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Posted by Buygold @ 16:34 on October 16, 2015  

I’m pulling for ya big man but this feels like the same old to me.


Maddog & Buygold

Posted by Samb @ 16:28 on October 16, 2015  

Boy do I disagree! Just wonderful action into this weekly close! Looks great for next week…and we will tackle the week after that  as we get there next week. Looking just peachy…lovin it.

Well that was a typical Op Ex close

Posted by Buygold @ 16:09 on October 16, 2015  

Nothing like trying to take out the T/A guys in the last half hour of a Friday afternoon. I guess we’ll have to see what another Sunday brings. Gold 200 DMA – poof!

The commercials are pressing their bets. What a joke.



Posted by Maddog @ 16:09 on October 16, 2015  

Pure window dressing into the closes…PM’s hit with monster Vol, as SM gets bid with monster Vol…it is now a sad joke of a mkt.

They really are trying to make a pox ridden whore into Princess….and with that delightful image in mind….cheers one and all.

Commie-fornia at it again

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:19 on October 16, 2015  

Just made that up. There at it again. So now everytime  you go to buy ammo for hunting or target practice your going to have to pay for a background check and wait. Anything for money with these underhanded commie deviants. He hopes once passed it will spread to other states.


Or should I name it commie- foreignia how about commie- fornicationia.

Something happening in Shanghai

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:15 on October 16, 2015  

Something happening in Shanghai

Quietly gold has started to register gains in the overnight Shanghai market. For a very long time, the overnight market (from a U.S. perspective) more or less followed along with the prevailing trend in London and New York. Over the past few weeks, the Shanghai market has taken on a life of its own with solid gains over the London and New York closes registered on a regular basis. In fact, as the chart below illustrates, a case could be made that much of the recent rise in the price of gold has occurred in the Hong Kong-Shanghai markets. These overnight price adjustments could foreshadow the gold market’s future. By this I do not mean to say that the direction is going to be exclusively to the upside. The real point is that China’s presence is going to be felt – up or down – and that presence is going to play significantly in the flow of real metal. The Shanghai Gold Exchange, as readers of this newsletter are already aware, is slated to launch its new fix by the end of 2015. In addition, the new London price setting regime already includes one Chinese bank with two others scheduled to join in the near future. As a result, China’s influence in the gold market, already a key factor, should increase markedly.

With its appetite for the physical metal now a well-established fact of life, China will likely serve as a foil to the current paper-based pricing regime. Chinese banks in London will be on the constant lookout for arbitrage opportunities that can be purchased and shipped to their home country. Meanwhile, the price posted in Shanghai will be for physical delivery only – no paper settlements or rollovers. In this new gold market, China, perhaps inadvertently, will act as a proxy for gold coin and bullion owners all over the world.

more http://www.usagold.com/publications/NewsViewsOct2015.html

Maddog – yep

Posted by Buygold @ 14:59 on October 16, 2015  

par for the course, especially on an Op Ex day. Could be in for a volatile close. I surely don’t like the HUI under 135. No real reason for it to be down 3% with G & S barely down. Volume is light, I guess that’s a good thing?

Happy Scumdays are here again…Hui on it’s arse and SM cruising higher on the weeks hi’s

Posted by Maddog @ 14:53 on October 16, 2015  

Yes Hui needs to consolidate an o/b situation…….but since when did that worry the SM…????

Girls night out. So hey we can have a sense of humor.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:50 on October 16, 2015  

No More Girls’ Night Out

Two wives go out for a girls’ night out. Both got drunk, started walking home, and had to pee.

They stopped at a cemetery but had nothing to wipe with.

One wife used her panties and the other wife grabbed a wreath off a grave.

The next morning, one husband called the other and said, “No more girls’ night out! My wife came home with no panties!”

The other husband replied, “You think that’s bad? Mine came home with a card in her crack that said ‘From all of us at the fire station… we’ll never forget you.’”

This video was in the link I posted

Posted by eeos @ 14:46 on October 16, 2015  

it needs to be watched people. this is super stealth, once terrorist and enemies have this…well we’re toast.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:42 on October 16, 2015  

Someone a officer retired I know made a good point. Something about their need for warm water ports. He said he’s vote yes on the poll you have out lol he said;

Yes, I don’t think any man should be able to haul up to a little rock in the ocean and build it up to a military force projection site.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:37 on October 16, 2015  

Don’t buy Angora, these rabbits are inhumainly  abused by ripping the fur off them, postures in fear of routine Torture,  medical neglect and injury under unbearable living conditions. Some companies continue to buy them.


Fearless Prediction

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:11 on October 16, 2015  

The US will sail ships past the Sprightly Islands right on the 12 mile limit. The US will say we proved our point and sailed inside the 12 mile limit and China will say we kept outside the 12 mile limit.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:49 on October 16, 2015  

Tell Silverboom and his wife I said hi lol Yep it’s under attack and we need to take it back from these criminals instead of just sitting by and watching. We got people out there busting ” their arse” with petitions everywhere that need to be signed if not join in. People need to be aware of their laws of self defense and conceal carry in growing hostile cities because it will only take a few to have enough and the guns start going off mowing them down if things get like they are in Europe. Although by then many won’t blame them. This is only the beginning…of the end lol How many people even know who there local legislators are and what their doing and what they vote for? They need to start tracking them frequently.

Income inequality and crimes of the Fed: Larceny, fraud, counterfeiting, embezzlement, money laundering, conspiracy

Posted by eeos @ 13:30 on October 16, 2015  

PARIS – Suddenly, it has turned very cold in Paris.

The sky is gray. People wear coats and scarves. It almost feels as though it could snow.

Seeing the weather turn against us, we wonder what else might be coming.

As we predicted, the Dow fell back below 17,000 yesterday, after Walmart warned that it was having trouble selling things to people with no money – at least online.

Its e-commerce efforts don’t seem to be paying off as quickly as it hoped.


There are about 100 million people in the U.S. who earn about the same average wage as the people of Argentina, Estonia, or Bosnia-Herzegovina. Read more

Putin’s Navy Sends a Shot Across Obama’s Bow

Posted by eeos @ 13:28 on October 16, 2015  

Russia’s attack on Syrian territory last week, using cruise missiles fired from the Caspian Sea, led to a fair amount of chuckling in the West, after U.S. reports that four of the missiles crashed in Iran. But this is no laughing matter. Arguing over the attack’s effectiveness misses the point.

If Moscow had only wanted to hit Bashar al-Assad’s enemies in Syria, it has plenty of ships nearby in the Mediterranean to do the job. Rather, the Russians launched the 26 missiles from the Caspian simply to show they were capable of doing so. The U.S. and its allies should be warned: Vladimir Putin notched another success.

Western militaries were already well aware that Russia had capable cruise missiles, which are self-propelled weapons that can fly great distances at supersonic speed and below radar detection. The West also knew that Moscow had deployed four armed corvette warships in the Caspian, where it has maintained a naval presence for centuries.

The revelation was that Russia had combined the two: giving the relatively small ships — the Buyan-M class displaces just 950 tons — firepower comparable to much larger U.S. Arleigh Burke-class destroyers and Ticonderoga-class missile cruisers. By using the corvettes and the Kalibr NK cruise missile system, the Kremlin sent a shot across America’s bow, and in two ways. Read more

from Silverboom…Goldi

Posted by eeos @ 13:26 on October 16, 2015  

It make me think these arseholes already killed the treewar


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:21 on October 16, 2015  

It will depend. They could use it to claim martial law. This goes on I found all the time , same thing in Isreal and Criminal in chief has made it worse and they have guns everywhere but try to abide by laws. In fact it’s gotten so bad some stores have banned the sales of knives and hatchets because of all the knife attacks recienty. They have just set fire to a biblical place. Trouble is already starting in city’s like Dearborn and one Texas city they want Shaira law and threatened a mayor when she told them where to go. They will infiltrate the legal system.

They know we have guns here they are trying to get from us. Just saw a tape the other day of a refugee complaining about not getting sex because rape is outlawed there saying his balls are big and he needs sex. If they weren’t so stupid it would be funny. I liked one guys response to cut them off that will cure the problem. Yet the camps having that problem and women afraid to go to the restrooms at night. One german activist was gang raped by African invaders in a bathroom  and they asked her to stay quiet about it. Unbelievable.

I think it will be more challenging for it to happen in the US

Posted by eeos @ 13:03 on October 16, 2015  

I have no doubt it’s a free for all in Europe. Militant people will stop this in the USA I think, you know unless they take firearms away soon


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:57 on October 16, 2015  

Working with people of all races, religion more than most here I understand that. Point is general consensus when they think they have the upper hand. Have you ever except for 911 seen that kind of collective behavoir on a plane until now? You don’t think they see what going on in Europe and how they’re getting away with it and criminal and chief promoting it? There news refuses to allow them to report it and were only getting bits and pieces so much worse. From doctors own words these people are un -hirable anyways. Too many and you could imagine the violent out breaks if they try to deport once they figure it out. Already they are threatening citizens retirement to pay for them. It’s a Trojan horse and they fail to remember history.


Posted by puptent @ 12:49 on October 16, 2015  


Goldi- I’m simply pointing out that

Posted by eeos @ 12:43 on October 16, 2015  

there’s a million different ways to see things. People of all types get out of hand in general. It’s the story of the earth. People migrate for all kids of reasons under the sun. Do I want to live under Sharia law? NO way. I’m just stating the fact that all people are different, but much the same. The have families they love, values they hold dear, etc just like us. I ‘m not suggesting that we need to submit or convert, but simply find what links people together, not divide them based on general religion.

Eeos 8:17

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:35 on October 16, 2015  

Your right, it is a wide brush of uncivilized behavior sweeping across the world thanks to brain dead leaders thinking cheap labor. What’s ironic about it their cheap labor doesnt want to work, wants to be catered to no matter their behavior. They can’t even clean up their own mess at refugee camps and some German parent angry when they found a school field trip was really more cheap labor as they took the kids to a camp and had them clean up after them and serve them knowing their violent potential especially toward christians and communicable diseases. Hungarians found discarded cell phones teaching men how to handle interrogation preparing for jihad. Perhaps their behavior is forward thinking. Videos surfacing with refugees making cut throat hand signs.
Nurses attacked with knives and infected urine thrown at them.



SLW has an interesting stance on the monthly

Posted by eeos @ 12:29 on October 16, 2015  


Sitting in the cat bird seat

Posted by Samb @ 12:26 on October 16, 2015  

Weeks not over but, looking good for next week, IMO.  Like a little down reaction and hope it holds into the close. Always a temptation to take profits and run though I think the smart move here is to let it run. Absolutely no sign of trouble yet, though we know its coming…just not yet.

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