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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:55 on October 19, 2015  

We’ll see what you remember of your past lol You might have to ask your other because you won’t remember you don’t remember. Less you can reasonably remember normal past events. I know this bothers you as would anyone. Did they state the possible cause that led up to it? That is probably what bugging you more is not knowing what led up to it. We’re you awake or sleeping prior to them arriving kind of thing.   Were you found unresponsive and why you don’t remember or out of it per conversation with medical staff which is semi conscious and may not recall. This is a time when medical staff can sometimes get punched or something depending if they’re not careful of they think Theyre being attacked instead of helped. They can’t  answer what happened before but may have some guesses of how it happened.

Mr Copper that book sounds interesting. Lots of nurses suffer back pain among other things plus energy drains as PTs can actually drain you energy which can lead up to injuries sometimes. A friend sent me some petition they want more staff. That’s a on going issue that never ends and managements bright ideas that’s like asking a college grad out of school what to do in battle. They’re idiots.

goldie yes i have a copy of the entire record from the hospital

Posted by WANKA @ 22:02 on October 19, 2015  

that is what I read and the em notes/report where I was conversing with them and have no memory nor any memory of them here at the house taking me to emergency etc….total blank…first memory was the head staff talking to others to do certain things and then removing the ventilator. I had no clue what the big pain in my throat was till it was gone and even then I had no clue what it was but I could not even move a muscle nor swallow for a time which may have been in hours I dunno? I was juiced to the gills it would seem. hope I never go to that space again. living inside ones own brain disembodied is a strange weird ‘impression’ I tended to take away from this experience. oh well I’m happy considering the alternative. :mrgreen: wj

and The Mogambo tumbles into the room

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:49 on October 19, 2015  

All Together Now! We’re Freaking Doomed (WFD)!!! Doomed!


Mr Cooper

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:45 on October 19, 2015  

Not all go cold turkey and some are on methadone also Alochol withdrawals they give them Valium and vitamins.They could go in seizures.  Again the rights ” cruel unusual punishment. Guess the point I was trying to make is the Gov will use people against ithers to chip away as someone put it and what there doing chipping away the constitution. That’s because it’s OKAY to go after theres, jist not yours. No matter what we think about a subject we have to keep in mind the psychology behind what their doing in the divide and conquer conquest. Once they get theirs they come after you next. I’m really tired too many hours it’s hurting my eyes. In a couple of weeks going to have surgery to remove the scar tissue on my eyes from chemical burns during the VNam era. That shows you my strenght as a patriot I guess Cuz it was a drug person who caused the accident working with explosives that almost blinded me.

Goldilocks re Pain

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:34 on October 19, 2015  

I had a bad back for decades until I read Dr Sarnos “mind over back pain”. Long story no time now, but much pain comes from under lying unrealized stress situation. Some day I’ll post the story.


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:30 on October 19, 2015  

You can get your files just tell them you want to know what treatment you had there becsuse you don’t even remember. You were probably getting hypoxic and O2 sats were too low. I hope you have your own 02 Sat at home. That doesn’t mean wait till it shows if you know your having trouble. Sometime words don’t come out as intended or could of just been in dream state. What you might have been saying is you wernt getting enough air needed more maybe positive pressure that’s kinda like a pipe lol. That’s what I would of taken it as, and watched physical signs was well as sats then you act. Putting you under was probably necessary to keep you still so you could get the air without thrashing about in this semi conscious state plus needed it. There is also another Ph besides metabolic Ph there is also a respiratory ph which can be thrown off and can be quite serious.

goldielocks @ 20:23 re Weaning Off Slow

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:22 on October 19, 2015  

Think about what happens when they go to jail. Cold turkey, no choice. Then they “wake up” and realize how stupid they were to do what they did.

goldie — i have read the entire

Posted by WANKA @ 21:13 on October 19, 2015  

hospital file and have no memory whatsoever of the em’s even taking me to the hospital emergency and by all accounts I was talking to the em’s saying I don’t like the nebulizer masks covering my nose and mouth and prefer smoking the pipe etc ..but I dunno I have no recall of it. my first memory is 3 days later in coming around when the techs were removing the ventilator and what a sore throat before and after removal but the soreness was gone in a couple of days but I was still incapacitated that first week at least with very slow recovery from the drugs. oh well much much better now compared to when I got home 3 weeks ago after 2 weeks of sleeping on a rock bed in the hospital and food not fit for fish! my only 2 complaints. 🙂 cheers wj


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:33 on October 19, 2015  

Well all you have to do is ask your doctor what happened. Part of physical is emotional as its like going through a traumatizing even, because it is. 🙂 🙁

Mr Copper PS now you see why these places that keep you for a month charge people a arm and leg don’t work too well.

You just don’t trade one thing for another then cut them off saying now your healed. It doesn’t work that way. Plus you have to find the underlining causes be pain which if there is some way to stop it but not always and will continue to need medication or emotional. It could take years and there is no set time.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:23 on October 19, 2015  

That’s the thing, these law makers don’t see what some of these drugs can do to your mind and body. The next hardest thing for them would be under controlled medication. This is where more help is needed with qualified people which too would give more jobs. If they don’t start off with enough to get them through they will look for more. They need to be slowly tapered off. That could take years where they slowly lower the dose. They also need to be less strict about falling off the wagon so to speak as they will drug test on them. Say there in for Vicodin addiction that started from a injury, toothache what ever and the guy smokes a joint whatever or gets sonething on the side they kick them off the program. Like A drinking habit  most don’t just suddenly quit, they many times have to try more than once. Some are never going to get off ir are lost causes because too many brain cells have been destroyed from things like crank which was, is a bad one. It needs more thought and yes wavers need to be made although only good if it isn’t from a mistake on medical side.

goldie yes a bit better

Posted by WANKA @ 20:16 on October 19, 2015  

my mind is clearing bit by bit washing out all the chemicals of what I understand was an induced coma while I was intubated? but I’m still not sure? 🙂
i’ll know though when I’m back to my abnormal self again! :mrgreen: best wj


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:06 on October 19, 2015  

I know I’m tired but that  post made my head spin. Lol That would be the next problem though. Taxing and drug manufacturers making claims on the drugs like opening a piñata. Next thing they would be over priced and it will start all over again. See your getting better being able to forward think and all.

goldielocks @ 19:39

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:02 on October 19, 2015  

Roger all that, well said. In my area the drug addicts do some very desperate things to get their drugs. We had a Vicodin addict couple where the guy goes into a drug store and killed four people.

Another time a young couple and the boys mother, were robbing jewelry stores and killing the owners. I HAVE to assume, if you offered those desperate people a small amount of drugs for free, for their own use, at the police station, a Drs office, or a church etc if they show ID and or proof of where they live, they would do it.

The authorities could have a list of all addict locations in neighborhoods. Naturally they would have to sign a disclaimer, hold no one at fault if they kill themselves.

portugeezer these are the mosquitoes

Posted by WANKA @ 19:56 on October 19, 2015  

we try to avoid in the keys. 🙂

alaskeeter wj

goldie— but the goober

Posted by WANKA @ 19:53 on October 19, 2015  

will make a pot load more money by taxing drugs as they do alcohol. then the drug employees of the dea can switch over to the irs without loosing their pensions and employment and the goober will be happy until we have a congress and a president that will abolish the irs for a flat tax or one you can do yourself on the back of a post card sized return which will make the goober unhappy but the people very happy!


:mrgreen: best of cheers wj

Mr Copper,

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:39 on October 19, 2015  

That’s how the over reach starts.. These damn drug addicts, drunks, unemployed, thugs,  then, christians, gun toting rednecks, anti vaxers, smokers, tea partiers, southern flags, now pork, we gotta make laws against them. Unconstitutional laws, demonizing and bias.

The drug addicts are not going to the police department and will not stop but promote illegal drugs.

If they made them legal it would put a damper on the drug dealers including out of South America and crime just as  prohibition caused crime. Not everyone addicted to drugs are criminals including chronic pain but as long as they are illegal it could result in it if they can’t afford it.

The gov makes a lot of money confiscating drug money that has now spilled over to the honest money being accused of being drug money. There’s no money in it for them to legalize drugs.

While working intake at the jail occasionally I know if there were better treatments to help them they would take it. Also seen people who supported their own habits, didn’t steal or rob but worked and it destroys their ability to work as punishment for a habit. It’s harsh and inhumaine when they are not bothering anyone else, themselves anyways. The drug dealers might be another story higher up in the chain.

I didn’t see the manufacturers being held responsible for pushing drugs as non addicting when they were causing problems for thousands who some move on to illegal drugs like heroin and the chemical changes in their brain while the drug manufacturers laugh all the way to the bank.

Lonely Death of George Bell

Posted by commish @ 18:58 on October 19, 2015  

Saw this article in the NY times over the weekend.  Just got enthralled by all the activity that takes place especially if you are one of the unseen.



Here’s Portugeezer’s missing photo

Posted by eeos @ 18:56 on October 19, 2015  






right….and in the same fell swoop they also outlawed most drones today, WELL except THEIR’S of course

Interesting – China no longer a currency manipulator?

Posted by Buygold @ 16:58 on October 19, 2015  

Tyler Durden's picture

US Treasury Folds? Softens Stance On Yuan From “Significantly Undervalued” To “Below Appropriate” Valuation

We presume the ‘threat’ of selling hundreds of billions of dollars of US Treasuries has prompted a softening in the “Currency manipulator” rhetoric from The US Treasuy department. Having previously said the Yuan is “significantly undervalued,” today’s report shifts the comment to stating that the Yuan is “below appropriate medium-term valuation.” Of course, The US Treasury would know exactly how all of the world’s currencies should trade in this centrally-planned world.

CNBS had headline stating that the US Treasury said China is no longer a currency manipulator.

Modern war, whether through kinetics or economics, is almost always theater meant to distract & terrorize the masses

Posted by eeos @ 16:50 on October 19, 2015  

People are desperate for leaders and heroes. This is an undeniable condition of human life and of human civilization. Some historians and social observers, however, seem to think it is enough to simply point out this condition and pretend as if they have made some grand declaration; as if they have come to the root of the problem of mankind. In their laziness, they have mistaken a symptom for the cause.

Why do people so often demand leaders and heroic figures? What drives the institutionalization of hierarchy, celebrity and geopolitical idolization? I believe this condition is caused by three factors – fear, ignorance, and apathy.

This is not to say that there are not people throughout history that are worth looking up to, or that looking up to a particular hero figure is wrong. Heroes and sometimes leaders can act as points of reference, helping us to aspire to greater personal accomplishment and extraordinary achievement. The problem is many historical figures labeled heroic are in fact monsters in masks paraded as saviors by history writers with agendas. Real heroes (in the past hundred years in particular) are most often unsung, and remain little known.

This is why the idolization of puppet leaders is so disturbing to those of us in the Liberty Movement. We witnessed the blind militancy of the so-called “right wing” in the support of George W. Bush after 9/11, only to be led into quagmire, economic despair, and a surveillance state based on numerous lies. We then had to witness the insane cult-like fervor of the so-called “left wing” as Barack Obama took office, only to continue and accelerate the same draconian policies of the Bush Administration while conjuring new methods for the division and destruction of American society and prosperity. Read more

Mark Zuckerburg:

Posted by eeos @ 16:50 on October 19, 2015  

US jails hold around 2.4 million people, about 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. We can’t jail our way to a just society

Maddog, eeos

Posted by Buygold @ 16:22 on October 19, 2015  

Same old from what I can see. Nothing new under the sun for pm’s….

IBM laid a serious earnings egg and is down nicely AH. I’m sure they’ll blame the strong dollar. Should be good for a 200 pt. up day in the DOW tomorrow.

Foxhole indeed. No way to tell if they were bids or fresh shorts coming in on GDX. Pretty heavy volume though.

eeos… and the PM’s red as well…..

Posted by Maddog @ 16:07 on October 19, 2015  

Yep buygold

Posted by eeos @ 16:06 on October 19, 2015  

Back to the foxhole. No end in sight. Probably the boys loading up on new shorts. Looks nice until the magic hand comes in


Posted by Maddog @ 16:05 on October 19, 2015  

reckon yr right.

But did see some of the largest bids ever in GDX @ 1570…..someone is buying in huge amounts @ the close..so yup v poss we go dn tks to the Scum.

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