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Posted by Maddog @ 23:07 on October 13, 2015  

Cameroon leaked that fact over the weekend…all we have in Syria/Iraq is a few 30 yr old Tornado’s, which are held together on a hope and prayer..see




Vlad is being polite…he easily could have said..the UK is now a joke power, run by a child.

Heres a Gold Popper upper

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:58 on October 13, 2015  

Gold Jumps As China Devalues Yuan By Most In 2 Months, “Boosts Reforms” Of Corporate Bond Bubble

Tyler Durden's picture

AsiaPac stocks are extending losses in early trading asit appears our fears about the Chinese coporate bond market bubble are also on the minds of Chinese regulators as they look to “boost reforms.” After the PBOC has fixed the Yuan stronger for 8 straight days, the onshore and offshore Yuan has weakened appreciably in the last 24 hours and PBOC has devalued Yuan by 177pips  – the biggest in 2 months (as PBOC researchers push to “speed up Yuan internationalization” and implicitly inclusion in the SDR basket).


Gold jumped on the Yuan devaluation…

Sir Wanka..good call

Posted by Maddog @ 22:53 on October 13, 2015  

Au ‘action’ is great…real 3rd wave stuff…chewing thru very heavy resi.


Tit for Tat .. Petty minded Oatmeal Heads very Dangerous

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:49 on October 13, 2015  

Cold War 2015: Russia ‘FURIOUS’ after RAF pilots cleared to shoot down Moscow warplanes

VLADIMIR Putin’s military officials are reportedly furious with Britain after RAF pilots were authorised to shoot down Moscow warplanes.

PUBLISHED: 06:52, Tue, Oct 13, 2015 | UPDATED: 08:56, Tue, Oct 13, 2015


Putin’s officials are outraged at the reports

The very premise of a potential conflict of UK and Russian combat aircraft over Iraq is incomprehensible

Alexander Yakovenko

Outraged Russian officials asked UK ministers “to provide an official explanation” of reports that RAF Tornados operating over Iraq have been fitted with heat-seeking missiles designed for arial combat.

The Russian ambassador in London, Alexander Yakovenko, said he had “urgently requested explanations” of the reports from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

He said: “These reports are worrying, as they refer to senior cabinet members. We have urgently requested explanations from the Foreign and Commonwealth office.

“The very premise of a potential conflict of UK and Russian combat aircraft over Iraq is incomprehensible.”


A lot of drunks at that party…

Posted by amals @ 22:41 on October 13, 2015  

new drinking game for democrat debate nights

Posted by treefrog @ 22:37 on October 13, 2015  

every time bernie sanders proposes something free, chug someone else’s beer.

Auandag @ 10:50

Posted by amals @ 22:30 on October 13, 2015  

Putin’s short speech was almost painful to read.  Not because it wasn’t spot on, but because no one else in leadership position here is saying the same. What a long, strange trip it’s been (credit to Robert Hunter, of course) to get here from where we started.

Trump was right…

Posted by Maya @ 21:58 on October 13, 2015  

He said it will be boring and people will tune out after 20 minutes.


Posted by Maya @ 21:51 on October 13, 2015  

Hawaii Rep. (D) Tulsi Gabbard is a combat hero and extremely popular in Hawaii.  She is ‘supposed’ to be a Vice-Chair of the DNC (!) and being a Hindu in Hawaii’s pluralistic population, she has always embraced ‘inclusion’ and debate.

For her to be DIS-INVITED has outraged my democratic friends back in Hawaii.  The state has been a DEM machine since it was formed, and the grass roots friends I have there are shocked by this.   There WILL be BLOWBACK, I’m quite sure.   Might even persuade some lifelong Dems to vote Republican this time around.   Rep . Mark Takai was outraged today.   Tulsi will be in town making the news rounds tomorrow, I think.  I will try to dig up a video interview with her tomorrow to see what choice comments she has.

I think the DEMs just Shat in their own nest..

Happened to turn on the Democrap debate

Posted by Buygold @ 21:13 on October 13, 2015  

Hillary owns it. Softball questions. What a puke fest.


No one with a brain can possibly paying attention.

ororeef yep thats the ‘wasserman’ phony

Posted by WANKA @ 20:41 on October 13, 2015  

I’m shamed to live in the same state as that creep! wj

Dems bragg about diversity

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:06 on October 13, 2015  

when it suits them..Half of them are Communists which THEY call DIVERSITY …now thats a spin on words..

BUT BUT when it calls for a FEMALE Military MAJOR in Hawaii to get on the DEBATE Discussion Diversity goes out the Window …!and the empty PODIUM is now SPINned to mean it was there “in case UNCLE JOE” wanted to change his mind  not because DEBBIE WASSERMAN got her MArching ORDERS  from her Handlers…   REALLY I got a bridge to sell ya !   No MIlitary needed here and NO discussion about SYRIA is going to occur…

THE FIX IS IN…and Jim WEBB is there to quiet down any military complaints…They dont want a real Military discussion to take place ..got to keep the Female MAJOR away from this debate …shes trouble for the DEMS …

According to Wassermann DEMS chief

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:55 on October 13, 2015  

The FIX is in…and the empty podium chair was for Hawaii  REP military MAJOR FEMALE  ….who wants to discuss SYRIA Policy and Debbie Wasserman wont allow that discussion to take place  …..She was DIS-INVITED

Oatmeal Heads…It just proves how right

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:23 on October 13, 2015  

the founding Fathers were ..Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase ,Jacksons Battles in New Orleans ,Mexican WAr …Sewards Folly in Alaska and we now have secure Borders from sea to sea ,but insist on mucking up our southern border ….THese Oatmeal Heads running things today couldent  fight their way out of a paper Bag..all TALK & Spin …like old gossips …Their all Feminists even the so-called Men…more worried about their Hair do,and how they look with their $400 haircuts and Facelifts .  that cover up the Oatmeal inside….

closed on new highs folks…this is really good action on tue after a mon holiday.

Posted by WANKA @ 17:19 on October 13, 2015  


Faux Buygold

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:18 on October 13, 2015  

“I’m cautiously optimistic – imagine that!”

Ok what have you done with Buygold? Who are you? :mrgreen:

Just funning my friend. I hope you are right and the upside is imminent.



Posted by Buygold @ 16:38 on October 13, 2015  

yeah, wasn’t a great day but not horrible either, we’ve had worse. Oil reversed course and put some pressure on us. Hopefully just a two day pause before the explosion. Don’t know if you saw last night’s drubbing but gold made a nice comeback.

I’m cautiously optimistic – imagine that! ffa9fe85

JPM missed big on earnings, retail sales tomorrow. Can’t really think of a better investment than pm’s at the moment.

I dunno, I’m just an optimist. raredpqq

ipso facto but but but ….its the

Posted by WANKA @ 16:22 on October 13, 2015  

debils made me do it! toon2 🙂 wj

WANKA @ 16:14

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:18 on October 13, 2015  

Careful there mate yer troddin some dangerous ground! No details please. 🙂 🙂 🙂

ipso facto me too i remember when

Posted by WANKA @ 16:14 on October 13, 2015  

I was a wee lad and my wee worked and I said like mogambo says weeeeeeeeee ain’t this fun! bwahahahahahaha toon01bwj

eeos still somewhat weak my friend

Posted by WANKA @ 16:10 on October 13, 2015  

and just now able to boost myself up to standing with a walker. my lower legs went to silly putty. i’ll be building my calfs soon on my recumbent bike once I can stand and walk six feet or so. other then that all is well but I tire quickly and my saturation of o2 in the bloodstream depletes with very little exertion. this needs rebuilding also so I might have some reserves. best of cheers and thanks for your thoughts. wj

Buygold @ 15:25

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:08 on October 13, 2015  

If the shoe fits …

Pretty crappy day today … similar to many others.

We should have no doubt that the Washington imbeciles could care less about eradicating ISIS

Posted by Buygold @ 15:25 on October 13, 2015  

Putin Calls US, Allies “Oatmeal Heads” On Syria

Tyler Durden's picture

To be sure, there are a lot of absurd things about what Washington has done and is currently doing in Syria.

There’s the support for Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for instance, who has used ISIS as an excuse to wage war on his own people. Then there are the various efforts to arm and train a hodgepodge of different anti-regime rebel groups (with more embarrassing results each and every time). And just yesterday we learned that the best idea the Pentagon can come up with now is to literally paradrop “50 tons” of ammo on pallets into the middle of the desert and hope the “right” people pick it up.

Of course when it comes to absurd outcomes in Syria, it’s difficult to top the fact that at some point – and you don’t have to go full-conspiracy theory to believe this anymore – either the West or else Qatar and Saudi Arabia provided some type of assistance to ISIS, which then proceeded to metamorphose into white basketball shoe-wearing, black flag-waving, sword-wielding desert bandits hell bent on establishing a medieval caliphate. 

Having said all of that, things took an even more surreal turn late last month when, after Russia stormed in via Latakia and started bombing anti-regime targets, Washington was forced to claim that somehow, Moscow’s efforts would be detrimental to the war on terror.

To be sure, there really wasn’t much else the US could say. After all, you can’t simply come out and say “well, we need to keep ISIS around actually and we’d much rather them then Putin and Assad, so no, we’re not going to help the Russians fight terror.” The only possible spin to avoid blowing the whole charade up was to claim that somehow, The Kremlin is helping terrorists by killing them (and not in the whole 72 virgins kind of way).

Now as we’ve said before, Putin is there (along with Iran) to shore up Assad. There’s no question about that and Moscow hasn’t been shy about saying it. But at the end of the day, when you are trying to wipe out your friend’s enemies and some of those enemies are terrorists, well then, you are fighting a war on terror by default and that’s not good for terrorists by definition. By denying this, the US is effectively arguing against a tautology which is never a good idea, and we’re running out of ways to describe the ridiculousness of it.

Fortunately, Vladimir Putin is not running out of colorful descriptors.

Here’s Bloomberg with some amusing excerpts from a speech he gave at an annual conference organized by VTB Capital in Moscow on Tuesday:

Some of Russia’s international partners have “oatmeal in their heads” because they don’t understand clearly that its military campaign in Syria seeks to help the fight against terrorism, President Vladimir Putin said.


Russia notified the U.S. and the European Union in advance “out of respect” that it intended to begin airstrikes against Islamic State and other militants in Syria, Putin said at an annual conference organized by VTB Capital in Moscow on Tuesday. This showed Russia’s ready to cooperate on Syria, while nobody ever warned the authorities in Moscow about their operations, he said.


Putin’s colorful phrase, normally used to describe someone as confused, to characterize relations with the U.S. and its allies on Syria comes amid deep tensions over the Russian bombing campaign and cruise-missile strikes that began Sept. 30. The EU demanded on Monday that Russia stop targeting moderate groups opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter warned that Russia’s actions “will have consequences” and the bombing “will only inflame” Syria’s four-year civil war.


Russia “received no answer” when it asked its international partners to provide information on terrorist targets in Syria, or to say at least where its planes shouldn’t bomb, Putin said. “It’s not a joke, I’m not making any of this up,” he said.

And while the US insists on says things like this (out just hours ago):


Put makes a more logical argument. Namely that when one drops 50 tons of ammo from the sky into the most dangerous place on earth, there’s absolutely no way to know for sure where it will ultimately end up:

U.S. air drops of weapons and ammunition intended for the Syrian Free Army, which is fighting Assad’s regime, could end up in the hands of Islamic State instead, Putin said.

Yes, they might “end up in the hands of Islamic State” which we’re sure wasn’t what Washington had in mind. Oh … wait…

*  *  *

Gold trying to break 1166

Posted by commish @ 14:57 on October 13, 2015  


winedoc 11:57

Posted by MadMike @ 14:26 on October 13, 2015  

A few years back Ladybug and I picked up a few odd-looking, very heavy rocks on our travels in BC. I smashed one open and found…

silver ore

Man, I want to get back some day and spend more time looking.

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