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@Richie @ ipso facto re The Lagging Miners Situation?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:37 on June 22, 2022  

Maybe the high cost of diesel and other business costs are doing something. But my guess is they are being dragged down in sympathy with the general Dow SnP stuff. You know, they all go up or they all go down. By the way, They are in a classic long term Rhino Horn Formation, I’ll post the chart.

Back in 2001 the Dot com busted March ’01 and dragged everything down, but we went opposite up, we bottomed in ’01 they were topping in ’01 and its similar these days. They went down hard for three years as we were climbing nice the following three years and maybe gave confidence to the others? In other words maybe we led the regular market up.

SnP Rhino Horn Formation: untitled (mrci.com) Note the March ’00 crash and the ’07 crash. Note the roll over 2014 2015 on a stale old bull market. And the Trump Rally in 2016 4 more good years, way way over priced. You can even see the Covid bust.

You could refer the chart to runaway inflation like what was happening with AU and AG in the 1970s that they had to fight. In a sense the Fed might be looking at the SnP like they looked at Silve going $1 to $50 in the ’70s.

The Bozos had to get rates up to 21% before it finally worked by 1980. After that a 20 year deflation in commodities into March 2000. Gold $250, Silver $4, Copper .46 cents etc USD at 120. Thats when I stopped working. I Knew they had to drop the high dollar.

Look at Dow same thing untitled (mrci.com) hit 36,000. Adjusted for constant value dollars, it should be around 20,000 today. It still way too high.

Look at Gold in the $200 area, untitled (mrci.com) times 20 is $4,000/oz. on lows. Look at the rally to $600 area, thats like $12,000 in todays funny money.

Look at the Dollar after 9/11/01 untitled (mrci.com) Three descending peaks and descending lows. Also lets keep in mind they made Gold a tier one asset last June?

Bottom Line: With this mess they created, literally anything crazy can happen.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.