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Bitcoin is everywhere

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:45 on June 20, 2022  

Blackrock bought in too but there in about everything including commodities.


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:31 on June 20, 2022  

“Am hearing that Elon Musk is buying bitcoin”

That IS wild! What’s gonna happen next!

@ipso facto – Poll

Posted by commish @ 16:52 on June 20, 2022  

Am hearing that Elon Musk is buying bitcoin.  Crazy investment World.

World bank expecting stagflation

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:43 on June 20, 2022  

Without turning off underneath the pot “ spending, printing, borrowing , the fire interest rates will do little complicated with other issuers like gas shortages and supply issues.
Think it should called SHRINKFLATION.

Me Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:35 on June 20, 2022  

Nevertheless when it comes to the markets it doesn’t matter what your principles are or country you live but what the majority think is going to happen even when there getting tricked or herded. That’s why I throw talking heads in the mix with market manipulators but for special interest.

Hey I Just Noticed A New Kid On The Block, Dakota Gold, DC Up 34% On The Month

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:02 on June 20, 2022  

Only three months old. Google it. Looks good, have to keep an eye on it. Maybe ipso facto reported on it already?

Dakota Gold Corp. operates as a gold exploration and development company. It has gold mineral properties covering approximately 40 thousand acres surrounding the Homestake Mine. The company holds an interest in the Maitland Gold property located in South Dakota. Dakota Gold Corp. was incorporated in 2017 and is based in Vancouver, Canada.


Dakota Gold | Home (dakotagoldcorp.com)

P.S. Strange I don’t see any volume today. Friday was over 4 million or $19 million dollar volume. Maybe its a pink sheet or something.

@goldilocks Agreed, Lunatics, Abnormal people, I Used To Call The Right and the Left Practical Versus Emotional,

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:43 on June 20, 2022  

But recently I used the words Normal and Abnormal. And funny coincidence, re some elections recently, a guy on TV says the Normal people are winning. I guess the outside global abnormal powers are getting their last licks in with obedient puppy Joe Biden.

I started questioning things when JFK the first “Trump” was assassinated. He dropped income taxes, and was going to abolish the Fed and go back to United States Notes versus Fed Res Notes. The prior administration started the Cuba thing and dumped that on the poor guy.

Then again the Gun Control Act of 1968. Huh? Something is seriously going wrong. After 1975 I knew the USA was being harvested by foreigners. Did some reading and found out about Joe McCarthy in the 1950s.

He may have been the first “Trump” before JFK. He warned everyone we were being infiltrated by communists and the Media made him look bad. And the commies won. Its that simple in my mind. Imo, are watching the collapse of a global communism and or fascism system. Fascism I think allows us to own businesses, but they tell us how to run them.

The final collapse Bottom is not 50 60 years away anymore from 1970.  Its getting close.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:11 on June 20, 2022  

Oh will you trade these pieces of paper backed by nothing but debt for your precious and industrial metals, your food, not to mention our medicine that was outsourced.
Oh good they fell for it, go print more paper. Well just push the debt ceiling everybody was talking about down the road and pretend it’s no longer a concern now.

We only live in a ILLUSION of a free and sovereign country anymore. Until you refuse to comply
, disagree or demand accountability with these lunatics.

Has everybody voted in the poll?

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:47 on June 20, 2022  

@goldilocks Agreed on all that. And the Election Was a Magic Trick

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:47 on June 20, 2022  

I googled for curiosity, the “cost of an atom bomb”. And mixed in the story, mentioned a separate independent government is involved with those things.

I always felt we don’t really have our own gov’t. Trump was trying that. The normal people of the USA elected Trump, and it WASN’T supposed to be only 4 years. So I have to assume it was a magic trick election.

Of course nobody can find evidence of fraud. When you watch a magician do a trick, (even cutting a woman in half) you can not prove it did not happen and was a trick, unless the magician tells you how he did it.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:30 on June 20, 2022  

Continued My eyes need rest.
Yeah pour everybody into banks then default orrr What ever it is the bottom always drops out with these F ups doesn’t it.
Do fractional backing with it while their at it.

Mr Cooper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:23 on June 20, 2022  

I’ve been reading and writing into a light too long this morning blinding me and now even the main screen in hard to read.
What I think will happen is only speculation. Anything could happen from now to 10 years from now. We have a increasing group of people pouring into politics that are criminally insane.. it COVID mandates and people never seen again since locked up by the decrepit in some dungeons under the Democrats, and our borders being invaded so many have other things to worry about by then.
Yeah it may seem clever to pay with the the illusion that paper money is valuable over asserts. We do it all the times when we trade with other countries. Never mind the ever increasing debt it carry’s they can’t even pay for now.


Posted by old-timer @ 11:54 on June 20, 2022  

From James Kunstler, this bleak but IMO accurate assessment of where we are.

All This and World War Too


@goldilocks, Bottom line, will they keep raising rates for ten years? Or the economy tanks soon and the Fed chickens out and start dropping them to inflate again.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:36 on June 20, 2022  

Interest rates have been gradually falling since 1982, 40 years. If rates keep rising now for 10 years this could be 1970 all over again. The last chance to sell stocks houses and expensive collectible cars, things that people invested money in because rates were so low.

When interest rates started going up in 1970 5% to 1980 18% on a bank CD? Over the 10 years actually 14 years ‘68-‘82, Gold and silver also went up that’s why they raised the rates to kill gold and protect the dollar. Gold $140 in 1975 to $800 in 1980 finally gave up.

In 1980 silver was so high and houses so low that a $1000 bag of junk silver could be sold to buy a house. Gradually higher rates ‘70-‘80 gradually killed antiques and collectibles including exotic and very expensive European sports cars that rich people invested in as inflation hedges.

People sold everything they could to collect high bank interest. Or buy 30 year government bonds paying 16% with no call back provision. Bond prices climbed after 1980 for 40 years and peaked recently when rates started back up.

Some people were buying gold and silver instead ‘70-‘80 and that made the dollar look bad but the high rates made dollars and US bonds look good too by 1980. They also sold off stocks and real estate 1968 to1982. That’s why houses and stocks stayed flat for 14 years.

Staying flat is losing as we know with money in the bank at 1%. Bottom line, will they keep raising rates for ten years? Or the economy tanks soon and the Fed chickens out and start dropping them to inflate again.

Unfortunately everything is different these days. The USA was booming by 1970. Booming means high school graduates can get married and have kids with wife at home. The USA today has been in a decline since 1970. Decline means high school graduates commit suicide and do mass shootings. Unless they have wealthy parents that own a business, or send the kids to Harvard to make a livable salary. If lucky they get a cops job in my town and make $200k a livable salary.

Too many wild cards during this transition after 2008, from an old played out system to a new one.

Ororeef–they have a god-like reference for allopathic medicine and doctors

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:03 on June 20, 2022  

Let then dig their. own graves and boost themselves into Sheol tachtit.

תרי הם עם עקשן ויכולים להיות מאוד מגונה מתישהו. אני יודע שחייתי שלהם שלוש שנים


Posted by goldielocks @ 10:44 on June 20, 2022  

I was watching scary videos of Lake Mead levels dropping by the day by ordinary people who compared levels with videos on one week to the next or even a few days.
The lake wasn’t meant to support as many people, farms and golf courses as it does today. We can thank mass immigration adding to the numbers and Biden/Harris more people got through just this year than the populations of multi US city’s.

Many many many people could wind up being displaced and some already got out while others are prepping.

If this is accurate this is how many could be displaced from Southern California , Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

In 1935 when Lake Mead was created, the desert populations being supplied were as follows:

AZ 434,000
CA 6,175,000
NV 100,000
UT 526,000

Today the populations are as follows

AZ 7.4 Million
CA 39.1 Million
NV 3.2 Million

The population all along the Colorado River has increased over the same timeframe.

Hoover Dam and the Lake Reservoirs were never designed to support this population and agriculture growth. Since 1935 there has been ZERO investment to better manage this resource.

In fact, the aqueduct systems rob groundwater recharge process.

The truth is, the precipitation rate in the west and California has not changed in over 125 years.

Deserts were not designed to support the population, agriculture and casino’s.

It’s not an inflow problem. There’s too many straws in the cup.


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:22 on June 20, 2022  

What they need is more boosters! 6 or 8 should do it.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:17 on June 20, 2022  

Israel Government will accomplish what Hitler couldent…killing off the Jews

Posted by Ororeef @ 9:13 on June 20, 2022  

Israel sees 70% spike in number of seriously ill COVID patients within a week

Pfizer’s petri dish nation is quite literally experiencing a slow kill Holocaust 2.0 event.

‘It’s an unpredictable and unstable situation,’ says immune system expert Prof. Cyrille Cohen, urging lawmakers to ‘actively encourage herd immunity among the vulnerable’

We are expecting overall rates to rise into 2034. The year 2021 was the bottom in rates and the end of Keynesian economics.

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:45 on June 20, 2022  

Fed Raises Rates on Schedules =The major overhead resistance now begins at 2.25% followed by 4.75% and then 6.25%. Rates are going to rise further as I have said BEFORE that the Fed has no choice for that is its ONLY tool that people expect to fight inflation.


QUESTION: Marty, well it looks like Socrates will be correct again with interest rates. But my question now is that after the election a 1.25% Quarter Bullish at the end of June, how far are rates going in the crazy world?


REPLY: The rate hike of 0.75%, at the conclusion of its two-day meeting, has indeed confirmed the bull market in rates. The hike moves the benchmark short-term rate to a range of 1.5% to 1.75%. Yes, we have a Quarterly Bullish Reversal at !.25%, but we have a Yearly Bullish Reversal at 1%. This is all confirming our model’s forecast and we expect volatility to rise during the next quarter. However, this is on track for 2023.

The year 2021 was THE low and we have not only a Directional Change in 2023, but we also have a Panic Cycle and a key turning point. We are expecting overall rates to rise into 2034. The year 2021 was the bottom in rates and the end of Keynesian economics.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 1:06 on June 20, 2022  

Now your friend will have less in interest than taxes but unless he’s getting good dividends he probably lost more on his stocks than he would of paid in taxes if it was recent. That would be messed up.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:59 on June 20, 2022  

Endangered Semaphores



Posted by goldielocks @ 0:30 on June 20, 2022  

Right, things are going down hill. The older days they complain about were much better than today.
I’m guessing that’s why the politicians are trying to demonize with racism to justify the mess they made. I guess they know it and why they opened the borders to finish it off if they think it will keep them in power. Only thing blacks were better off them, they could buy a home now nobody can less they already have one and equity.
These last buyers will lose any equity it appears so hope they plan on staying for awhile and they don’t lose their job in the recession.

Yeah cops are on guard understandably so the way things are remember that if you ever call them if someone’s trying to break in or anywhere. Tell the dispatcher to tell who ever shows up what you look like, what your wearing and if your holding a weapon. Actually they should ask these questions and who else is in the house. So they don’t shoot them. I remember long ago hearing a dispatch of someone calling on a suspicious man in someone’s yard at night. Turned out to just be the owner of the house.

Ex-guerrilla Gustavo Petro is elected as first ever left-wing president of Colombia after beating millionaire businessman rival

Posted by ipso facto @ 0:07 on June 20, 2022  


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