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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:29 on June 22, 2022  

Coincidence I just warned someone “ a young professional doctor “ who’s taking a American air to Texas next month. Gives her time to pre plan if she gets stuck at a airport.
I’m sure the government supports air travel and not just for the citizens if they even think about them but for the millions of government workers who also get discounts. Not only that we pay fir TSA.
Even more so Amtrak.
Still housing in Ny doesn’t set the travel costs can vary depending on gas prices, how soon you book and what time of the year you travel. Also there are generally no less than 100 people and usually more depending on where your going and that’s not to mention business or first class so double they for each seat.
Even if it had say 102 and 10 first class “ double the price not worth it for domestic flights so times two 20 thats 122 they don’t need
times your 6000 732,000 to take these people from LA to NY. Even if gas costs them 20k that’s a bit greedy don’t you think? You can take a zero off that and they’ll still be doing good if you multiply all their flights.
Those that did get another flight out because they had to be somewhere had to pay double the price, one because it was short notice and they should of been happy they booked and not charged more two because the gas prices were probably double from what they were when they booked the flight and getting closer to summer. Prices going up by the month.
Another person told me due to connections could of flew to Southern California RT for 6 dollars but even with gas prices she didn’t want to deal with the airport and they drove. She was glad she did they had a lot of fun.
Back in 2021 my cost to fly to Miami Florida was 200 dollars Rt. Year before one in Aug one in September to Orlando to take a daughter to Disney and Universal. I went I can’t remember what it was in 2006 same place Miami and boy was it foggy from a tropical storm heading to Aruba. That was in June if I remember.
With gas prices what they are now I’m sure prices are up.

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