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this looks promising folks..

Posted by WANKA @ 17:04 on October 24, 2015  



Where is all the Worlds Gold??

Posted by silverngold @ 16:59 on October 24, 2015  


FWIW: Global Faults Fracture — Earthquakes across 7,000 miles over 1 DAY

Posted by silverngold @ 16:40 on October 24, 2015  

They said it couldn’t happen, but it did. 7000 miles of earthquakes in a row within 1 day. WTF??

“Screw the petrodollar, let’s get back to producing our own oil.”

Posted by treefrog @ 16:36 on October 24, 2015  

i like the idea, but it will come at a cost.  the petrodollar has been a very useful tool in exporting a big slice of our inflation.  if/when the petrodollar falls, a lot of the dollars held abroad will come home to roost.

it has to happen eventually, but it’s going to be a spiritual experience when we see how many are out there.


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:44 on October 24, 2015  

“I say if the Russians want it – THEY CAN HAVE IT!!!”

I’m with you BG. Let’s wash our hands of the whole chaotic mess!

If Iraq’s allies are Russia and Iran then they will feel free to sell oil for rubles or euros or whatever they want. Not saying it’s a bad thing just what will be.

Saudi’s will be sweating with the Iranians right on their border.

Good Saturday afternoon Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 15:16 on October 24, 2015  

I say if the Russians want it – THEY CAN HAVE IT!!!

Screw the petrodollar, let’s get back to producing our own oil.

Big doings … can you say petrodollar?

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:19 on October 24, 2015  

Russia Takes Over The Mid-East: Moscow Gets Green Light For Strikes In Iraq, Sets Up Alliance With Jordan

Once it became clear that Moscow and Tehran had jointly planned the incursion in Syria with Russia promising full air support and Iran pledging ground troops from Hezbollah, its various Shiite militias, and the IRGC, we immediately suggested that Iraq was next on the agenda after the Assad regime is restored.

For those unfamiliar with the situation on the ground, we encourage you to read “Who Really Controls Iraq? Inside Iran’s Powerful Proxy Armies,” in which we outline the extent to which Tehran effectively controls both the Iraqi military and the politicians in Baghdad.

The US allows this because i) there’s really not much Washington can do about it, and ii) even if there was, it would mean first trying to root out Iranian influence on the political process and second attempting to separate the Shiite militias from the Iraqi regulars, which would only serve to weaken the country’s ability to resist Sunni extremists like ISIS. The other important thing to understand about Iran’s proxy armies in Iraq is that they are the very same militias fighting alongside the Russians in Syria (we mean “very same” in the most literal sense possible as they were called over the border by Quds commander Qassem Soleimani himself). This means they are Washington’s allies in Iraq but as soon as they cross the border into Syria, they become the targets of US-supported and supplied rebels battling at Aleppo. Obviously, that makes absolutely no sense and is emblematic of just how schizophrenic Washington’s Mid-East strategy has become. It’s also worth noting that these are the same Shiite militias who, with Tehran’s blessing, attacked US troops in Iraq after George Bush destroyed the US-Iran post-9/11 alliance by putting the country in his infamous “Axis Of Evil” (see here for more).

more http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-10-24/russia-takes-over-mid-east-moscow-gets-green-light-strikes-iraq-sets-alliance-jordan

silverngold, re nuke waste explosion/fire

Posted by treefrog @ 12:11 on October 24, 2015  

i watched the vid which was linked.  it said that it was a low level waste facility.  i have worked in nuclear power plants, and have a somewhat less alarmist view of low level waste.  every time we finished a task in the containment area, we discarded all our tools and our clothing down to our skivvies, just on the possibility that they might have picked up a speck of radioactive dust.  no doubt, some of them did pick up some dirt or dust, and it’s possible some of that was radioactive  –  but not very likely, and not very radioactive.

low level waste consists in large part of sealed drums packed with almost new pipe wrenches, voltmeters, screwdrivers. coveralls, and such – also filters from the air handling system.   no doubt there is some radioactivity, but i’m confident you’d find much more in a case of radium dial wrist watches.  remember them?  no doubt they were dangerous, but not very.

i expect the nuclear regulatory commission to spend a half a brazillian dollars investigating the downstream plume of the nevada incident, and, after due consideration report that local desert tortoises face an elevated risk of leukemia of between one and five percent over the next twenty years.


Crapping in our own nest??

Posted by silverngold @ 11:37 on October 24, 2015  

Underground Explosion Sparks Fire at Nevada Radioactive Waste Facility


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:01 on October 24, 2015  

I was just out putting out bird seed … the birds scattered … and a small hawk flew by about 7 or 8 feet away.

I hope I’m not operating a Hawk Snack Station! 🙂

There we go

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:40 on October 24, 2015  

U.S. patrols to raise stakes with Beijing in disputed South China Sea

U.S. plans to send warships or military aircraft within 12 nautical miles of China’s artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea, possibly within days, could open a tense new front in Sino-U.S. rivalry.

A range of security experts said Washington’s so-called freedom of navigation patrols would have to be regular to be effective, given Chinese ambitions to project power deep into maritime Southeast Asia and beyond.

But China would likely resist attempts to make such U.S. actions routine, some said, raising the political and military stakes. China’s navy could for example try to block or attempt to surround U.S. vessels, they said, risking an escalation.

more http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/10/24/us-southchinasea-usa-patrols-china-idUSKCN0SI04Y20151024

FWIW: Meet Justin Trudeau

Posted by silverngold @ 10:31 on October 24, 2015  

Ode to Selfie

Posted by commish @ 3:26 on October 24, 2015  


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