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G-7 nations to announce import ban on Russian gold (cnbc.com)

Posted by drb2 @ 22:08 on June 26, 2022  

This headline could be said another way – “Putin says Russia will no longer sell gold for “made -out-of-thin-air” pieces of paper.

G-7 nations to announce import ban on Russian gold (cnbc.com)

Pardon my Grin… I’m a Space Cadet!

Posted by Maya @ 20:10 on June 26, 2022  

I had a ham radio contact with a live astronaut aboard the ISS on Saturday.  Rare… rare.. event.   Second time I’ve done it in 21 years.

@Buygold re G-7 Banning Russia Exports Of Gold. (money)

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:44 on June 26, 2022  
I think it should help other miners export more. Maybe it will help the shares too. More supply chain deficits too.
Another thought. Maybe the US UK and G7 countries want less Gold supply to make gold prices higher because they have a lot and may needed it when TSHTF. Its insurance. Think reversal. TPTB used to hold it down now maybe they want it higher.
“Of Russian gold exports, 90% was consigned to G-7 countries. Of these Russian exports, over 90%, or nearly $17 billion, was exported to the UK. The United States imported less than $200 million in gold from Russia in 2019, and under $1 million in 2020 and 2021.14 hours ago”

I don’t know

Posted by Buygold @ 19:01 on June 26, 2022  

If Russian imports are banned that means that 19 billion in gold is taken off the market in the west. Is that a bullish or bearish development?

G-7 nations to announce import ban on Russian gold as Moscow sanctions widen

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:08 on June 26, 2022  

I got the story from a friend in Fla.


My response:

Now THAT is a very interesting headline. I will probably enjoy reading it later. Funny last week, Pete Madalone Alberts pizza guy came up to me in the supermarket. He calls me Mr Gold. Him and his partner bought gold long ago on account of me. He’s happy with the $1800 gold and says to me, ” guess what? Russia won’t sell gold to us anymore.” So after breakfast I’ll read and analyze the story and thanks for sending it. I’ve heard nothing about this on tv or Newsday or the Gold Tent Oasis. God knows where Pete gets his news. I’ll have to call him if I can find his number. I rarely see the guy anymore maybe five or eight years ago.

Comment after reading the story:

Ok I read the story. Supposedly the announcement will be next Tuesday. Hopefully it will send gold higher past $2000 again. My thoughts on this? First of all, who the hell knew we were importing Gold from Russia?? I know the US Mint is required by law to use only buy American mined Gold. But the gov’t breaks the law sometimes. Maybe the importing was for jewelry or bank investments.

For quite a while the G-7 was being nice, helping to build up Russia, partnering on space travel etc. Ass kissing. And Russia being nice looking the other way re foreign G 7 investment in Ukraine. And buying Russia’s gold gave them paper money for their Gold, and kept our gold here in the ground. Often that happens with Oil too. Buy theirs with paper keep ours.

I personally think Putin liked Trump, and when he saw what the G7 and their media did to him, before during and after his four years, he realized how unethical and sleazy the west was and is divorcing them. When I see the word “Ukraine” in stories, to me its another name for Europe or G7. The attacks are on THEM nesting in Ukraine, but they call (the colony?) Ukraine because of the border they encroached.

Putin was in a sense forced to attack them, and said from the start…”I do not want to collapse the system, that we are part of”, so I guess he knew attacking so called “Ukraine” where a lot of G7 outsourcing went, (welfare bribery) would hurt supply chain exports to the importers from the newly developed area eastward of Europe. Moving Europe’s border eastward. Putin also said the G7 will splinter. I agree. Everything is in reverse. And no more “getting away with” thousands of old bad decisions. Like putting Abortion in the constitution, and allowing NYC to go against the constitution, and practically “outlaw” self-protection with a hand gun. Meanwhile 15 to 20 year old drug dealers from south of the border, with zero carry permits are having gun fights in the city.

During and before Trump, Putin must have realized the West is going broke, doing crazy things, and is run by a bunch of connivers. So he did what UK did and what Trump wanted to do. Break away from the status quo assholes. And since when is “Ukraine” the breadbasket of the world? That was always the USA. So obviously the USA or Europe were outsourcing farm or crop or gasoline etc production. Plus lots of other things.


Like I said long ago, just reverse what the fake news media says to achieve accuracy. It was probably Putin that said to G 7, “Sorry we are cutting you off, we are no longer redeeming Gold for your US paper dollars”.

No words

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:20 on June 26, 2022  

A few years back but just learned about it now. Of all people to get a award. Walsh’s daughter Megan turned whistle blower on how deep the tentacles of the swamp goes. That her father has some issues, police connections and cover ups.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children – Hunter Biden accepts Hope Award on behalf of his brother, Beau Biden, from NCMEC co-founders John and Reve’ Walsh. Also shown is Manus Cooney, NCMEC board chair. | Facebook


Buygold @ 12:50

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 13:09 on June 26, 2022  

Judging by the strength of the ruble it would seem highly unlikely that Russia would be selling its gold. More likely it is buying in preparation for its upcoming reserve currency with other Bric countries. Many Bric countries have been gold buyers.

Listening to Fox News

Posted by Buygold @ 12:50 on June 26, 2022  

It appears that the G7 countries are banning imports of Russian Gold. Russia has been using called in in payments. I wonder if it will have any effect on Fiat currencies.


Posted by Ororeef @ 12:24 on June 26, 2022  

is like Bill Clinton..he does things because he Can…not because he Should….He would sell his Grandmother if the opportunity presented itself ..His ilk is why we have LOCKS on doors !

free travel by corporations for Abortion

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:17 on June 26, 2022  

is Pandering of the worst sort….

Gen X

Posted by commish @ 7:02 on June 26, 2022  

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:05 on June 26, 2022  



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