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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:21 on June 17, 2022  

Good to see you. Good advice on the hospital especially if someone not in
position to fend for themselves. God help the patients now. Take care yourself too.

Maddog 14:53

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:15 on June 17, 2022  

Oil was topping. It may have started its guard up going into hurricane season but also more traveling in US in summer months. Meanwhile China starting to open back up “ maybe.”

There is only predictions but it’s said this could be a bad summer for hurricanes.
It’s hard to say either way but can’t see it selling off prematurely for a recession that isn’t in play yet. There already is signs including lay offs and companies leaving for Mexico, now that free market enemies have infiltrated the WH.

Plus Biden thinks he can dictate to them what they can and can’t do. He tells them to ramp up production now while he is the one that interfered with the production that’s likely going to lead to problems. Where’s his energy replacement? Since they couldn’t use peak oil since they have what I heard is 600 years of oil: gas to say crisis they have to come up with climate change and wars to create a crisis this time. The only thing that could curb the crisis is a recession.
It is currently overbought though less the WH wants to spend or print more money. I’m sure they will anyways.

Biden Daughter

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:46 on June 17, 2022  

had a diary that she lost and now has been found and it disclosed that HE had been SHOWERING with his daughter when she was at a young age.She later disclosed that she later had sexual encounters that she couldent control because of it.

Apparently just liking to sniff their hair wasent all he was addicted to.he’s just a simple PERVERT from the beginning  or is he just a a normal democrat ……?    resign you pervert !   …..and they shot MEN like Lincoln…..!

Anyone hear about this?

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 21:00 on June 17, 2022  

Uganda Announces Discovery of Huge Gold Deposits Estimated at 12.8 trillion dollars

If true, how will this affect the price of gold?

@Maddog re 14:53 Oil prices are tanking due to Fed may produce a recession

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:52 on June 17, 2022  

Thanks for the comeback, it does make sense. Maybe the energy dip would be a good chance to buy in? Food and Fuel are the most important things. Maybe the Fed is scared stiff of a REAL runaway inflation, because under priced stuff coming up to normalcy? If they are following Paul Volkers agenda 1968 to 1982, rates 5% to 21%, I think they are in dream land.

In my view the USA has been in a depression lower living standards for entry level since 1980. 42 years. The rest of the global community is declining only since 2008. Only 14 years.


Posted by ipso facto @ 17:29 on June 17, 2022  

Good to see you back!

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:28 on June 17, 2022  

Ipso 23:03

Posted by Blindrn @ 17:10 on June 17, 2022  

Lurking in the background. Just watching the world fall apart.
Still working part time on weekends. Don’t go to a hospital without someone with you. So short staffed it’s dangerous. stay healthy.

enjoy reading all the posts. Thank you to all that post.

Food for thought

Posted by deer79 @ 16:29 on June 17, 2022  

I’ve been burned (partly, I guess, to my lack of thorough due diligence), on my investments in companies like GPL, MUX, Novo etc…..

What about the concept of paying these CEO’s tied to the performance of their stocks? Do you ever hear of an officer of a publicly traded PM company taking a pay cut? I just find it to be outrageous that only the shareholders suffer, yet the officers continue to get their lucrative pay…


Posted by Maddog @ 15:02 on June 17, 2022  


Posted by Maddog @ 14:53 on June 17, 2022  

According to Zerohedge Oil prices are tanking due to the idea that the Fed may produce a recession, with its rate rises and doesn’t care if it does……

That is just so much BS, as we all know the Fed will panic if a recession really starts and Biden and Co will go ape, in front of the Mid Terms….but it is the dream scenario as far as the BS story goes…so miraculously Oil craters etc…just like they needed.

This is the mkt being forced to react how the scum want it…right in front of the weekend.

@ Buygold RE: your 13:21 post

Posted by drb2 @ 13:58 on June 17, 2022  

BG – Nicely put – truer words couldn’t be spoken – I agree 100%.

It’s just disgusting to see the condition that this once great country is in.


“We can’t go up when Powell is speaking to Congress.

It’s all so automatic, the algo’s have everything set – at least with the metals.

The SM seems to be rescued at times, so it won’t appear to be crashing. Death by a thousand cuts and a lot of cut fingers on the way down attempting to buy the dip.

PM’s are the opposite. The scum works endlessly to keep them at bay and the pm shares in the crapper. It’s the only sector that is in a bear market 90% of the time.”

@ Maddog 11:06 re Crude is falling apart on no news.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:34 on June 17, 2022  

Haven’t we seen this a hundred times? The high prices cause low prices. I think the oil companies got screwed so many times the system “can’t get away” with whip sawing producers anymore. Remember the 72 Dollar caused $145 Oil, and the companies got tricked into expansion, over produced, and oil crashed to $28/bbl. One day it went negative on futures.

Thats how screwed up and totally distorted their financial pricing system is with unbacked paper money, and “gamblers and bankers” playing the futures markets. Thay bet USD up and down too.

Another thought. I mentioned a while back here. With all this hyperinflation talk, physical and mental, possibly engineered hoax, (like climate change) to make sure the system does NOT go into deflation, (bankers biggest fear) which in my view has been TRYING to happen.  And the Fed kept fighting to stay above 2%.

God forbid the money we have in our pockets and savings go up in value. Bring it on. Naturally, a deflation would show the bankers don’t know what they are doing, and Gold would go up. Its under priced anyway.

In fact, a lot of the suddenly higher prices are simply adjustments to the reality of constantly  manipulated lower prices. Like gov’t support for airlines. To maintain fake low ticket prices. Cause too much demand. NY to LA should be $4000 for example. And if that happens, its NOT inflation. Its a correction.

Lets think reversal. What ever was too cheap will go up, (non union wages, harbor freight stuff, used cars) what ever is too expensive will go down. (stocks houses?) The tricky part is trying to figure out what the prices (or values) should be compared to around 1975. I use a factor of 20. It used to be 10 long ago.

GFI – holding solid

Posted by Buygold @ 13:21 on June 17, 2022  

no news that I can see.

We can’t go up when Powell is speaking to Congress.

It’s all so automatic, the algo’s have everything set – at least with the metals. The SM seems to be rescued at times, so it won’t appear to be crashing. Death by a thousand cuts and a lot of cut fingers on the way down attempting to buy the dip.

PM’s are the opposite. The scum works endlessly to keep them at bay and the pm shares in the crapper. It’s the only sector that is in a bear market 90% of the time.

Old timer 11:33

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:46 on June 17, 2022  

And they’re trying to nationalize oil with government control while they give subsidy’s to foreign oil per barrel driving prices up and tax ours locally while inhibiting drilling and production that will only bring prices up, supply issues and shortages.
The last time they did that OPEC raised their prices and you can’t just oh we can just go back to local when it’s not there or future production will come at a cost and I think they didn’t absorb all the reserves either last time driving prices up more when it has to be replaced.
From lock downs to can’t afford to go any where and declining quality of life. This is not supposed to hurt children? The silent victims of a incompetent parasitic government.

Ps and that’s not counting the gov appointed middle men. We see how well that’s working out in other areas like judicial and homeland insecurity.


Posted by Maddog @ 11:42 on June 17, 2022  

The move out from a Cup and Handle tends to be straight up, which suggests that the Rig blowing up, will be the trigger and driving force.


Posted by old-timer @ 11:33 on June 17, 2022  
James Kunstler offers a rather grim but realistic assessment of where we are.

Silver Cup & Handle

Posted by drb2 @ 11:27 on June 17, 2022  

Got to admit this is about as pretty a Cup and Handle as I have ever seen.

BUT…. Can the chart defeat the Riggers?

time will tell.

more here:  chart silver cup & handle at DuckDuckGo


Crude is falling apart on no news….Hmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 11:06 on June 17, 2022  

For context, in November, Crypto’s total market cap was nearly $3 trillion. Now it stands at $910 million, according to CoinMarketCap.

Posted by Maddog @ 11:04 on June 17, 2022  



Posted by Maddog @ 10:29 on June 17, 2022  

Agreed…today is a day where all the moves are artificial, the scum are are driving them all.

I have been watching Italian/German rates and they have moved back, despite no real concrete news and the fact that there can’t be…..

That said when we had our last crisis in 2006/9, the CB’s bailed the Banksters out…but the smart ones said, very good, well done…however next time the crisis will be the CB’s themselves and sure enough here we are, looking at the BoJ and the ECB boxed in……that CB crisis is starting.

Another day of suckitude

Posted by Buygold @ 10:02 on June 17, 2022  

Shares stinking it up like they have all week.

USD just too strong, rates too.

Good to see the scum hard at work, pissing away taxpayer dollars, they haven’t got.

Posted by Maddog @ 9:38 on June 17, 2022  

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:15 on June 17, 2022  

Blackrock Announces Filing of Tonopah West Project Technical Report


Kuya Silver Announces Filing of Independent Preliminary Economic Assessment


Condor Gold Closes Previously Announced Private Placement of Units for Aggregate Gross Proceeds of £3.25 Million


Golden Spike Signs Letter of Intent To Acquire 100% of Golden Horizon Exploration Corp


Aya Gold & Silver Files Amended NI 43-101 Technical Report on Zgounder


P2 Gold Announces Financings


Is being a [bullish] contrarian the right thing to do–or izzit different this time?

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:03 on June 17, 2022  

There is an almost surreal complacency…on the TEE VEE BOX,  most of what I hear is what stocks or sectors to be in…draw up your buying lists etc etc….I did hear a few analysts say sit in cash there’s more to go.

from Jason Goepfert (Sentiment Trader)


More than 90% of stocks in the S&P 500 declined today.
It’s the 5th time in the past 7 days.

Since 1928, there have been exactly 0 precedents.

This is the most overwhelming display of selling in history.

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