius crypto lending platform declaring what is essentially a “bail-in” freeze of all customer assets.

If you had crypto deposited with Celsius, you no longer technically own it since you no longer control it. Celsius just halted all withdrawals, which is something banks do when they are on the verge of collapse. Now the only real question is how far this systemic purge of the crypto bubble will go: Is Tether about to crater? What about Microstrategies, the largest holder of Bitcoin? CEO Michael Saylor is now publicly trying to assure everyone that Microstrategies won’t collapse. Usually this is the kind of thing CEOs say when they are approaching collapse.


Ipso, yes, Alex Valor’s video at 10:16 provides the final missing piece of this puzzle of how the markets…ALL of the markets… have become so controlled.

Posted by silverngold @ 17:00 on June 14, 2022  

Please wake up people! Go back to Alex Valdor’s video at 10:16 today and watch it end to end. You are going to learn that the stock markets are not the only place where you have been deceived….and you better wake up NOW to what’s going on, or when coming events happen you will not have a clue as to what cause them!!

Alex Valdor @ 10:16

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:04 on June 14, 2022  

Wow I hadn’t heard a peep of this before! (Aladin)


Posted by Maddog @ 15:19 on June 14, 2022  

What does 300 mean for G&S….Armageddon for Japan….and proof that sweeping all problems under the carpet, eventually does go badly wrong.

Meanwhile the scum will keep sitting on PM’s….but I don’t see them surviving this mess…..

What happened to education system makes a few people lucky.

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:10 on June 14, 2022  

CHO CORDOVA, Calif. (KOVR) – People at one California gas station were calling friends and family to fill up fast when an error on the pumps had gas selling for just 69 cents a gallon.
A glitch at a Shell gas station in Rancho Cordova gave Darryl Surita a sweet deal Thursday. He was able to fill his tank for just 69 cents a gallon.
“I looked at the numbers, and I seen it was 69 cents a gallon. … I hit that button, it started pumping and the dollar sign just stayed low,” Darryl Surita said.
He posted the incredible error to his Instagram page, and word got out fast, with family and friends all getting phone calls.

“It was crazy. It turned into a circus within a matter of minutes,” said Eddie Surita, who filled his tank for $14.
“I started looking around, and everybody had a smile. Everybody had a big smile, and they kind of were not looking at you in your eyes,” Darryl Surita said.
Somehow, the decimal point in the advertised price was mistakenly moved. Instead of $6.99 a gallon for premium, it became 69 cents a gallon.
“I’ve never seen gas this price in my lifetime. Could you imagine that? This is history right here,” Darryl Surita said.

The mistake took gas station management three hours to fix.
The last time gas prices were an average of 69 cents a gallon was 44 years ago, in 1978.


Richard 8:45

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:18 on June 14, 2022  

Congress and Fed must think were the fairy dust. Increase borrowing cost while multi companies like black rock and rich foreign nationals don’t have to borrow to buy.

The White House continues to create inflation by spending our money and more than they already get causing more ingestion. So what do they want to do next as if inflation tax isn’t enough, want increase taxes. The Fed is treating the effect not the cause and putting the costs back on us. It’s fixing nothing just a bad combination.

R640 – the Fed

Posted by Buygold @ 13:07 on June 14, 2022  

I’d actually like to see them raise 1% and then say that they are going to pause to see the impacts of what they’ve done. I think everything would rally if that were to happen.

Listened to a guest on bubblevision who stated what I thought was the obvious; she said if the Fed Funds rate got to 4%, the interest payment on the debt would be larger than the defense budget. She followed with “that ain’t happening”. I’ve considered the same outcome…


Posted by ipso facto @ 12:08 on June 14, 2022  


Posted by Richard640 @ 11:49 on June 14, 2022  

CLX Daily Chart Update thru today’s close. CLX 3 DMA = – 24.33 Breeze

Again, that 3 day mvg avg. is at a peak low. almost always seems to predict a move up in the markets. Just as that last peak high 
predicted a move down. Seems pretty reliable. At least for the timeframe shown in your chart.

Flooding forces Sibanye-Stillwater to halt Montana mines

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:22 on June 14, 2022  

Precious metals miner Sibanye-Stillwater (JSE: SSW) (NYSE: SBSW) has halted production at its two platinum group metals (PGMs) operations in Montana, in the United States, on Monday night after heavy flooding damaged an access road.

The company said that sustained warm weather in the past days led to rapid snow melt in mountains, which together with heavy rainfall over the weekend, has caused flooding of numerous rivers in the region where its mines are located.

Flooding forces Sibanye-Stillwater to halt Montana mines 

Some very interesting ideas from Max Igan ( the Aussie in Mexico)

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 10:16 on June 14, 2022  

BlackRock , the algos , CCP plants in the power structure of other countries , etc.

Maddog @ 4:02

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:29 on June 14, 2022  

Celsius … 17% Yield … yeah that sounds safe!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:24 on June 14, 2022  

B2Gold Releases its Annual Responsible Mining Report – Raising the Bar


White Gold Corp. Commences 2022 Diamond Drill Program


Sego Resources Intersects 0.95 g/t Gold over 80 m from the First Drill Hole (DDH 59) of their 2022 Drill Program in the Southern Gold Zone


Encounters Numerous Mineralized Intercepts Including 146.65 g Ag eq/t (10.74 g Ag/t, 1.01 g Au/t, 0.31% Zn, 0.11% Pb and 0.06% Sn) over 88.66m and 131.86 g Ag eq/t (21.38 g Ag/t, 0.06 g Au/t, 0.25% Zn, 0.24% Pb and 0.14% Sn) over 104.38m in the Santa Barbara Target Area at the Iska Iska Silver-Tin Polymetallic Project, Potosi Department, Bolivia


Aztec – Kootenay JV Reports Final Gold and Multi-Element Results from 2021-2022 RC Drill Program on Cervantes Property, Sonora


GoldMining Options The Almaden Property to NevGold for Total Consideration of $16.5 Million AND Makes Strategic Investment in NevGold


Romios Gold Reports High-Grade Assays Up to 17.9 g/t Au from Previously Undocumented Prospects on the Kinkaid Project, Nevada


Reunion Announces $20 Million Bought Deal Private Placement Financing


Signal Gold Provides Update on its Point Rousse Operations


Sabina Gold & Silver Closes Zhaojin C$12 million PP Financing


Goldshore Resources Drills 65.0m @ 1.04 g/t Au at the QES Zone


NevGold Executes Option To Acquire The Nutmeg Mountain Gold Project And Announces Strategic Investment By GoldMining Inc.


Orezone Continues to Intersect High-Grade Gold at P17S Extension at the Bomboré Gold Project


Quartz Mountain Releases NI 43-101 Technical Report for Maestro Gold-Silver Project, BC


LAURION Reports 22.26 m True Width* at 0.43 g/t Au and 0.49% Zn; Including 2.20 m at 0.87 g/t Au and 1.07% Zn; Increases Southwestern Extension of the A-Zone towards the McLeod Zone at Ishkoday Au-Zn-Cu-Ag Project


Lahontan Launches 2022 Exploration Campaign at Moho


Aztec – Kootenay JV Reports Final Gold and Multi-Element Results from 2021-2022 RC Drill Program on Cervantes Property, Sonora


Canagold Drilling Intersects New Vein Grading 7.54 gpt Gold over 18.6 m Length at New Polaris Project, BC, Additional High-Grade Mineralization Outlined in C-West Main Vein


Maddog–thanks!! what are the implications of it going to 300 for G&S?

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:45 on June 14, 2022  

I heard some “customers man” on Bloomberg this morning, wildly gesticulating, and making the bull case for stocks…from all his mumbo jumbo, what stuck in my mind was if the FED would raise a full %, the stock mkt might actually rally…The Street is really desperate…and they still believe the FED can still sprinkle a little fairy dust and make it all better…

PPI came out

Posted by Buygold @ 8:36 on June 14, 2022  

Pretty much in line with estimates which were hot and up around 11% YOY

They’re trying to prop up the SM futures, but given that Bitcoin is down another 5%, I don’t think it’ll stick.

PM’s doing what they do best – nothing.

Where were the SEC etc when Celsius was created

Posted by Maddog @ 4:02 on June 14, 2022  


Ok so Bitcoin has a complex story that has fooled millions, the limited issue, the mining and the Blockchain, all painted a new picture that many could get behind and sink real money into….but Celsius stank of Ponzi from the getgo, right in the White Paper they say the more who get involved the more u can earn, or implied u could…if that isn’t a simple Ponzi what is…..

and more to the point where are the Streets guardians…..all watching porn still…….Our so called governments are as complicit as anyone in letting Crypto’s take off….why ….is this all part of the Great Reset…where it all blows up and we are left with zilch…but the one asset they know they can’t kill is Gold, so make it a lousy hold….seems so.

As for Crypto put a fork in it, it’s done.


Posted by Maddog @ 3:51 on June 14, 2022  


Take a look at this ultra long term chart of USd/Yen…it has a monster base that has the potential to go to above 300 !!!!!!!

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:31 on June 14, 2022  

Snow Zephyr


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