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“What is Human”

Posted by Auandag @ 22:22 on January 9, 2015  


Boy, we hold these closing gains into Monday…

Posted by silverboom @ 21:08 on January 9, 2015  

well, it would be a good week indeed.

France False Flag Shooting Attackers SPLICED IN+COPS cut out+Man in bullet proof vest watches

Posted by joe12pack @ 20:31 on January 9, 2015  

20 years later from zero tolerance laws

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:12 on January 9, 2015  


Laws and incentives to incarcerating people for profit is a precursor to judicial corruption, this is where zero tolerance in schools started. Their failed school systems, loose immigration, interfering with parenting at a time more mothers were working the problems they created more problems in fear from what they did so as usual they make one mistake to another. Ps yea Biden behind it totally.

The babyhit with flash bomb by military style police

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:57 on January 9, 2015  

Recovering but don’t know I’d there will be brain damage yet.in cases like this there should be higher cap on pain and suffering, that baby was severely injured and at such a tiny vulnerable body was hit not to mention not equipped to handle trauma or pain like that and not even knowing why.

They still refuse to pay the medical bills pending law suit but any law suit would first pay medical bills anyway. Hopefully no brain damage but will suffer more painful surgery a to put his face back together.

No mater who they should be allowed as a risk of harm plus burning down a place killing innocent people because some dumb joc wants to play macho and doesnt take others lives seriously like its some game of wannabes.



Wanka 16:54

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:40 on January 9, 2015  

Yep exactly what they want. A excuse to expand Gov and infringe on our own rights and freedoms while they promote their demands over ours. We can hold them responsible if something happens and call for them to step down and remind them there would be no need to put extra burden on us by expanding gov or militarize police if they had not messed up in the first place and we know it is just a excuse they’ll deny. They probably do need more police but not military and not to terrorize themselvems or a exorbant salary a lawyer doesn’t even make in retirement. By the way sorry about you being outsourced and all.

Late Train

Posted by Maya @ 18:27 on January 9, 2015  


Can I blame it on the lack of coffee this morning?  I missed it.



Dramatic news!!

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:16 on January 9, 2015  

on Fast Money tonight the option maven said 42,200 GLD march $120 calls were bought for $2.20 a copy-he said it must have been a deep pockets investor or a big fund—and the other traders were interested—they usually snicker when anyone has a positive thing to say about gold.
Mar 120.00-GLD—2.32–+0.14–+7.45%–42202–volume

I concur.

Posted by commish @ 17:53 on January 9, 2015  


Chinese Lunar Year Gold Buying Frenzy Started

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:38 on January 9, 2015  


treefrog – one thing to add concerning our fearless leader

Posted by commish @ 17:32 on January 9, 2015  

Let’s be classy commish. edited by ipso

You been outsourced

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:20 on January 9, 2015  


General Patton

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:14 on January 9, 2015  

sure wish he was around to bitch slap that Obolo witch Doctor .Maobama Care


Posted by Ororeef @ 17:02 on January 9, 2015  

All French and American Muslims need to say the Pledge of Allegiance to their respective Countrys and that should include an acknowledgement of the separation of Church and State.

Either you are a citizen of France ,the Us  or you are NOT. There is no such thing as a Muslim Government or Sharia Law in the West.

Any violation of that Pledge  is cause for deportation and revocation of citizenship because it certainly was obtained under False Pretenses.

Solution for Paris

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:45 on January 9, 2015  

Deport all Foreign born Imams from France and US …they cannot learn the French or US Culture.

Muslims in France need to learn French Culture .!

Yemen should be on the “NO FLY “List to and from also the US “No FLY “to and from Yemen.

Bomb Yemen known training areas,they are at War with the West …..




Posted by goldielocks @ 15:52 on January 9, 2015  

With this pattern remember or keep watch the riding high in April or before shot down in May scenario less going loooong.

Terrorist dead in Paris

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:50 on January 9, 2015  


HUI’s on fire

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:25 on January 9, 2015  

the pm stocks are strong but the FILTH are sittin on g and s futs–they say that stocks lead in a new bull move and i can’t help but think doug Kass’s call was very influential as he alerted the world to the old saying==buy the unloved and neglected—and pm stocks are the ultimate contrary trade

a lotta very heavy hitting, big time money managers pay attention to Kass


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:01 on January 9, 2015  

Right Even Elvis Presley was a persona non grata in Mexico. Maybe he chased the wrong girl don’t know lol but found that out when he had to film his Acapulco film here with a double for long distance shots there. In their constitution or laws no trouble makers or personas talking againt their gov allowed and can and will be arrested and deported, but yet they encourage their people to to it here which can be seen as a act of violence against another country. It is clear what their up to.

More of the same … giveaways … buy votes while the debt situation screams

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:39 on January 9, 2015  

The Cost Of Obama’s “Free” Community College Vision To Taxpayers? $60 Billion


eagle eye

Posted by treefrog @ 14:29 on January 9, 2015  

deja vu!


vladimir-putin-riding-bear obama-visits-troops

WANKA @ 11:48 re Thomas Jefferson, letter to Joseph Milligan, 1816

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:47 on January 9, 2015  

I love Thomas Jefferson, or what I know of him, and he was very right in that statement you posted regarding the situation in the USA and each separate country. Unfortunately, thru globalization his statement modernized, should read something like….

“To take from one, country like the USA, because it is thought this country and that of its citizens has acquired too much, in order to spare to other backward countries, whose citizens, have not exercised equal industry and skill,

is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to every country the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” Mr. Copper 1980 🙂


Posted by Eagle Eye @ 12:10 on January 9, 2015  

What a very volatile year this is going to be, our so called leader with pen & cell phone playing chicken

Visualize this scene:

Putin bear chested riding a charging bear vs Oboba with helmet & shorts riding a bicycle with training wheels

$ screaming higher but when Putin & China decide to pull cord on trap door – it’s Checkmate – All Hell Breaks Loose


Posted by Buygold @ 12:04 on January 9, 2015  

Yep. The “tell” on GDX was when they started to hit ABX this am.

The pm sector is still under complete Cartel algo control with no end in sight.


Posted by Maddog @ 11:53 on January 9, 2015  

Yeah they sure don’t want 1220 to go, massive offers in GDX @ theHi’s and from 20.44 dn.

Note how oil fell apart in US hrs …..I’m sure they have the same Gold Algo working on Oil.

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