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Maya 1:17

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:53 on June 12, 2022  

Your right another snowflake. My question who is he trying to convince and what is he comparing it to, a nerf gun?
Perhaps no one showed the snowflake how to hold a gun when firing so it tapped him on the shoulder, then he cried to media,

Old timer

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:39 on June 12, 2022  

He’d probably over charge you.

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:37 on June 12, 2022  

Hong Kong, Japan maybe out for lunch break and Australia open I believe. India about to open.

Flashback to the time when all was being prepared to patent humans with the Jabbs by changing their DNA and making them the private property of the patent holders like Bill, Klause, Pfizer, Moderna, etc. IMO!! Very exposing FWIW!

Posted by silverngold @ 23:28 on June 12, 2022  

One of Corbett’s most exposing. Shut up and eat your GMO’s!


All that’s left is the dollar

Posted by Buygold @ 22:12 on June 12, 2022  

PM’s couldn’t hold the line.

Gonna be ugly tomorrow.

Check Out The Indices Tonight

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:03 on June 12, 2022  


@ Maya…

Posted by old-timer @ 20:26 on June 12, 2022  

That guy looks like someone I might have bought a” lid” from, on The Ave, back in the late 60’s.

Lots of stems and seeds!

He’s aged a lot better than I have!


Not much up tonight

Posted by Buygold @ 19:33 on June 12, 2022  

even oil. The USD & Gold are up a little.

The real action appears to be in the SM – especially the Naz. Bitcoin about to break $27K

Posted by Maya @ 17:24 on June 12, 2022  

USA Watchdog….and it’s a good exposure of the “Vaxx” Fraud/lies and coverup!

Posted by silverngold @ 17:13 on June 12, 2022  

CV19 Vax Deaths & Injuries are an Ignored Humanitarian Catastrophe – Dr. Pierre Kory

Would you buy… anything…. from this guy??

Posted by Maya @ 14:49 on June 12, 2022  

“I did this”

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:11 on June 12, 2022  

Morning Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 13:31 on June 12, 2022  

Germany made a really bad decision to close their nuclear plants after Fukushima.

It’s amazing to me that Germany is still in good shape financially no matter how much Schwab and Merkel have tried to destroy them.

I’m expecting some fireworks tomorrow.

German Economics expert Sees 6 Formidable Problems with Germany’s Green Energy Push

Posted by Maddog @ 8:26 on June 12, 2022  

German Economics expert Sees 6 Formidable Problems with Germany’s Green Energy Push

Professor Sinn is a highly respected economist…..When he speaks many listen.

Bitcoin now down almost 10%

Posted by Buygold @ 6:01 on June 12, 2022  

breaking what seemed to be support at $28K.

I’m afraid the SM is in for some serious trouble tomorrow.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 5:35 on June 12, 2022  

The problem is that people don’t know enough about the governments failure to manage a economy or a budget and misusing the printing press and the consequences of inflation. People also do not want the discomfort it would cause to fix it.

If we got another currency it wouldn’t make a difference if they could print it too. People can’t get together or back others if they or others don’t have the right answers themselves. Then it would have to be one that doesn’t just benefit them. There is one of the answers, stop the bleeding. Stop spending, borrowing , and printing.
We know with this irresponsible administration that’s not going to happen. All they’re going to do is raise the taxes and interest rates and make the already inflated costs even more expensive. The irony is much of it isn’t even going back to us either.
If we give them a dollar how much do we get back? Milton said 80 cents back then. That was then, it’s even less now. Milton makes economics come to life. I’ve been watching a lot of his videos lately. Inflation isn’t a capitalist problem or a communist problem it’s a printing press problem. Now complicated by interfering with free trade and causing oil restrictions amongst other things like open borders which creates over population and more special interest groups that shouldn’t even be involved in our politics anymore that we theirs.
That creates more complications with once common interests despite diversity in culture previously leading to further division and interferes with competitive pricing due to tighter supply’s and higher demand.

With the current administration things are just going to get worse.

Milton Friedman Speaks: Money and Inflation (B1230) – Full Video

Inflation is blamed on many things. But it has only one cause: It is a monetary phenomenon. Inflation occurs when the quantity of money increases faster than the quantity of goods. Why does the money supply increase? Very often, it does so to enable the government to pay its bills without raising taxes. There’s only one real cure for inflation. It is a cure that’s easy to describe but difficult to apply: The government must reduce spending and print less money. The alternatives are both recession and double-digit inflation. Recorded at University of San Diego & San Diego Chamber of Commerce ©1978 / 1:26:03.

Milton Friedman Speaks: The Role of Government in a Free Society (B1228) – Full Video

John Stuart Mill said, in effect, that self-protection is the only legitimate reason for people to interfere with the freedom of others. If we are to define the role of government in a free society, we must first specify what we mean by self-protection. Defense from foreign enemies and protection of property, including the enforcement of private contracts, are clearly legitimate functions of government. But when we come to two other functions of government–providing a substitute for voluntary cooperation when it appears impossible to achieve, and providing for irresponsible individuals–the justification is much less clear-cut, because in a free society people should be able to take risks but should not be able to force others to pay the consequences. If the proper limitations of government action were observed, the government would not do many things it now does. We should not resort to government regulations until we have adequately explored the possibilities for coordinating our activities through voluntary means. If we understood the implications of our own values, we would not allow ourselves to be “front men” for values we oppose, merely because we are confused about the meaning of freedom and the legitimate role of government in a free society. Recorded at Stanford University ©1978 / 1:26:09.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:23 on June 12, 2022  

261 Rolls thru Minnesota


ipso facto @ 12:38 – It’s a LIE!

Posted by Maya @ 1:17 on June 12, 2022  

No AR-15 has EVER “bruised a shoulder”.  As anyone Army trained will tell you… having dis- and re- assembled their weapon… there is a big recoil spring in the stock that absorbs the firing impact.  You barely feel a tap on the shoulder when it fires.

Damn lying liberal snowflakes!


Posted by Ororeef @ 1:03 on June 12, 2022  

Pay a higher interest rate on savings deposits like CD’s   and not on DEBT !  They do it backwards  ! The Banks would be flush with cash looking to make good loans ….The DEBT would disappear  !The asset would accrue to the depositor and relieve the inflation demands placed on them.PUT EVERYTHING FINANCIAL IN REVERSE and we could have an asset based economy instead of a DEBT based economy..The individual would be looking to make investments instead of the Banks.The people would grow rich and we wouldent need so many Banks ..they could shrink in number ….they are parasites ..they produce nothing useful ..only debt..Better the people have money to lend instead of Banks ..They could lend to the BANK in the form of a CD..The people own the asset ,not the BANK !The Banks are like useless eaters ,they produce nothing of value the less need of them the better .

The producers should be the lenders from their surpluses …not the Banks that need the public to  get into ever increasing debt to service current debt.Enough already  !

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