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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 22:37 on June 3, 2022  

The Old Milwaukee Road


Heres a CRASH waiting to happin..short term avg breaking long term avg its a long way down

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:34 on June 3, 2022  

George Carlin at his finest. The three Categories of Brainwashing. You can’t help even laughing at his “potty mouth”. He was just a little too outspoken for his own good health. Please read the short statement at the end of this video. RIP George!

Posted by silverngold @ 15:54 on June 3, 2022  

@Buygold 10:42 re your USD won’t die, but its terminal and dying slowly

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:53 on June 3, 2022  

The Dollar back in 2000 was worth $250 per ounce of gold, today gradually the sick and dying Federal Reserve Note needs over $1800 of them to exchange per ounce of Gold. The original US Dollar was turned into a Fed Res Note was simply over produced, its old and worn out and loses value over time and everybody KNOWS that.

So over time people with money simply converted it to Stocks Bonds and Real Estate as a replacement for “money” but those things are not ideal money replacements. They are like uninsured “bank accounts”. And if the people start “withdrawing” their funds, cashing out in panic mode, the Dumb/Ass Fed Notes will GAIN value. Against Stocks Bonds and Real Estate.

The future is always a surprise. And widely held opinions, are generally wrong. So all this talk about massive inflation, can very easily turn into a massive deflation in Stocks Bonds and Real Estate. Then the masses will see gold and silver climbing and panic into those options. In my lifetime, I saw $1000 bags of junk silver coins buy a house. The Bags were $25000 and houses were $25,000. Some were $40,000. The Bags peaked at $37,000. $740,000 in todays Feeble Reserve Notes.

Here’s your COT – Funds battling funds

Posted by Buygold @ 15:38 on June 3, 2022  

CFTC Commitments of Traders Report – CMX (Futures Only)


Posted by Buygold @ 13:46 on June 3, 2022  

Concur. The scum will have some heavy lifting to bring this pig back today, let alone Monday.

Bonds and stocks selling off together.

4100 being defended in S&P…..SM looks like it has no friends here.

Posted by Maddog @ 11:32 on June 3, 2022  


Posted by Maddog @ 11:22 on June 3, 2022  

The giveaway, is the way Gold cannot hold any bounce…..yet ytsdy was powering higher, with plenty of buyers, but today it looks as if there are none…..

I guess this is all in front of Demented visiting the Saudi’s, no doubt their will be a full blown war set off by the time the idiot, gets done.

Typical scum attack

Posted by Maddog @ 11:04 on June 3, 2022  

Ystdy saw good break outs from simple consolidation patterns, in Metals and stox…Classic TA calls for an equal move higher….

Today the scum, as always are doing their damnedest to make those break outs are false ones, just like they have done for over 20 yrs now…..no normal mkt behaves like that.

USD won’t die

Posted by Buygold @ 10:42 on June 3, 2022  

so, we can’t seem to hold any bids.

I guess there’s always Monday, but the scum is hell bent on taking all of yesterdays’ gains.


Posted by Ororeef @ 10:02 on June 3, 2022  

Picked up some WPM

Posted by Buygold @ 9:50 on June 3, 2022  

on this little dip. Looks like the metals may come back. We’ll see.

NEM just popped positive, let’s see if it can hold it. USD also coming back in.

USD of the highs and inching lower

Posted by Buygold @ 9:09 on June 3, 2022  

We’ll have to see what rates do during the course of the day.

QQQ’s getting smacked.

edit: Just noticed NEM is holding up better than most in the premarket. Is NEM the tell?

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:50 on June 3, 2022  

Eric Sprott Announces Holdings in Freegold Ventures Limited


Zacatecas Silver Commences Work Preparing Current Resource Estimate at Esperanza Gold Project


Southmore Copper-Gold Project in BC’s Golden Triangle Emerging as Second Porphyry Target


Metallica Metals Outlines 17 Exploration Targets from MobileMT Survey at Richview Pine Ni-Cu-PGM Project, Marathon, Ontario


Blue Star Gold Announces $6M Non-Brokered Private Placement


Morning Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 8:48 on June 3, 2022  

Yeah, it’s scum Friday. Silver hanging in there though. So is oil.

The pm shares are holding up pretty well in the premarket.

Bitcoin taking a hit

Posted by Buygold @ 8:44 on June 3, 2022  

The Winklevoss twins said that we will have a “Crypto Winter” – assuming he means cryptos will crash, and some of the Luna type crypto’s will disappear.

scum making sure day 2 stinks for PM’s……

Posted by Maddog @ 8:42 on June 3, 2022  

dollar getting big push, as well….SM not so keen yet.


Posted by Gold Watcher @ 8:41 on June 3, 2022  

Thanks for the update on FTCO. Sounds good to me.

390K jobs

Posted by Buygold @ 8:37 on June 3, 2022  

No miss. So we are now subject to the usual jobs report beating. Hasn’t shown up just yet, but it will.

Rates up, USD up.

edit: Yup, giving us the usual smackdown on jobs day. The only question is whether we’ll give up all of yesterday’s nice gains.

I think so too – we’ll probably need a big miss

Posted by Buygold @ 8:24 on June 3, 2022  

Below 150K Jobs And Everything Soars

teaser image

If the number is shocking low, say, about four standard deviations away from the mean (giving us a print below 150k), we may get a big rally in rates, for the markets would start worrying about whether the economy can hold its poise amid the Fed’s hiking cycle

Morning overton

Posted by Buygold @ 8:20 on June 3, 2022  

Appreciate the intel on GROY., It’s one of those that I’ve got in my retirement account. I’ll leave it alone until we get the long-awaited move to $10K.


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:22 on June 3, 2022  

Be Safe


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