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clark & Robert Campbell cali real estate guy

Posted by overton @ 18:15 on June 4, 2022  


Stop rescueing your KIDS your making us look bad

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:29 on June 4, 2022  

Uvalde mom who broke into school speaks out…

Its hard to find the truth now days,until its too late

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:18 on June 4, 2022  

BUT it is becoming increasingly clear that the Talkers have led everybody down a path to destruction ,I mean the Liberals….the Media et al…

Trump was vilified in the media made to look like he was an awful person and it turns out that EVERYTHING he said and done was correct ,in the end truth prevails after they try everything else ..Now its PUTINS turn to be vilified and made to look like an awful person

.His country borders the most corrupt country and everybody covets its Natural resources so they as neighbors move their guns and missels close to face Russia as an obvious threat ,so who removed the threat…nobody ..The US sent weapons to Ukraine tremendously increasing the threat he faced.The US President sent his SON to increase the corruption and line his pockets at the same time ,giving the Ukrainian president 3 Mansions to sell out his country in case it all didnt work out .so who was at risk,not the talkers ,the media but the stupid ones that did their dirty work…They should have been more careful who they listened to….and they got killed.

So Putin observes the growing threat and he ACTS to end the GROWING threat .Then the US Media Vilifies him ,and NATO joins in since they have everything to GAIN especially the oil and GAS …they covet..Now Putin is made to look like the villain by the Western Media and the US increases the weapons they send to the corrupt Ukrainians ,but no troops because they know better than directly confront Putin.So Putin is forced to act and destroy the neighboring threat . In the end the truth will prevail and Russia will retain its oil and gas and Putin will have been proven to be right about everything just as Trump was.. and in the end The talkers will have gotten thousand killed because they listened to them .¬† Be careful who you listen to ,they might have an agenda you dont understand and in the end you might die because you were stupid and you were the ones put at RISK ..NOT the TALKERS ..the MEDIA.

Vote in the Poll Vote in the Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:20 on June 4, 2022  

Not your friends

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:47 on June 4, 2022  

The 2022 Bilderberg Agenda: Disinformation, Deglobalization, & Disruption Of The Global Financial System


Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 7:33 on June 4, 2022  

You make good points about the USD and inflation.

The only thing the dollar is strong against is a basket of other worthless fiat currency. It is down against real goods and could very well lead to deflation. I can’t tell how this will resolve itself whether inflation or deflation.

I think they have slammed on the economic breaks, and April / May things have slowed dramatically. Lumber was one of the early commodities to rise. When supply finally catches demand, it could spurn deflation?

Lumber Prices Crash 50% As Fed Tightens 

teaser image

The market is trying to determine where the new price equilibrium compared to slowing demand and increased supply.”¬†


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