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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:59 on June 30, 2022  

Swiss winter wonderland


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:24 on June 30, 2022  

A interesting way of looking at things.
The left do nothing that isn’t on their own self interest. If there isn’t money kr a election behind it. Some on the right are the same. If they saw people starving on the streets even if they caused it ie baby formula, they wouldn’t care.

Ipso 18:28

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:50 on June 30, 2022  

Wow That’s what they were about here almost 5 a little over a week ago.

My youngest daughter who started growing food created a new brand of grapes. There pretty good too. She planted the red grapes too close to the green. Now she’s getting red green grapes from the same stalks of grapes. She got her own brand.

this PM action seems like a dream – a bad one

Posted by drb2 @ 18:50 on June 30, 2022  

sheesh, a lot of my miners are back to 2001 prices.  How does that happen?

Gold was $275-300 then and $1800 now.

Check out this chart of the US Money Supply – Yeah, this pummeling makes a lot of sense.


< sorry – chart wouldn’t add >

US Money Supply

    • Year 2000 –  ~$2 Trillion           
    • Year 2022 –  ~$22 Trillion


Vote in the Poll Vote in the Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:29 on June 30, 2022  

2 selections

The LiL lady went shopping today

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:28 on June 30, 2022  

Last trip eggs were $2.89 for 18 … today $4.99 for 18.


The situation explained

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:07 on June 30, 2022  

Jeez! The HUI down 9.75…awful, blank acreage…

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:48 on June 30, 2022  


@goldilocks re part: “They won’t open the pipelines and correct bad decisions causing the problems.”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:35 on June 30, 2022  

Amen on all of that. The way I see it, Biden and company are part of the G 7 then it was G 10 then it was G 20. So I think they wanted oil higher for various reasons. Give foreign countries a chance to make money selling it. Its welfare, the whole western group. Plus it punishes users of gasoline and diesel with the dream to prod people use something else or use less.

This shit started with the gun control act of 1968, then creating the EPA in 1970, and removal of the gold standard in 1971. and DOWN we went. 50 years. I strongly suspect the global group is trying to make the USA better out of necessity. And at same time try not to hurt the others too much. But its going too slow.

I’d like to know how the UK got away with their Brexit coup. Coup means “an impressive victory or achievement that usually is difficult or unexpected”. They were the original leader of the world, the banking and bullion center of the world. So the “boss” gets away with it, but nobody else? Trump was Brexit II. 

Another pay fir play scam

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:08 on June 30, 2022  

Biden cracks down on E cigarettes. Too bad he can’t mind his own business do his job and pay attention to the border and all those illegal drugs crossing.
Ask Marlboro, maybe they don’t like the competition and drawing people away from ciggs.

Biden Admin Cracks Down on E-Cigarettes

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:49 on June 30, 2022  

Yeah it’s old news. It’s not just phones needing chips. Everything is politicalized now. They could open chip plants here but there dragging their feet.
There green new deal and rather a insult stealing the New Deal quote from a president of past kids today probably don’t know about who was trying to improve the quality of life to Americans instead of personal gain at the expense of Americans and handing it over the the CCP selling us cheap solar copy’s.
It’s still needs battery’s. If they want it so bad why aren’t the opening factory’s here?
Instead they are trying to create a captive audience talking about themselves and their past “ old news” ambitions they don’t take responsibility for or blame on others when they fail. Instead of the here and now and future they’ll drag it on because they can’t admit they are wrong or really stupid. So everyone’s supposed to put their life on hold and worse for something that only benefits these scammers and our predatory foreign competitors. Because they don’t learn from it they keep things the same. They won’t open the pipelines and correct bad decisions causing the problems. Instead cause other problems thinking it’s gonna fix those problems. There not only incompetent their scam artists.

As Simon Dixon a crypto investor said everything’s a scam until proven otherwise.
So true. Lol

Fed being political sized but don’t take their advice

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:16 on June 30, 2022  

Back on the news again talking the market down, Their advice is to go insolvent while they bail themselves out. Powell talking about people have savings left they can draw on. Draw in for what? Because they know this administration is destroying the economy and their inflation is transitory inactions while buying mortgage back securities and inflation went up 400 percent last year with no wars to blame it on? Sounds either really bad advice or predatory. For what, to go insolvent and file bankruptcy next? Hope people can wait it out or develops a plan for their future instead.

GSilver to Acquire 100% of Great Panther’s Mexican Mining Assets

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:04 on June 30, 2022  


Re Rampant Inflation, and Shortage Of Labor Reflects The Results Of Wage and Price Controls Failing To Work Anymore After 9/11

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:59 on June 30, 2022  

I remember when they actually boldly admitted it in the news, late 1960s early ’70s, the boss loved it. I was working at that time, and remember well. No time to explain it all, but the system can’t get away with that anymore.

Central planned artificial man made economy. The Copper chart shows it. Loss of control. If you hold a price down, and suddenly it doubles in cost, its NOT inflation. Its a correction to the upside.

If something is gov’t supported and price gets too high, and drops in price like the SnP or real estate, its a correction, not deflation. But we all know, “inflation” is defined as an increase in money supply, and the higher prices lag, come latter.

But quite often Money Supply evaporates, then the Fed can print again, look at bit coin and the indices evaporated many dollars doing the fed a favor to fight “inflation”. And often inflations end in deflations they print.

How do they hold wages down? SIMPLE, over time they don’t raise the minimum wage lock step up 7% per year. To match cost of living. The base wage holds all the others down. The whole abortion economy is out of whack.

untitled (mrci.com)

EU Walks Back Hard Line On Kaliningrad Standoff As Russia Places New Missiles On Baltic Coas

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:43 on June 30, 2022  

Following Moscow threatening to retaliate and escalate, it seems the European Union is seeking to rapidly defuse tensions after earlier in June giving Lithuania the go-ahead to block all rail and road transit of Russian goods going to Russia’s exclave of Kaliningrad. Some one million Russian citizens of Kaliningrad Oblast have been cut off from normal and vital reception of goods through neighboring EU-NATO member Lithuania since June 17 due to enforcement of EU sanctions against Moscow.

But Reuters is reporting Wednesday that Brussels is ready to climb down quickly from its hard line sanctions enforcement stance, after last week the Kremlin warned Lithuania that “Russia will certainly respond to such hostile actions.” A statement from Nikolai Patrushev, the Secretary-General of Russia’s Security Council, at the time threatened: “The consequences will have a serious negative impact on the population of Lithuania.” But now EU leaders are said to be seeking compromise.


Snowline Gold having a good day … may be onto something big

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:56 on June 30, 2022  


Ten Year Bond Rate 14% Off The High 3.5% to 3.0%

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:44 on June 30, 2022  

By the way, when are the miners going to stop being dragged down with the SnP? We have nothing to do with them. Eventually they should break away and go opposite inverse the general indices. If they don’t?? It means the entire share markets are losing popularity. However, if Gold breaks out, that should send miners higher. And whats with the rate dropping? Is it natural forces, going against the Fed? Or is it the Fed quietly trying a little stimulation?


FYI The Guru That Recommended Short Oil ETF Yesterday, Worked, SCO up 6.34%. today

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:31 on June 30, 2022  

Supposedly they guy gets out when he sees, 10% to 20% gain and good bye.

goldielocks @ 22:46 re my 13:58 Early Signs Of Deflation It was mostly about chips less demand high inventory or something?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:26 on June 30, 2022  

I wasn’t paying that much attention and missed part of it. The person was talking about the tech stocks I think, stocks dropping, and sales dropping deflation on the devices that need the chips. Cell phones? Chips may still be in short supply. But that also may be old news by now.

USD losing steam

Posted by Buygold @ 9:25 on June 30, 2022  

doesn’t matter so far, but maybe as the day goes on.

USD now down a smidge – no help.


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:21 on June 30, 2022  

Beware of owning mining cos in Nicaragua!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:10 on June 30, 2022  

Nicaragua cancels the Plantel Los Ángeles gold mine concession

Nicaragua cancels the Plantel Los Ángeles gold mine concession

this works on several levels

Posted by treefrog @ 9:07 on June 30, 2022  

first, the obvious political level – the social programs are almost entirely supported by tax revenue drawn from private sector productivity.

second, the “green” energy (almost exclusively electric) is supported in large part on base-load power generated by fossil fuel,

–  in particular, electric vehicles whose battery packs are full of energy derived from oil, gas, and coal.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:00 on June 30, 2022  



Angus Gold Completes $5.8 Million Strategic Private Placement with Delbrook Capital and New Gold


NOVAGOLD Reports Second Quarter 2022 Financial Results


Banyan Gold Files Technical Report for Aurmac Property, 4 Million Ounce Updated Mineral Resource Estimate, Yukon, Canada


Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.: Wood-Pandora Joint Venture Terminated


Cabral Gold Receives Key Permits for the Cuiú Cuiú Gold District, Brazil


Snowline Gold Encounters Widespread Mineralization in 340 Metre Step-Out at Its Valley Zone and Mobilizes Second Drill


Magna Gold Announces AGM Results and Provides Corporate Update


Benton and Sokoman Report Final Results from Recon Drilling at the Kraken Pegmatite Field – Golden Hope Project, SW Newfoundland


E2gold Stakes Claims To North And South Of Mckinnon Zone, Enlarging Its Flagship Hawkins Project


Sitka Adds Third Drill Rig to its RC Gold Project in Yukon


Osisko Development Announces Mineral Resource Estimate for San Antonio Property, Sonora State, Mexico


O3 Mining Expands Mineralization Corridor At Camflo Extension, Intersecting 94 Metres at 1.1 g/t Au


Desert Gold’s GWN Zone Returns More Positive Drill Intercepts Including 1.91 g/t Gold over 32*metres with up to 5 Lenses of Gold Mineralization Defined Along a Strike Length of 1.6 km to a Depth of 175 Metres


Gold trying to rally on the eco data – PCE

Posted by Buygold @ 8:45 on June 30, 2022  

Scum hitting back hard trying to keep us from exploding

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