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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:54 on June 22, 2022  

Well that was the past. Abundance brings competition and prices down. Remember VCRs were pricy until they went to DVDs

Now will the young ever have those experiences or freedoms for that matter?
Will they be able to “afford” find their passion in life be walking away and putting money last or needing it first. Or will they just take the path of least resistance, follow the money, crowd and fads and go along with up is down, down is up even when you know it isn’t. Like someone said to me today it’s not theft until it’s over 100 dollars lol
People can choose their own path but there was a time when we could laugh at things ie what we all remember here a Irish in a Tutu and not have to take everything so seriously. From keeping up with the Jones to keeping up with the latest pronouns and feeding into “ reaffirming “ other people depressions, delusions, ego or power trips.
Freedom or equality. Without freedom there is no equality. M Friedman

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